Friday, March 15, 2013

Power Crave


In the lands of the Malays, united in a general categorical name, unavoidably divided in creed and sub creed, terror is trying to set afoot in the land of the gentle and the serene. There's nothing strange about it as evil always envy the good,  if it was not for political clowns who think they were destined to be kings, had to open their big mouths to show how small their brains are. I  have always believed that politics as anything else, had a nature of goodness and is an effective tool of goodness, if it is wielded by good people that have good intentions to make some goodness out of it. But like all things that are good, it can be instead, evil and most dark, as the very same people that manipulate it to achieve their dark ambitions of being something that they are not.

Democracy is demanding its right in the coming weeks in the lands of the Malays. The dark and the evil must manifest themselves in order not to confuse the not so sure of which is actually good and evil for the future of this blessed land envied by the dark hearted people, no matter how white and yellow their skins are. Some still could not believe, how on earth did these Malays, being so gentle and polite, managed to survive all their evil plots and cunning schemes. The answer is in what they had in their faith.

Time does make the heart complacent and unaware of the hidden enemies that always await for an opening to destroy whatever is good and pure. It is the task of evil and the ill hearted, inhumane humans to make the good, live up to their names.

Al fatihah for the fallen hulubalangs of the Malays, the brave soldiers and the brave policemen who had hold true to their promise to their faith, their people and their homeland, giving the ultimate sacrifice of body, sweat and blood. And lived forever.  My deepest condolences to the fallen warrior that gave his life to this land, in spite of having a different faith, but sharing the same love for this beloved motherland. May their families be given peace, guidance and strength to prevail in this dark episode of Malaysia. Amin.

Friday, March 8, 2013



We did things
Things happen
Some things can never be changed

We did things
Things keep on happening
Some things are bound to happen

We did things
Things happen unexpectedly
Some things make things livelier

We did things
Things we don't want to happen
Some things make things sadder

We did things
Things are inevitable
Some one, never some things, will always bear the burden

We did things
Things will end
And we became nothing
Except if we believe in something
For some things never end

There are things that can be easily comprehend
There are things too complicated to understand

But being a someone is something
Where things make sense
By the interpretation of a man, not a thing
Now, isn't that something worth being?