Friday, July 1, 2011



We have always looked at our past in awe. Remnants of gold coins, priceless ancient artefacts and buildings mesmerised us. We were reminded about the glory of the ancients, how they do things back then, their achievements that had carved themselves into history.

I can't help it to wonder what our future world would think of us. Let say two or three thousand years from now when they started to excavate our remains, our sewage system, our fossilised waste, don't laugh just yet, some had discovered and are studying the Romans' fossilised bodily waste. What would be on their minds when they discovered our precious plastic and paper money, how many of them that we had? And of course, our fancy weaponry, our WMDs! Our weapon of mass destruction that does not differentiate combatants with non-combatants, babies with men, old ones with young ones and most of all, compassion with non-compassion. Would they be in awe as we are when we look at the swords of the ancients that destroyed mighty armies but never babies?

I wonder what would they have think of us. How would they see us in a historical perspective? As a part of a great civilisation, a peak of human's achievement or the start of the downfall of humanity. The lowest pit of blunder and disaster ever done by mankind.

The age where hundreds of people are making millions and billions of profits while hundreds of millions more were trapped in poverty and dying out of starvation and war. Well, pat ourselves in the back and congratulate ourselves for our glorious achievement. As for the contractors, especially military ones, they never could have stopped smiling.

Do you know that in the ancient Chinese feudal system, the businessmen were ranked lower than the government officials? Maybe they knew something that we're denying now. The powerful and wealthy businessmen could and would corrupt and bankrupt the society. Maybe we should not  think too highly of them. Interestingly, have you ever been bailed out before?

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