Monday, July 14, 2014

Emotional and Tearful Recitation Hani Ar-Rifai


Al Fajr

Gaza, Syria, Rohingya, and me


Ramadhan pays a visit to me today
A long lost friend
The cycle of life has brought us together again
Immaculacy everywhere
Charity here and there
Humbleness, serenity, love
Humility, reflecting and pondering

Ramadhan visits me every now and then
He'll come each year until my last breath
Teaching me about solace
Teaching me about being honest
That no man knows what I've forbidden myself to
Behind closed doors
In isolation from men

Ramadhan visits me again
With yesterday's foes
Still blood thirsty as ever
Ravaging mad in impunity
The pariah of the human race
Valiantly killing and maiming
The helpless and the hopeless
Wearing the honour of disgrace
Like the heroes of brigand they are

Gaza, Syria, Rohingya
My joy has been taken away from me
May my friend Ramadhan comfort you as he has comforted me

May your enemies relish all the agonies of this world in their last dying breath
Sensing death crawling slowly all over them
For they'll die too as they have killed you

Ringed in meaningless emptiness
Manifested their glory only in oppression
Anguished forever living in a lie
Wretched souls forever dying in flame.