Saturday, July 23, 2011

But I want more: MSG

I've seen a lot of changes in my life
I've seen at what harm can be done

I know I must fight out for my life
Confuse me with rights that are wrong

I've seen a lot of changes come my way
And you'll have to answer for some

When voices of innocents cry out
Seeking the justice to come............


That's all I ever get from you
No matter how I try, by crying out their rights to you

Don't give them lies and empty promises


That's all I want to give to you

Cold blooded hate,

No, I don't want to die for you

Don't give them lies and empty promises, no more lies

I'm thinking that someday, I'm thinking of the times
That we used to have before

I know in a small way
I'm giving all I got, but just that little bit more

I've gone in the fast lane, I'm going down, I'm going down, I gotta have more
I can't stand and stargaze

Oh, cause I want more

Some time in my life, a day will come
And I know you won't understand

You're running in blind confusion
And losing your voice of command

I know in my life, my time will come
You might feel ashamed,

Cause I got all the reasons
That I know you don't give a damn


That's all I ever get from you
So hard they try by spilling out their lives for you

Don't give them lies ,
and empty promises, no more lies

Seems like seventh heaven, but I'm going down
I'm going down I can't take no more

Can somebody free me
I've givin' all I got, but they want to take more

I'm trapped in the fast lane, I'm going down
I'm going down, I gotta give more
I can't stand and stargaze
Oh, cause I want more

This song is dedicated to unashamed liars that lied unashamedly, great pretenders that pretend to be saviours and lying leaders that lead by lying. Not to forget generals of baby killers and slayers of the weak and the profiters of pain. I'm thinking of the song widowmaker by W.A.S.P, but, I'm afraid of what people might think I'm suggesting. Some people believed it with their hearts that they have the divine right to kill and destroy. The very same people believed it wholeheartedly that they have no right whatsoever to be killed for daring to kill.

Now I know why some elite rangers had to roll over again and again until they puked their hearts out before they are ready to be recruited into the most efficient killing machines and sent to faraway foreign lands. They will be immune to all the sick things they have to see and do. Well, now you know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Between Decent and Dirty Burning of the Dead


Everyone knows that Hindus burn their dead. Maybe some less fortunate do not. They just let the dead drift silently in the holy Ganga river, heavily polluted with the dead for centuries.

Everyone knows that Muslims bury their dead. They washed them properly with fragrant and pure things, treated gently and with utmost respect, even prayed for by his or her living brethrens, still waiting for their turns, while forgetting about this ultimate ending on this earth, from time to time. Life is intoxicating, remember? The dead are treated with respect by the living and then the dead are returned to the earth. Where his earthly remains become one with earth.

But recently in the lands of the Malay, this ritual of the dead is no longer respected. In the lands where the indegeneous tigers are no longer on top of the food chain, the dead are not given their deathly right according to their faith. Their fate is in the hands of their sick killer or killers. I can only recall 3 instances where Malay Muslims or Muslim Malays were brutally killed and then burnt to ashes. The first is when several hunters shot strayed cows that ventured into their farms. The verdict, death and burnt to ashes, along with their jeep. The second is when a cosmetic tycoon, along with her aides and friends were fooled and lured into a fake business deal by real lawyers, believed to be members of some highly established and lawful society, firm believer of the law, but then banished, if I recalled correctly, for misconduct of professionalisme. With fierce dogs, too many to scare intruders away from the slaughter ground. The verdict, death and burnt to ashes. Some remnants were found though. To be washed, cleaned and prayed by the living. The third, a 16 year old girl, killed, cut like a chicken and burnt to ashes, only 200 metres from her home. Found burnt like a trash in a Hindu burial ground. Some of the victims were believed had been burnt with cow dung since the chemistry would ensure a continous and even burning, right down to the bones.

No one cried 'Islamophobia'.

No one labelled the 'Muslims' involved and believed to be the killers as 'Islamic' killers.

Nobody mentioned their race and religion. Nobody.

Is this going to be a trend for years to come? Should the Malays let these unidentified and untouchables linger around their neighbourhood with such fearless arrogance?

Al fatihah for the burnt ones. May it be the last fire ever to touch them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Writer's Curse


Time is not on my side. Things are getting bigger and bigger and life is getting faster than before. But many thoughts have come to my mind. Sometimes it feels like I'm writing inside my brain. It's like daydreaming but you're thinking and organising ideas into one cohesive writing material, complete with title and sarcasm to try. Is this what they call a writer's curse? The addiction to write and think of your writing even when you're being overwhelmed with your daily life? With no pencil and paper, not even a laptop to give life to your virtual writing trapped inside your brain. Doomed to be forgotten by neurons that have too much things to think of, plans to do, dreams to chase and sacrifice. Pain to endure. While showing the way to hundreds and hundreds of people that are totally dependent on you. With none able to share your worries.

A man is born alone. He will die alone. Among men and women. Among stones, woods, plastics, papers and skins. In the spiritual sense, he will never be. And that is why my faith has saved me time and time again in this world of plastic wealth and paper money addiction. What a boring material world it would be without emotion and spiritual sensations. Untouched and unspoilt by the filth of this solid form of emotionless world.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Stone Age



We have always looked at our past in awe. Remnants of gold coins, priceless ancient artefacts and buildings mesmerised us. We were reminded about the glory of the ancients, how they do things back then, their achievements that had carved themselves into history.

I can't help it to wonder what our future world would think of us. Let say two or three thousand years from now when they started to excavate our remains, our sewage system, our fossilised waste, don't laugh just yet, some had discovered and are studying the Romans' fossilised bodily waste. What would be on their minds when they discovered our precious plastic and paper money, how many of them that we had? And of course, our fancy weaponry, our WMDs! Our weapon of mass destruction that does not differentiate combatants with non-combatants, babies with men, old ones with young ones and most of all, compassion with non-compassion. Would they be in awe as we are when we look at the swords of the ancients that destroyed mighty armies but never babies?

I wonder what would they have think of us. How would they see us in a historical perspective? As a part of a great civilisation, a peak of human's achievement or the start of the downfall of humanity. The lowest pit of blunder and disaster ever done by mankind.

The age where hundreds of people are making millions and billions of profits while hundreds of millions more were trapped in poverty and dying out of starvation and war. Well, pat ourselves in the back and congratulate ourselves for our glorious achievement. As for the contractors, especially military ones, they never could have stopped smiling.

Do you know that in the ancient Chinese feudal system, the businessmen were ranked lower than the government officials? Maybe they knew something that we're denying now. The powerful and wealthy businessmen could and would corrupt and bankrupt the society. Maybe we should not  think too highly of them. Interestingly, have you ever been bailed out before?