Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Poverty Alleviation Programme?

How in the hell that they knew I'm below the poverty level? Gosh, they are getting better and better, I mean, at spamming and lying, of course.

show details Mar 25 (6 days ago)

You or someone entered your information for an opportunity to participate at the 2010 Nokia Cash Splash for poverty Alleviation and we are using this medium to officially notify you that you have been nominated for the grant, We are happy to inform you that you have just won 500,000 Pounds at this grant/Award 2010 and your reference code is NK-0145-6701-E-100-124. Please take note of your reference code as it will be needed for verification.

Your prize money has been processed as bank draft (Cheque No: 1/33 968773) of 500,000.00. We either forward it to you via courier or have our bank transfer it to your account directly. Please choose your prefer mode of payment as you get back to us with your verification form send to

Full Name:........

Because of numerous fraudulent schemes going around the internet, confidentiality should be accorded at all times. You are expected to keep the news of your winning and your reference code to yourself until your funds hit your account. This is to avoid false claims and abuse of the program.


M Katz
Edward Jones
Chief Financial Officer
Nokia Corporation
Tel: +447031935581

Alhamdulillah: Too Phat

(feat. Yasin)

Ult li albi bissaraha (I'm opening up my heart with honesty)
Hayya nab'idil karaha (Let's avoid the hated and hatred)
Syakkireena a' kulli na'ma (Let's remain thankful with what we have)
Ba' ideena anil fattana (Let's avoid all lies and sins)

Verse 1
I feel the heat
From these 4 candles burning
As I'm staring out the window
In solitude I look at life
From different angles

Thoughts strangled
My mind is suffocatin'
In this truth quest

A greed law
That we abide by is ruthless
Enough will never satisfy
Until we toothless
Filthy millionaires
Are gamblin' until they muflis

A sad fact of life
But mankind approved this
I gotta call Him
Sajadah is where the booth is
I'll make it clear that
I ain't even tryin' to preach here

By sharing thoughts I hope
To find a little peace here
I thank Allah for blessing me
To be creative
So here's a diss for me
For bein' unappreciative

Wanted a perfect life
Yeah smile then die old

Fame, money, women
Phat cribos and white gold
Drive my own Beemer
Before I hit two six
A straight pink bitin' toothpicks
Who walk around town wit' two chicks
And doin' new hits to woo tricks....
Now that's wrong

Pleasure from partyin'
And bull ish don't last long
A lotta yuppies sneakin'
Cars out when dad's gone
Crackin' bottles in clubs
Frontin' designer fashion

But I ain't about
To trade happiness for a Jag
So stop smilin' with your ragtop down
Cause for a fact
I don't care about your money
Or how slick your car
'Cause no matter how rich and big you are
It's still Allahuakbar...

Ult li albi bissaraha (I'm opening up my heart with honesty)
Hayya nab'idil karaha (Let's avoid the hated and hatred)
Syakkireena a' kulli na'ma (Let's remain thankful with what we have)
Ba' ideena anil fattana (Let's avoid all lies and sins)

Verse 2
I know that all this
Ain't the right thing

Partying, chasing moneys
And material things
Flying high
Think nobody gonna
Clip my wings

I'm lying to myself
Knowing that
I've been neglecting
As a healthy Muslim

Riches and loot
Ain't nothing
We frontin'
Diamonds and scrilla
But forget to say
Made my album a killer

Plan B
Now 2-3 droppin'
And I wish to
Ask for forgiveness
Your guidance
Protection and strength

For humbleness and faith
To make me a better man
Success in foreign lands
Never dreamt of that

I remember being 18
When we started Too Phat
Now let's go back
Three years before that
Sometimes I forget

Me and my parents
Took a trip with granddad
I remember '95
While performing Umrah
Made my wish in Mecca
Right in front the Kaabah

Dear God
You made it possible
When facing obstacles

Please let me do good
Before I pass on
In the hospital
And keep reciting
The Testimony of Faith

And find the right way
Out of this life's maze

Ult li albi bissaraha (I'm opening up my heart with honesty)
Hayya nab'idil karaha (Let's avoid the hated and hatred)
Syakkireena a' kulli na'ma (Let's remain thankful with what we have)
Ba' ideena anil fattana (Let's avoid all lies and sins)

La Li ya ruhi bi (The soul in my self is not mine)
Ya ya Lali (Not mine)
Lalia Ya ruhia ( The soul is not mine)
Ya hayati ( My life)

Verse 3
Ay yo…
Two candles go out
That's when
I feel the wind blow
I haven't met Fatim
For two years
Been livin' like I'm single

Evaluatin' all the friendships
The reason it's the tenth year
Is 'cause she's a patient chick
And as far as friends are concerned
Many I've had it all
From those who cried for my pain
To those who plotted my fall

I learned to differentiate
Fakes from the great
Mates from the snakes
Apes wanna beef
Hate's all it takes
For me to blow
A diss song for you
Not even worthy
As an album filler

So now it's smiles
And Alhamdulillah
Yeah, love me
Or hate me
This who I am

Look at the past at times
I wish that I was born again
So I can rectify mistakes
And my wrong doings
Attempts on minimizing my sins

Before my story ends
I ain't no Eddie Murphy
Tryin' to sound as a holy man
But if I tried to be a better person
Now I prolly can

Who am I to advise you
I ain't been the best
Of God's slaves
Just a poet writin'
What my thought says

A little house
A little car
A little sweet girl
Thank you Lord
I'll try to slow it down
On the cheap thrills
This song will prolly stir
A little controversy

At least I ain't be rappin'
Bout the stuff
As tho' I'm born in Jersey
Stage name is Malique
And lost name is Cairel
Mama told me
Stop complaining too much,
So I will...

Ult li albi bissaraha (I'm opening up my heart with honesty)
Hayya nab'idil karaha (Let's avoid the hated and hatred)
Syakkireena a' kulli ni'ma (Let's remain thankful with what we have)
Ba' ideena anil fattana (Let's avoid all lies and sins)

La Li ya ruhi bi (The soul in my self is not mine)
Ya ya Lali (Not mine)
Lalia Ya ruhia ( The soul is not mine)
Ya hayati ( My life)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mantera Beradu : Malique/M.Nasir

Masih belum sempurna

Gerakkan Hati, Hati gerakkan
Pandanglah aku, akulah dia

Still not perfect,

Move the heart, and move it must
Look at me, I am him

Kulitku tebal, ku kebal, ingatku kebal
Hanya berbual makan angin kembung perut mual
Resah dan tidak senang, hidup tak pernah lenang
Ku schizophrenia takut pecah tembelang

I got thick hide, I’m invincible
I thought I was indestructible
Too much talking, digesting the air, until your stomach burst
Restless and unease, no calmness in life
I’m schizophrenia, afraid someday the truth will come out

Pecah tembelang, peta dah hilang
Bangau dah pulang, suara sumbang

The word is out, the map is lost
The stork had returned, an awkward voice

Lidahku kaku tak selicin kuku
Teman baikku buku
Bini ku pena, tak pernah lena
Aku suka mengintai, pantang ditenung
Berakhir pertelingkahan dalaman
Pasti belum

My tongue ain’t smooth like my nails,
My best friend is the book
My wife is the pen, never asleep
I love to peek, never to be look at
The ending of internal conflict
Still miles ahead

Ikut gerak hati.. pena melayang
Dilihat dua layang pandang
Taklah sekarang
Takat meradang
Tanya.. abang gedang, apa barang?
Badan macam badang
Main acah belakang parang

Follow your hunch, the pen moves
Seen not at a glance
Not now, just a little bit annoyed
Asking, what’s the stuff man?
Body like a hulk
Keep on playing with the back of the sword

Kuhunuskan keris musuh ada pistol
Tradisi kekalkan adaptasi harus betul
Tujuh baris keramat tujuh garis penamat
Baik berpada biar jahat asal selamat

Ramai saudaraku yang baik telah dipijak

Unsheathe the keris, the enemy got guns
Keep up with tradition, adaptation must be right
Seven blessed line, Seven ending line
Keep it gradual; let’s be evil as long as we’re safe

Many of my kind brothers had been trampled on

Awan mendung yang berarak
Bawa tangis bawa resah
Rebah rindu yang terkumpul
Semua birat dan kalimah
Semua janji yang terikat
Lebur disisimu

The dark clouds keep on moving slowly
Bringing tears and restlessness
All the missed ones will be forgotten
All the scars and words
All the binding promises
Melted at your side

Ijazah terbaik datangnya dari jalanan
Dari pengalaman bercakap dan bersalaman
Konflik motivasi cuba medatasi
Positif dan benci jadi inspirasi pagi

The best scroll comes from the street
From experience, talking and shaking hands
Conflict and motivation, trying to meditate
Positive and hate becomes the morning inspiration

Peduli itu interpretasi basi pekakkan sebelah
Halang biar keduanya muka cantik
Soalan bodoh yang ditanya jadi melodinya
Lebih hina dari zina

Caring is an outdated interpretation,
Cover the side, make them deaf,
Nice face, but keep on asking stupid questions
Becomes a melody lower than adultery

Lu bikin dosa ku bikin prosa
Testosterone testarosa
Cita-cita sosa KL KL kosa nostra
Jalan berliku ku harung roller coaster
Gah sentosa tiada penyesalan
Luas pandangan jauh dah berjalan
Tak sempurna masih ada kejanggalan
Gagal merancang, merancang kegagalan

You design sins, I design prose
Testosterone, testarosa
Ambition sosa KL KL kosa nostra
Winding roads ahead, I’m on a roller coaster
My pride at ease, there’s no remorse
I’ve seen it all, the journey was far
Still not perfect, there’s still awkwardness
Failing to plan, I’m planning to fail

Awan mendung yang berarak
Bawa tangis bawa resah
Rebah rindu yang terkumpul
Semua birat dan kalimah
Semua janji yang terikat
Lebur disisimu

Kucing bawa tidur rimau bawa igau
Masuk tempat orang bawa otak bukan pisau

Bring a cat to sleep, a tiger comes with nightmares
Coming to a new place, bring your head not a knife

Naik bukit angkuh cakap ayah jangan risau
Turun bukit pucat dengar tiga miaww
Kucing bawa tidur rimau bawa igau
Masuk tempat orang bawa otak bukan pisau
Tolak pintu gua tiga kerat tenaga
Kosong tak dijaga sampai datang tiga naga
Ingat nak berlaga tapi tak kan boleh menang
Menang dengan otak tak mesti dengan pedang

Climbing the hill, arrogantly I say, don’t worry dad
Climbing down, trembling with fear, hearing three meows
Bring a cat to sleep, a tiger comes with nightmares
Bring your head, not a knife to a new place
Open the cave’s door, use all your might
Empty without any guard, three dragons come along
Thought of fending them off, but surely you’ll lose
You can win with your head, not necessarily with a sword

Sebelum jadi naga, ikan koi renang renang
Kura-kura salah jawab pantun, naik berang
Panggil lima kawan atau biar pergi laju
Risaukan perkara remeh kita tak akan maju
Muka sama hijau hati siapa tahu
Merah dah menyala pasti mati siapa mahu
Gagap tiga kali bercakap benar saja
bulan terang ramai yang keluar buat kerja

Before changing to a dragon, the Koi fish gently swims
The turtle answered the riddle wrongly, everyone was upset
Calling 5 friends or just go as fast as you can
Afraid of little things, we can never get far

The colour of our faces is the same green, who knows what lies in the heart?
Red and burning, a certain death, who would want to?
Hesitating to speak, only the truth comes out
Everyone is out when the moon was full

Panjat pokok buluh cari tokong air terjun
Naik sampai nampak, dah terpegun turun
Tiga ular ikut, lompat atau paut
Kalau terus mati, jika belok maut

Climbing the bamboo plant, looking for the waterfall monastery
Climb up till you see it, mesmerized, quickly climb down
Three snakes are following you, should you jump or hang on?
Go straight and you’re dead, turn and you’re toast

Awan mendung yang berarak
Bawa tangis bawa resah
Rebah rindu yang terkumpul
Semua birat dan kalimah
Semua janji yang terikat
Lebur disisimu

Puisi hati mu… hati mu puisi
Palu hati ku palu hatiku

Poetry in your heart, your heart rhymes
Beating my heart, beating on my heart

Kulit tak bersalin walau saling ganti baju
Pandang sini, pandang sini
Ku berbahasa baku, kata kata nahu
Himpun jadi satu
Mantera beradu dengan irama dan lagu

Your skin won’t change even though you always change clothes
Look here, look at me
I’m using a simple plain language
Put it all together
The chants sleep with the rhythm and songs

Akhirnya sempurna

Finally, it’s perfect

Friday, March 26, 2010

Semen Question

Semen is strangely being used as an attack on the Prophet and Islam. If one would notice to observe, not all children are children since their characteristics can no longer be associated with a child for having pubic hairs, menstruation cycles, able to impregnate and conceive, having a bodily shape of a woman or a man and the sexual urges. Sexual urges is completely irrelevant to children, since their needs are only limited to food, water, and safety, not forgetting love and attention that are needed to be fulfilled hand in hand with the rest of a child's need. If one would care to observe scientifically and with an open mind, man is not meant for a man even though that man is no longer a boy, even if he is strangely attracted to his own sex, that goes the same for a woman, even if she is in the prepubescent age or whatever age level she is at, what’s the point? Love and lust without results and have no importance whatsoever for the survival of the species.

Now, no other religion had defined the stages of human development as comprehensive as Islam had done. Please give me an example if you can find one or invent one if you like, as fancy as any man can be, to the amusement of everyone, to prove how wrong Islam is in defining the stages of the human being. I won't go to the galaxy just yet. Let's not stick our heads to the clouds now, since there are still, a lot of things to be discussed on the dimension of the human body. Their purposes and how we misunderstood their intended usage and of course understand certain parts that needed to be removed for hygienic purposes without causing grave harm and agony to the owner of the body. For example, circumcision is needed, overdoing it would be transgressing God’s boundaries, and thus we have become excessive in our conduct and therefore provide more bullets, as a result of our own doing and stupidity, for enemies of Islam.

In Islam, if a wife menstruated, the husband, yes, even the husband that is previously permitted to have sex with her is now being barred from this special privilege, given to only a married man (of opposite sex, of course). He can no longer enjoy his privilege as a husband. But if you understand man, if the needs come, something got to go. So Islam shows how to release this tension without transgressing the limits and norms of purity. A Muslim husband can only channel his lust to his wife’s body. Having said this, anal sex is never allowed for a husband, if he did, he would be condemned as not being one of the people of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in doing so. For a non husband, it would be a graver sin. For gays, it would be the gravest sin. A sin proved by science, punishable by HIV and Aids. Now since these viruses cannot differentiate who is a sinner and who is not, the fault cannot lies upon them, but instead on those who have been blessed with the thinking abilities, that has unable to think thoroughly, what is the purpose of having a woman and a man, night and day and all the pairs that have been created by the Creator.

Now, for some, there's absolutely no problem at all, since there are no rules and regulations governing them. They can either masturbate, playing with sexual toys, visit the brothels like the ancient Israelite spies had done, err, for intelligence purposes (as if there is no other suitable place to do so before eliminating Jericho) or having sex with whomever is available next door. For a Muslim man, he is only allowed such pleasure with his wife or wives, and he is never allowed to have anal sex, since it is not what it is designed for. Sex is a pure and beautiful expression of love permitted to the sons and daughters of Adam, in the rule and regulation of a marriage. Blessed by God, acknowledged by the majority of the community and abide the law and order that governed it. Can anyone provide me with historical proof, unbiased of course, (and not created recently after a 100 or 200 years after the event) condemning the marriage of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and Aisyah r.a.? Homosexuality and oversexed have always been considered as a grave sin and remained a major morality issue in all civilisation, regardless of race and religion, in a civilised moral surrounding, of course. With the obvious and usual outcome, death to the babies.

Some see this sexual urges as not normal and unholy. So, to be holy and pure, they have forbidden it for their holy women and men. I support them wholly and would seriously urges all the members of their faith to do the same and stop being so industrious in this field and accuse Muslims instead, as being as sex driven as they are. Don't even bother to find a Muslim nation, where sex thrive as an industry as in certain non Muslim country where some even have a Buddhist monastery displaying corpses to show how ugly sex without guidance is.

If you bother to check the time limit of a healthy pregnancy of a woman, you'll be surprised that if a woman only marries at her late twenties or thirties, she could only healthily be a mother in an average sense, only to three or five new humans. Deduct the other two as the parents’ replacement, then you actually have lesser new humans. In Islam, a mother should breast feed her baby for at least two years. Please give me an example of any other similarities in any religion or findings as a basis of comparison.

Some girls are not well developed, some do. And you know it. If you refer to the never ending scandals in some holy houses of I'm not free to say, you'll be surprised that they didn't stop at just one child. And neither of the paedophiles married their victims, nor did their victims have any fond memory of their molesters and tormentors. Someone got to go back to hell, eventually. If no one is going to hell, then what is the reason that it exist in the first place? As if God is bound and limited to time and space. As if He didn't know what would happen tomorrow, what is happening now, and what had happened previously. God is God. He always knew what is best and our worst. He knew our secrets, weaknesses and every plans and errors. This life is just a test of showing what and who we really are. As a basis of comparison to make sense of things. Without it, what is the purpose of death and life to exist? Free tickets to paradise?

There are Hadiths that narrated Aisyah r.a. cleaning the semen from clothes, it is just to show how cleanliness is a major concern for Muslims. We can't pee and pray without washing them first. So it is the question whether semen is unclean or not and it is clearly stated that semen is actually pure and not a filthy thing. It is the same with us. We are pure and beautiful beings that come to exist from a beautiful and divine expression of love that was accompanied with the blessings of our grandparents and their community, according to the law (without lies) and strictly being governed by it. Other than that would be transgressing the limits set by God. And those who dared to venture the limits would be given certain lapse of time for him to re-evaluate his standing and current positions. Before STD sets in.

When the time is up, everyone would get what he deserves. That is justice. No one would be let off the hook for his actions, good or bad, as tiny as a particle or as huge as an atomic blast. Nothing would be forgotten. If there is no such justice after life, a cheater would always be a winner, and a liar would always be triumphant. All the weak ones, molested, torched, tortured, killed and victimised would not see any justice. They’ve suffered for nothing. So what's the need to be good? Haven’t you studied the human nature? Where have you been living all this while? In paradise or under a coconut shell? Safely tucked in from all the dark nature of man.

John W. Loftus: A Response to a Pro Israeli Bible Thumper

My Response to a Pro Israeli Bible Thumper

By John W. Loftus at 3/25/2010

Here is a response to a Bible thumper espousing a Pro Israel political view. He wrote:

To the editor:

According to the Bible when Jesus was born, wise men from the East hailed Him as “King of the Jews.” Five days before His crucifixion the multitudes cried out: “Blessed is the King of Israel.” And when Jesus was crucified, above His head on the cross, Pilate placed this accusation: “This is Jesus the King of the Jews.”

Most people attach no literal meaning to that title, especially one that has anything to do with Jews. Jesus was a Jew. He descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus clearly identified himself with the Jews and the nation Israel.

Israel appears 2,566 times in the Bible. Jerusalem is named more than 800 times. The expression “God of Israel” appears over 200 times. We should realize by this that “Jerusalem” and “Israel” are subjects very close to the heart of God. It is here where God established His throne, and on that throne the Messiah, Jesus, King of the Jews must reign over Israel and the world.

Knowing that only Jesus can defeat him, Satan has influenced 3,000 years of anti-Semitism. Destroying all Jews would have prevented Jesus from being born. But Satan failed. He then tried to kill Jesus on the cross, but He rose from the grave. And Satan failed again.

But if all Jews could be destroyed today, God could not fulfill His promise that Jesus Christ would reign as king of the Jews at his second coming. God would be a liar and Satan the winner. God’s integrity and eternal purposes are linked to Israel’s survival.

The shameful horror of anti-Semitism throughout history provides a shocking depiction of the human heart. Satan found many only too eager to persecute and even kill God’s chosen people.

For those who wish to stand against God’s people, let them be aware, they could be doing the devil’s work.

In all the ages God has had only one plan, and that plan is that his glory and his salvation should go forth from Israel to all nations. Israel and Jerusalem are truly unique in that they are central in God’s great plan for the earth.

The Bible makes it clear that the choice of the Jewish people was for God’s own redemptive purposes on earth. God chose Israel to introduce the “Savior” to the world, his only son Jesus Christ, and the “King of the Jews.”

Ken Blinco Link.

Here is my response:

Let me comment on Ken Blinco’s ignorant use of the Bible to justify a pro Israeli political stance in this modern era of weapons of mass destruction.

First, if we take the Bible at face value, which Blinco does, then to fulfill God's Palestinian land promise to them their God orders the complete genocide of the Canaanites, their children, and their livestock in a massive land grabbing blood fest. I’m sure Blinco would not be in favor of genocide today, although he thinks nothing of the horror of what such a God supposedly commanded the Hebrews to do in the past.

Second, Blinco’s conviction that the land of Palestine and Jerusalem are “central in God’s great plan for the earth” was the same one the church used to justify several bloody Crusades to capture Jerusalem from the infidels in the Middle Ages. Crusades, you know, those murderous wars that most Christians claim they never would have participated in, even though Blinco shares the same conviction they did.

Third, even though Blinco and most all Christians have learned to be more racially tolerant and anti-Semitic he fails to realize that ever since Jesus was railroaded to his death by Jews most Christians have been anti-Semitic. Even the reformer Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran church, wrote in 1543 in his tract, On the Jews and Their Lies:

“First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them.

This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians, and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing, blaspheming of his Son and of his Christians .

Second, I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed . . .

Third, I advise that all their prayer books and Talmudic writings, in which such idolatry, lies, cursing, and blasphemy are taught, be taken from them.

Fourth, I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach henceforth on pain of loss of life and limb.

Fifth, I advise that safe-conduct on the highways be abolished completely for the Jews.

Sixth, I advise that usury be prohibited to them, and that all cash and treasures of silver and gold be taken from them and put aside for safekeeping .

Seventh, I recommend putting a flail, an ax, a hoe, a spade, a distaff, or a spindle into the hands of young strong Jews and Jewesses and letting them earn their bread in the sweat of their brow, as was imposed on the children of Adam.”

Fourth, most all Christians deny the theology that Blinco expresses. Even Paul the Apostle said “there was neither Jew nor Greek” (Galatians 3:28 ). One’s race should not matter, says Paul.

Blinco’s ignorant pro Israel dispensational political theology among U.S. Congressmen has actually provoked Muslim aggression, and should be abandoned. In its place most voices are calling for a more balanced approach where the US shows humanitarian concern to Israel and at the same time holds Israel accountable for its treatment of the Muslim inhabitants of the land.

Rise the Phoenix : Phoenix Bangkit : M. Nasir

Build a bridge to reach the other side
Across the massive and bottomless pit
With blood and sweat
With tears, firmly holding to His rope with hope

Bina jambatan menuju ke seberang
Melangkah jurang lebar dan dalam
Dengan darah dan keringat
Dengan airmata berpegang pada taliNya

Come together in a firm line, let not your spirit be shaken
The destroyed cities must be rebuild again and again
In the name of the truth, for us all, for our children
All the tireless attacks must be dealt with

Rapatkan saf semangatmu jangan goyah
Kota yang telah roboh harus dibina semula
Atas dasar kebenaran demi kita demi waris
Semua serangan yang datang kita tangkis

Don't be afraid of your own shadow
Behind all the pain, a glorious victory awaits
Like the Phoenix that rose from the ashes
Rise again to build a new beauty

Rise the Phoenix

Jangan kau gentar pada bayang-bayang sendiri
Di sebalik pahit getir kemenangan menanti
Bagaikan burung Phoenix bangkit dari abu
Bangkit membina (semula) satu keindahan (baru)

Phoenix bangkit

Build a bridge to reach the other side
With blood and sweat
With tears
March onwards to the promised land
We've been craving for
For love and nothing else, for love

Bina jambatan menuju keseberang
Dengan darah keringat dan airmata oh...
Melangkah ke seberang ke tanah yang dijanjikan
Demi cinta tiada lain demi cinta

Don't be afraid of your own shadow
Behind all the pain, a glorious victory awaits
By blood, sweat and tears oh..
March onwards to the promised land
We've been craving for

For love and nothing else, for love
For love, for love

Jangan kau gentar pada bayang-bayang sendiri
Di sebalik pahit getir kemenangan menanti
Bina jambatan menuju keseberang
Dengan darah keringat dan airmata oh...
Melangkah ke seberang ke tanah yang dijanjikan
Demi cinta tiada lain demi cinta
Demi cinta... demi cinta

Friday, March 19, 2010

Inhumane Muslims

Muslims are monsters
They were invaded by the Mongols

Muslims are crazy
They were invaded by the Crusades

The Caliph was trampled to death
And all the wealth was exposed to its actual worth

The Jews and Muslims had suffered the same horrible death
Jerusalem would be tainted forever in history of the church

The Europeans are non aggressors
They had always turned the other cheek

While watching those who dared to speak
Being crushed and gently treated
Lying helpless at Scavenger's daughter's feet

Europe had been plagued by a thousand death
The first crusade that not many had ever read

Before the Romans brought in the cross
On the ruins of the pagans, majestically gross

Don't be afraid of the medieval torture devices
They were invented by Muslims, the barbaric bunch

Whatever Muslims touched
Would end up like Andalusia, if not India

No glory, only agony
With evidence unscathed
By time nor by any man

Why don't you pay a visit to the coliseum in Rome
The church of Vlad and all the Nazi death camps

They were all strangely intertwined
Islam and fascist, could they ever be rhymed?

Now watch all the villains in the TV or the movies
Can't you see the stark resemblance, their similarities?

Greet Wilders and the man named Syndrome
The Incredibles too faced such a similar boredom.

How peculiar their similarities are
Villains do looked like all villains would

Self admired, mad men without any disgrace.
Always smiling on the suffering of the human race.
Like always.

Sweet Child O' Mine: Guns n Roses

She got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky

Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I stared too long
I'd probably break down and cry

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

She got eyes of the bluest skies
And if they thought of rain

I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain

Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide

And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

Where do we go?

Where do we go now?

Where do we go?

Sweet child o' mine

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wayang Kulit

In the Malay Archipelago, there is an ancient entertainment, enjoyed for generations as an alternative to TV, the Wayang Kulit. It is a show where the figurines are moved by the Tok Dalang, who will act out the story, accompanied with traditional musical instrument to add some flavour to the puppets that are actually just a shadow, mute and dumb. Even their hands and movement are controlled entirely by the Tok Dalang, unseen by the audience of course, but he is the controller of the entire things being displayed on the screen, moving and talking shadows, as if they were real living breathing characters in a make believe fairy tale world, where some escape their reality, at least for a while.

The Jewish settlement issue in occupied territory of the Palestinians keep on reappearing in certain lapse of time and as it appeared, it will soon disappear with consensus, negotiable by democratic unseen hands, moved wildly behind the scene, while displaying on the screen, an act of shadowy play to entertain others, to fool them into a make believe tale, too good to be true, as always.

How could some claimed they are not supporting the illegal build up of a cancer like settlement when they themselves were funding it all along, all this while. What baffles me is how unashamed people can be, in trying to act out a play that contradict reality like if we can put it simply, an upside down world of facts and proofs. The politic of the West, some of them of course, is full of shadowy play and deception that is so confusing and tiring, you won’t know when to throw up and when to cough out blood. Most of the time, the heroes seemed like villains and the women involved tried to be like Wonder Woman, not knowing that honesty is how Wonder Woman was brought up and told to hold it dearly to her heart, no matter what. But I guess, some powerful women in the West, bear in mind, I said some, never did actually watch or study about Wonder Woman. No wonder they acted strangely, so contradicting to the bathing suit worn by her. The colours mean nothing. It is only a crazy woman in bikini trying to save the world and uplifting femininity at the same time. How absurd this shadow play is. Wonder what would happen when the audience puke all at once when they can't stand the dizziness after watching the spinning shadow puppets that mumbled on and on and on.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tolerance and its Limits

I came across a comment By Joe Therapist in Tit for Tat in questioning about his attention of highlighting Swiss problem to Malaysians. It is interesting how certain events and occurrences simply erased from everyone's memory and certain events got highlighted and given such an emphasis that the rest are insignificant unlucky things that got out of hand, despite of good intentions, of course.

The Bintang Tiga or Chinese Communist was only trying to free the Malays and the West were trying to save the Malays of hard labour of plundering their own wealth by bringing in obedient slaves from India and China, Non Muslims of course, and everyone is asking the Malays to learn from the example of Obama! As if the slaves belong to the Malays in the first place and the Englishmen were actually gentlemen back then.

Muslims were ridiculed for being backward and insensitive. Well, how would you have behaved after hundred years of oppressions by the people of the cross that came uninvited in spreading modernity to all four corners of the world. Science was lost then and there is nothing strange about it. Why won't it? How could it survived and nurtured? Muslims were under unashamed dominant oppressive force that not only killed and plundered, but destroyed all basis of civilisation in the Muslim world and others, in the name of the cross, of course.

Now the West are being haunted by the ghost of past Christmas. They are being invaded by their former slaves, as if they came in such a dominant and arrogant way like they once did. But that is unrelated of course. The past is the past. Grow up. You are losers. You don't have nothing. No one in the Muslim world could invented the A bomb. No one is allowed to, see. Cause there's already enough nukes to blow up all that exist into kingdom come! America has more than is needed to wipe out every single nations through out the globe. So does others, but having one or two, would be very dangerous and deadly to the peace of the human race, as if all the major wars and madness through the centuries were committed and caused by the dominant Muslims that tried to enslave others into humiliating submission! Don't even think of bringing India and Spain into this. And Vlad the Impaler is enough to clear any doubts about the invading Turks.

The churches, temples and everything that is considered holy to Non Muslims are respected by Muslims. Even when sometimes it was illegally built on lands that doesn't belong to it in the first place. Sometimes tolerance is not that appreciated but instead some still pushed for more and more. Go to Teluk Intan, Perak Darul Ridzuan, where a huge church exist side by side with a mosque to name one as an example. Go pass Batu Caves and you'll get my point.

There's no need to highlight Muslims' ailments to ridicule Muslims. We have our problems, you have yours. I won't highlight yours. We all have our own problems. Mostly because we are actually unpractising our faith to the fullest extent in the best ways and efforts. But trying to say that Muslims should be more open when everyone watched in awe of the openness in Malaysia would be as like some would said it, 'beri betis nak peha' or 'asking for the thigh after being given the calf'. There's no mosque in the Vatican, nor in the centre of any religion, don't you get it already?

Everything should go both ways. You give some, you take some, you held some to yourself and vice versa. Denying all that have been achieved and ridiculed something that sheltered everyone in peace and harmony for almost more than 50 years would be considered as rude and inconsiderate. No Muslims in Malaysia is touching any sensitive issues regarding Non Muslims. In Non Muslim countries, things are very different. So and so, you can't expect us to shut one eye and turn the other cheek. Some never did, for the past of the centuries or is it since the beginning of time? To begining to act like one would be an act of rudeness and humour, all mixed up in an endless confusion, for everybody to see and ponder.

Faint: Linkin Park

I am

a little bit of loneliness,
a little bit of disregard

Handful of complaints
but I can’t help the fact that everyone can see these scars

I am

what I want you to want,
what I want you to feel

But it's like no matter what I do, I can't convince you,
to just believe this is real

So I

let go,
watching you, turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not

But I'll be here cause you're all that I've got

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I am

a little bit insecure,
a little unconfident

Cause you don't understand I do what I can
but sometimes I don't make sense

I am

what you never wanna say but I've never had a doubt
It's like no matter what I do
I can't convince you for once just to hear me out

So I

let go,
watching you, turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not

But I'll be here 'cause you’re all that I've got

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Hear me out now
You're gonna listen to me, like it or not

Right now
Hear me out now
You're gonna listen to me, like it or not
Right now

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Time won't heal
Don't turn your back on me

I won't be ignored

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Callin' U

By the Outlandish

I'm callin' U
When all my goals, my very soul
Ain't fallin' through

I'm in need of U

The trust in my faith
My tears and my ways is drowning so

I cannot always show it
But don't doubt my love

I'm callin' U
With all my time and all my fights
In search for truth

Tryin' to reach U

See the worth of my sweat
My house and my bed
are lost in sleep

I will not be false in who I am
As long as I breathe

Oh, no, no
I don't need nobody
& I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but U
My One & Only

I don't need nobody
& I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but U
All I need in my life

I'm callin' U
When all my joy
And all my love is feelin' good
Cuz it's due to U

See the time of my life
My days and my nights
Oh, it's alright
Cuz at the end of the day
I still got enough for me and my

I'm callin' U
When all my keys
And all my bizz
Runs all so smooth

I'm thankin' U

See the halves in my life
My patience, my wife
With all that I know

Oh, take no more than I deserve
Still need to learn more

Oh, no, no
I don't need nobody
& I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but U

My One & Only

I don't need nobody
& I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but U
All I need in my life

Our relationship, so complex
Found U while I was headed straight for hell in quest
You have no one to compare to
'Cause when I lie to myself, it ain't hidden from U
I guess I'm thankful
Word on the street is U changed me
It shows in my behaviour
Past, present, future
Lay it all out
Found my call in your house

And let the whole world know what this love is about

Yo te quiero, te extraño, te olvido
Aunque nunca me has faltado, siempre estas conmigo
Por las veces que he fallado y las heridas tan profundas
Mejor tarde que nunca para pedirte mil disculpas
Estoy gritando callado yo te llamo, te escucho, lo intento
De ti yo me alimento
Cuando el aire que respiro es violento y turbulento
Yo te olvido, te llamo, te siento

I love you, I miss you, I forget you
Even though you never let me down and always are by my side
For all the times I've failed and hurt you deeply
Better later than never to give you a 1000 apologies
I'm shouting silently, callin' you, I'm listening to you, I'm tryin'
You nourish me
When the air that I breathe is violent and turbulent
I'm forgettin' you, I'm callin' you, I'm feelin' you

Oh, no, no
I don't need nobody
& I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but U

My One & Only

I don't need nobody
& I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but U...

[Thanks to desi honey ( for these lyrics]

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Labina Ahmed

Reader's Comment: By all accounts, any man over the age of 30 or 40, marrying a 9 or 12 years old girl, would be considered a paedophile in our civilized times and you cannot justify it, however hard you may try. Would you ever marry your daughter to a 50 year old man? Also, what do you call an act of a holy man when he fancies his adopted son's wife and forces him to divorce her so that he could marry him? How can he be every Muslim's Role Model?

Guided Ones Reply:

Any marriage is considered as legal and successful, if the three conditions hold good.

The marriage should have the blessings of one/both parents.
State/Society should not take any offense and acknowledge the matrimony.
None of the spouses should live to repent or convey his/her displeasure at the decision of his/her parents/guardians to bind him/her in such an alliance, long after the marriage has taken place. The husband and wife should be happy of being married with each other, till they die.
None of the three and especially the last one, seem to have been defied or negated by the marriage of the prophet with Ayesha (ra). I wouldn't mind marrying off my daughter or sister, if all the three conditions get satisfied and she doesn't live on to repent this decision taken by me on her behalf.

Now, let's start with the definition of 'a Paedophile', in our civilized times. Paedophiles are individuals for whom sexual fantasies about children occupy a very prominent place and persist over a long period of time. Some of them will never become child abusers. For others, however, this danger exists and may be considerable. Occasionally, individuals who realize that their fantasies are "abnormal" and who feel that they pose a threat to children take it upon themselves to consult a specialist.

Only when a paedophile translates his fantasies into action and sexually abuses a child has he committed an offence in the eyes of the law. Beyond puberty, the terms paedophile and paedophilia should not be used, though the mistake is widely made. Confusion arises here because, in the eyes of the law, a child is a person who has not yet reached the age of majority. This is set at 18 in many countries (though not all) and in all international conventions. Biologically, however, children become mature at a much earlier age.

There are a number of traits or aspects of paedophiles. These are not exclusive to paedophiles and indeed need not all occur in one paedophile to be apparent. As previously mentioned, paedophiles are not a homogenous group but a heterogeneous group. The traits delineated through a resulting profile, have been based on the research carried out in recent years. Lack of empathy with children, Low self esteem, Lack of impulse control, Denial, History of previous paedophile activity, Poor family relationships, Low IQ, Loneliness, depression and relationship needs or having been themselves sexually abused in the past.

My first question to these slanderers - If you accuse Muhammed(saw) of being a paedophile ( May God forbid and forgive me for using this term even hypothetically to relate it to him), then, how many of these traits, as mentioned above, are to be found in any credible or non-credible historical accounts of his life? Dig out a Single!

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) married Hadrat Khadijah (ra) an old widowed lady. The proposal of marriage is reported to have come from her. At that time Muhammad (saw) was of 25 years while Khadijah (ra) was 40 years old. Hadrat Sauda (ra) was the second wife of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Both were around 50 years old when they got married.

Even if we look at it from the perspective of the victim, the slander of Prophet being a paedophile falls flat on it's nose. What happens to the person who suffers from the acts of such paedophiles? Simply put, what are the short and long term health and emotional consequences on those who get abused as a child or an adolescent? 'Peters (1988)1 suggested that child sexual abuse interacts with family background to produce disruption of the child's developing self-esteem and sense of mastery of the world (agency). It is these deficits, in turn, that increase the likelihood of psychological problems in later life. This model of developmental deficits leading to social and personal vulnerabilities in adult life, which in their turn create an increased risk of mental health problems. Greater vulnerability to depression is found in women who lack an intimate and confiding relationship (Henderson and Brown 1988; Harris 1988; Romans et al. 1992). Depression is also associated with lowered self-esteem and a sense of hopelessness about one's ability to influence one's life (Browne et al. 1986, Ingram et al. 1986). Thus the social, interpersonal and sexual problems associated with a history of child sexual abuse may themselves provide fertile ground for the development of mental health problems, particularly in the area of depressive disorders.

Now let's compare these traits to the accounts of life history of Mother Ayesha(ra), the one, whom ignorant(s) consider as someone who suffered from 'child abuse' at an early age, by all civilized definitions.

It's documented that amongst the all wives of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) Hadrat Ayesha (ra) held an prominent position. Hadrat Ayesha (ra) was the daughter of the first caliph of Islam Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ra). Hadrat Ayesha (ra) married at the age of 9,12 or 19 years. Accounts vary. Hadrat Ayesha (ra) was not only superior in knowledge to all the wives of the Holy Prophet (saw) but also to the various male companions of Prophet Muhammad (saw). She passed away at the age of 63 years and never once, did she complain of her marriage with the prophet neither was she displeased of her father's consent in having her married off to the Prophet(saw). Was she scared of saying so? In one of her accounts mentioned in the same book which tells her age to be around 9, she is reported to have remarked: "I looked at the full moon and compared it to the face of prophet of God and I could not decide which one was more beautiful." This is how she felt of her husband and conveyed it to others in her mature old age.

During the lifetime of their husband many women are obedient but the real test arises after the death. An opportunity then comes to practically do what they have always liked and to abstain from what they disliked but forced to by their deceased husbands. Even after the death of the Prophet, Ayesha(ra) meticulously followed all his commands and injunctions. He had preached generosity. She retained this trait to the end of her life. He had said that for women Hajj is their jihad. She made it a point to perform Hajj every year.

She was also courageous and brave; she would often visit the graveyard alone at night to pray for the departed souls. In the thick of engagements, she would go to battlefields carrying water in leather bags on her back to quench the thirst of the fighting and injured soldiers. In the battle of trenches, when the Pagans had besieged Medina and an attack from the Jews was feared she would go around to inspect the plan of defense by the Muslims. She had sought permission of the Prophet during his lifetime, to participate actively in the battles but was refused. She was tender hearted and the fear of God never left her heart. She used to keep herself busy in prayers.

And finally, for those who see prophet's life as nothing but full of wives and harem like existence, no better words can better describe the turmoil's that he faced and abject poverty and hardships he and his wives had to endure in the face of accomplishing their God given mission.

Mother Ayesha(ra) describes it in these words: "The family of Muhammad had never eaten their fill of wheat bread for three successive days since they had migrated to Medina till the death of the Prophet." (Volume 8, Book 76, Number 461)

Her final respect for the exalted character and truthfulness of her husband speaks for itself in these words:- 'Aisha said to 'Abdullah bin Az-Zubair, "Bury me with my female companions (i.e. the wives of the Prophet) and do not bury me with the Prophet in the house, for I do not like to be regarded as sanctified (just for being buried there).'' (Volume 9:Book 92:Number 428)

And what about Zainab(ra)?

Coming to the story of Zainab(ra) who was the Holy Prophet's first cousin, being the daughter of his aunt, Umaimah, daughter of ‘Abd al-Muttalib. Zainab a full blooded Arab was intensely proud of her ancestry and exalted social status. Islam had envisaged and given to the world a civilization and culture in which there were no class divisions, no hereditary nobility, no vested interests. All men and women were to be free and equal in the sight of God. The Holy Prophet wanted to start with his own family carrying into actual effect of this noble ideal of Islam. Zainab was one of the early converts to Islam, and the Holy Prophet proposed to her brother that she should be given in marriage to Zaid. Zaid (ra) was among the slaves whom the Prophet had set free in the early days of his prophetic mission. Zaid appeared to be more intelligent and more alert than the others. He belonged to a respectable family, had been kidnapped as a child and sold from place to place until he reached Makkah. Young Zaid, newly freed, saw at once that it was better to sacrifice freedom for the sake of slavery to the Prophet. When the Prophet set the slaves free, Zaid refused to be freed and asked leave to continue to live with the Prophet. He did so, and as time went on his attachment to the Prophet grew. But in the meantime Zaid's father and his uncle were on his track and they ultimately heard he was in Makkah. In Makkah they traced him in the house of the Prophet. Coming to the Prophet, they asked for the liberty of Zaid and offered to pay as much ransom as the Prophet should demand. The Prophet said Zaid was free and could go with him as he liked. He sent for Zaid and showed him his father and uncle. After the parties had met and dried their tears, Zaid's father told him that he had been freed by his kind Master and, as his mother was much afflicted by the separation, he had better return home. Zaid replied, "Father! Who does not love his parents? My heart is full of love for you and mother. But I love this man Muhammad so much that I cannot think of living elsewhere than with him. I have met you and I am glad.. But separation from Muhammad I cannot endure." Zaid's father and his uncle did their utmost to persuade Zaid to return home with them but Zaid did not agree. Upon this the Holy Prophet said, "Zaid was a freed man already, but from today he will be my son." Seeing this affection between Zaid and the Prophet, Zaid's father and uncle went back and Zaid remained with the Prophet (Hisham).

The Prophet wished to marry Zainab to Zaid who in spite of having been liberated by the Prophet and called his son, unfortunately still carried the stigma of slavery in the minds of some people. It was exactly this invidious distinction between ‘free’ and ‘slave’ which the Holy Prophet sought to remove by Zainab’s marriage with Zaid. Both Zainab and her brother were averse to this match and only yielded under pressure from the Holy Prophet. It is related that they both desired that the Holy Prophet himself should marry Zainab. In fact when marriage was first proposed to Zainab, she gave her assent under the impression that the Prophet wanted her for himself, but the Prophet insisted that she should accept Zaid.

The marriage leveled to the ground of all class distinctions and divisions. It was a practical demonstration of Islam’s noble ideal. The marriage was however, not a happy one. The marriage however ended in failure not so much due to a difference in the social status of Zainab and Zaid as to the incompatibility of their dispositions and temperaments and also due to a feeling of inferiority from which Zaid suffered. Differences arose, and Zaid expressed a desire to the Holy Prophet of divorcing Zainab. The news was grieving for the Prophet, for it was he who had insisted upon the marriage, and he therefore advised Zaid not to divorce her. He feared that people would object that a marriage which had been arranged by the Prophet was unsuccessful.

After Zainab(ra) was divorced the Holy Prophet took her in marriage, that being the wish of the lady and her relatives before her marriage with Zaid, and the Prophet was, now that the marriage arranged by him proved unsuccessful, morally bound to accept their wishes. Moreover, the Qur’an had declared against an adopted son being regarded as if he were a real son, and now there was an opportunity where the Holy Prophet could by his own example deal a death-blow to that custom. The reason is plainly given in the second part of the verse: “We gave her to thee as a wife, so that there should be no difficulty for the believers about the wives of their adopted sons.” This verse sounds self serving to many, but wait and continue to read Zainab's(ra) perspective on this marriage..

The divorced women till today, are generally looked down upon in popular estimation, and this was a case in which a freed slave divorced a lady of high birth. By also taking such a divorced woman as his wife, the false notion that divorce degraded women was removed as well. Thus by this act, to which he was morally bound because the lady had been at first offered in marriage to him, he elevated the whole class of divorced women who would otherwise suffer life-long humiliation in society.

This simple story is made the basis of a mean attack on the Holy Prophet. It is stated that the Holy Prophet, having seen Zainab by chance through a half-open door, was fascinated by her beauty, and that Zaid, having come to know of this divorced her, and then she became the Prophet's wife. That more and more prejudiced writers accept this in present age, only shows how far religious prejudice may carry "criticism." It is admitted Zainab was the daughter of the Prophet's real aunt; it is admitted that she was one of the early believers in Islam who fled to Madinah; it is admitted that the Prophet himself had arranged the marriage between Zaid and Zainab; and finally it is admitted Zainab desired, as did also her brother, before she was married to Zaid, that she should be taken in marriage by the Holy Prophet.

What was it then which prevented the Prophet from marrying her when she was a virgin and when she herself ardently desired to get married to him? Had he not seen her before? He was so closely related to her that on the face of it such a supposition is absurd. Then there was no seclusion before Zainab’s marriage with the Prophet, a fact the truth of which is attested by all writers. Having not only seen her when she was a virgin, but knowing her fully well on account of her close relationship to him and her early belief in Islam, while both she and her relatives were desirous that the Prophet should take her for a wife, what hindered the Prophet from marrying her? The story is so absurd that any man possessing ordinary common sense would unhesitatingly reject it.

If he had any desire for self-gratification or if he had any passion for the lady, he would not have refused her when she was offered to him as a virgin. Refusal of her hand in the first instance, and take her in marriage when being divorced she was lowered in general estimation, shows conclusively that his motive in this marriage was anything but self-gratification.

The good and noble Rev. Bosworth Smith finds nothing in this marriage to cavil at. He says “It should be remembered, however, that most of Muhammad’s marriages may be explained, at least, as much by his pity for the forlorn condition of the persons concerned, as by other motives. They were almost all of them widows who were not remarkable for their beauty of their wealth, but quite the reverse. May not this fact, and his undoubted faithfulness to Khadija till her dying day, and till he himself was fifty years of age, give us additional ground to hope that calumny or misconception has been at work in the story of Zainab" (Muhammad and Mohammedanism)

In the words of Ayesha(ra), this is how Zainab(ra) felt about her marriage with the Prophet(saw):

Zaid bin Haritha (Zainab's first husband) came to the Prophet complaining about his wife. The Prophet kept on saying (to him), "Be afraid of Allah and keep your wife." Aisha said, "If Allah's Apostle were to conceal anything (of the Quran he would have concealed this Verse." Zainab used to boast before the wives of the Prophet and used to say, "You were given in marriage by your families, while I was married (to the Prophet) by Allah from over seven Heavens."

And Thabit(narrator) recited, "The Verse:-- 'But (O Muhammad) you did hide in your heart that which Allah was about to make manifest, you did fear the people,' (Quran 33.37) was revealed in connection with Zainab and Zaid bin Haritha." (Volume 9, Book 93, Number 516)

And yes, he always was and still remains a role model for Muslims who try to emulate his life achievements and levels of piety and righteousness based upon the narrations found in the books of Hadiths and passed over from generations to generations. If one chooses to find out, the statistics of Muslims, who chose to follow the most apparently lustful and sensous aspects of their prophets life, i.e the two you mentioned above, his marriage to a girl, almost 40 years below his age and a seemingly incestous relation ship with his daughter in law, you will be hardpressed to find even a respectable two digit number in percentage, except a few perverts here and there, which all societies have. Now read these few reports dealing with the clergy (not a few wayward common men):

Child Abuse - School covers up for absconding Swami.

Sodomy cases: Hare Krishnas - Lift the lid on History of Child Abuse

Priests, Paedophiles and Protestants - 70 churches/week in USA alone, are accused of Child Abuse in last decade.

I challenge you to dig out a few reports of any of such incidents/cases which were attributed to Muslim imams or priests assigned to any of the mosques or madrassas.

When statistics emanating from everywhere but the Muslim world, speak so loudly in defense of piety and credibility of God's messenger and his message, it's a sign of divine retribution to silence the ignorant, pitiable slanderers of our times and this is how God manifests it's presence in all times to come.

Reader's Comment: Dear brothers in Islam. As Salaam aleykum. JazakAllah Khair for the fine work you're doing in dispelling misconceptions and confusions in the minds of Muslims as well as non-Muslims. My question pertains to the following verse: “…They are raiment for you and ye are raiment for them…”(Al-Baqarah: 187) which appears under the topic of spouses should guard their 'bedroom secrets'. Now I happen to read this hadeeth:[Volume 1, Book 6, Number 299: Narrated 'Abdur-Rahman bin Al-Aswad: (on the authority of his father) 'Aisha said: "Whenever Allah's Apostle wanted to fondle anyone of us during her periods (menses), he used to order her to put on an Izar and start fondling her." 'Aisha added, "None of you could control his sexual desires as the Prophet could."] Was it really necessary here that scholar Abdur Rehman or even Ayesha(ra) report the goings of their bedroom in so detail even if it contains a high moral value. I mean, wasn't it sufficient to just say that Prophet(pbuh) prohibited intercourse during menses? Please throw some light on this seemingly contradictory hadith wrt Quranic verse that I cited above. Thanks in advance for your time.

GuidedOnes Reply: All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

In his response, to the question you raised, the eminent Muslim scholar, Sheikh `Abdel Khaliq Hasan Ash-Shareef, states:

“Dear brother, you should not be confused because there is no contradiction at all. The wives of the Prophet were like the mothers of the believers and hence they were unmarriageable to all Muslims after the Prophet’s demise. Almighty Allah says: “The Prophet is closer to the believers than their selves, and his wives are (as) their mothers.” (Al-Ahzab: 6) “And it is not for you to cause annoyance to the messenger of Allah, nor that ye should ever marry his wives after him. Lo! that in Allah's sight would be an enormity.” (Al-Ahzab: 53) Whatever happens in the Prophet’s house is legislation for the whole Ummah to be guided by in their lives. Therefore, whenever a wife of the Prophet was asked about a matter related to the Prophet relation with his wives, she would explain it without shyness within the Islamic manners.

Almighty Allah says: “Verily in the messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the last Day, and remembers Allah much.” (Al-Ahzab: 21) “…And whatsoever the messenger gives you, take it. And whatsoever he forbids, abstain (from it). And keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is stern in reprisal.” (Al-Hashr: 7)

“Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel (which are) with them. He will enjoin on them that which is right and forbid them that which is wrong. He will make lawful for them all good things and prohibit for them only the foul; and he will relieve them of their burden and the fetters that they used to wear. Then those who believe in him, and honor him and help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him: they are the successful.” (Al-A`raf: 157)

However, humans other than the Prophet are not legislators nor are their lives taken as an example to be followed and, therefore, are required not to reveal bed secrets. The Prophet is the example and model for Muslims and hence his life in its details is to be followed as an example for Muslims. Therefore, we are to know some of the home or bed secrets so that we know what is right to follow and be guided to the truth.”

Here, I would like to add that even in the Hadith you mentioned which abided by the highest standards of manners and noble language, it was necessary to explain what is permissible of physical contact between the spouses not only to state that intercourse was prohibited during menses.

If you are still in need of more information, don't hesitate to contact us. Do keep in touch. May Allah guide us all to the straight path!

Allah Almighty knows best. [Sheikh Abdel Khaliq Hasan Ash-Shareef ]


Further references:

Geoffrey Parrinder

A noted British author has observed: "No great religious leader has been so maligned as Prophet Mohammed. Attacked in the past as a heretic, an impostor, or a sensualist, it is still possible to find him referred to as "the false prophet." A modern German writer accuses Prophet Mohammed of sensuality, surrounding himself with young women. This man was not married until he was twenty-five years of age, then he and his wife lived in happiness and fidelity for twenty-four years, until her death when he was fourty-nine. Only between the age of fifty and his death at sixty-two did Prophet Mohammed take other wives, only one of whom was a virgin, and most of them were taken for dynastic and political reasons. Certainly the Prophet's record was better than the head of the Church of England, Henry VIII." Geoffrey Parrinder, Mysticism in the World's Religions (New York: Oxford University Press, 1976, pg. 121)

Dr Annie Besant

"But do you mean to tell me that the man who in the full flush of youthful vigour, a young man of four and twenty (24), married a woman much his senior, and remained faithful to her for six and twenty years (26), at fifty years of age when the passions are dying married for lust and sexual passion? Not thus are men's lives to be judged. And you look at the women whom he married, you will find that by every one of them an alliance was made for his people, or something was gained for his followers, or the woman was in sore need of protection." - - Dr Annie Besant (Dr Annie Besant in 'The Life and Teachings of Mohammad,' Madras, 1932)

Paedophilia lies n twisted truth

What was Ayesha’s (ra) age at the time of her marriage?

It is normally believed that she was nine years old at the time of her marriage with Mohammad (sws) was consummated. I do think it was according to the traditions of the Arab culture, as otherwise people would have objected to this marriage. But unfortunately, the modern day man is not satisfied with an answer as simple as that.


To begin with, I think it is the responsibility of all those who believe that marrying a girl as young as nine years old was an accepted norm of the Arab culture, to provide at least a few examples to substantiate their point of view. I have not yet been able to find a single dependable instance in the books of Arab history where a girl as young as nine years old was given away in marriage. Unless such examples are given, we do not have any reasonable grounds to believe that it really was an accepted norm.

In my opinion, the age of Ayesha (ra) has been grossly mis-reported in the ahadith. Not only that, I think that the narratives reporting this event are not only highly unreliable but also that on the basis of other historical data, the event reported, is quite an unlikely happening. Let us look at the issue from an objective stand point. My reservations in accepting the narratives, on the basis of which, Ayeshas (ra) age at the time of her marriage with the Prophet (pbuh) is held to be nine years are:

Most of these narratives are reported only by Hisham ibn `urwah reporting on the authority of his father. An event as well known as the one being reported, should logically have been reported by more people than just one, two or three.
It is quite strange that no one from Medinah, where Hisham ibn `urwah lived the first seventy one years of his life has narrated the event, even though in Medinah his pupils included people as well known as Malik ibn Anas. All the narratives of this event have been reported by narrators from Iraq, where Hisham is reported to have had shifted after living in Medinah for seventy one years.
Tehzibu'l-tehzib, one of the most well known books on the life and reliability of the narrators of the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh) reports that according to Yaqub ibn Shaibah: "narratives reported by Hisham are reliable except those that are reported through the people of Iraq". It further states that Malik ibn Anas objected on those narratives of Hisham which were reported through people of Iraq. (vol 11, pg 48 - 51)
Mizanu'l-ai`tidal, another book on the narrators of the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh) reports that when he was old, Hisham's memory suffered quite badly. (vol 4, pg 301 - 302)
According to the generally accepted tradition, Ayesha (ra) was born about eight years before Hijrah. But according to another narrative in Bukhari (kitabu'l-tafseer) Ayesha (ra) is reported to have said that at the time Surah Al-Qamar, the 54th chapter of the Qur'an, was revealed, "I was a young girl". The 54th surah of the Qur'an was revealed nine years before Hijrah. According to this tradition, Ayesha (ra) had not only been born before the revelation of the referred surah, but was actually a young girl (jariyah), not an infant (sibyah) at that time. Obviously, if this narrative is held to be true, it is in clear contradiction with the narratives reported by Hisham ibn `urwah. I see absolutely no reason that after the comments of the experts on the narratives of Hisham ibn `urwah, why we should not accept this narrative to be more accurate.
According to a number of narratives, Ayesha (ra) accompanied the Muslims in the battle of Badr and Uhud. Furthermore, it is also reported in books of hadith and history that no one under the age of 15 years was allowed to take part in the battle of Uhud. All the boys below 15 years of age were sent back. Ayesha's (ra) participation in the battle of Badr and Uhud clearly indicate that she was not nine or ten years old at that time. After all, women used to accompany men to the battle fields to help them, not to be a burden on them.
According to almost all the historians Asma (ra), the elder sister of Ayesha (ra) was ten years older than Ayesha (ra). It is reported in Taqri'bu'l-tehzi'b as well as Al-bidayah wa'l-nihayah that Asma (ra) died in 73 hijrah when she was 100 years old. Now, obviously if Asma (ra) was 100 years old in 73 hijrah she should have been 27 or 28 years old at the time of hijrah. If Asma (ra) was 27 or 28 years old at the time of hijrah, Ayesha (ra) should have been 17 or 18 years old at that time. Thus, Ayesha (ra), if she got married in 1 AH (after hijrah) or 2 AH, was between 18 to 20 years old at the time of her marriage.
Tabari in his treatise on Islamic history, while mentioning Abu Bakr (ra) reports that Abu Bakr had four children and all four were born during the Jahiliyyah -- the pre Islamic period. Obviously, if Ayesha (ra) was born in the period of jahiliyyah, she could not have been less than 14 years in 1 AH -- the time she most likely got married.
According to Ibn Hisham, the historian, Ayesha (ra) accepted Islam quite some time before Umar ibn Khattab (ra). This shows that Ayesha (ra) accepted Islam during the first year of Islam. While, if the narrative of Ayesha's (ra) marriage at seven years of age is held to be true, Ayesha (ra) should not have been born during the first year of Islam.
Tabari has also reported that at the time Abu Bakr planned on migrating to Habshah (8 years before Hijrah), he went to Mut`am -- with whose son Ayesha (ra) was engaged -- and asked him to take Ayesha (ra) in his house as his son's wife. Mut`am refused, because Abu Bakr had embraced Islam, and subsequently his son divorced Ayesha (ra). Now, if Ayesha (ra) was only seven years old at the time of her marriage, she could not have been born at the time Abu Bakr decided on migrating to Habshah. On the basis of this report it seems only reasonable to assume that Ayesha (ra) had not only been born 8 years before hijrah, but was also a young lady, quite prepared for marriage.
According to a narrative reported by Ahmad ibn Hanbal, after the death of Khadijah (ra), when Khaulah (ra) came to the Prophet (pbuh) advising him to marry again, the Prophet (pbuh) asked her regarding the choices she had in her mind. Khaulah said: "You can marry a virgin (bikr) or a woman who has already been married (thayyib)". When the Prophet (pbuh) asked about who the virgin was, Khaulah proposed Ayesha's (ra) name. All those who know the Arabic language, are aware that the word "bikr" in the Arabic language is not used for an immature nine year old girl. The correct word for a young playful girl, as stated earlier is "Jariyah". "Bikr" on the other hand, is used for an unmarried lady, and obviously a nine year old is not a "lady".
According to Ibn Hajar, Fatimah (ra) was five years older than Ayesha (ra). Fatimah (ra) is reported to have been born when the Prophet (pbuh) was 35 years old. Thus, even if this information is taken to be correct, Ayesha (ra) could by no means be less than 14 years old at the time of hijrah, and 15 or 16 years old at the time of her marriage.

These are some of the major points that go against accepting the commonly known narrative regarding Ayesha's (ra) age at the time of her marriage.

In my opinion, neither was it an Arab tradition to give away girls in marriage at an age as young as nine or ten years, nor did the Prophet (pbuh) marry Ayesha (ra) at such a young age. The people of Arabia did not object to this marriage, because it never happened in the manner it has been narrated.

I hope I have been of some help.

Best Regards
1- The answer to this question is primarily based on the research by Habib ur Rahman Kandhalwi (urdu) as presented in his booklet, "Tehqiq e umar e Siddiqah e Ka'inat", Anjuman Uswa e hasanah, Karachi, Pakistan

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Haze

Just when you think that everything is going to be alright, something unexpected came and caught you off-guard. It seems the haze is back again with its peculiar smell of burning wood stuff. I don't think it's going to be any time soon for Malaysians to get out of this season of the flu. Rumours been running around about people getting infected by the second wave of swine flu and one actually died just around my neighbourhood, but, as the nature of rumours, the actual person who heard the first news and passed on the news to the second person and et cetera and et cetera remained elusive if not totally a mystery. Make you feel like you're in a twilight zone or something. To accept news or point of arguments before checking them out yourself would be disastrous, of course.

Some take the easy way out and blame the Composer of the events, totally rejecting the power that lies in each one of us to navigate our course and thinking our action through, at least thoroughly. Things happen, sometimes, if not most of the time, it turned out not exactly in our favour and it is quite frustrating. But if we looked closely, we do have something to do with it. We have left out our reasoning of things, we take things for granted and always hope that everything would work out without needing us to get all dirty and soaked up with puny things that don't even matter in most of our friend's life. As if this life has no rules and regulations governing its complex and intertwined existence and occurrences.

Some would look deep inside himself and weigh out all the actions and reactions that occurred and led him to conclude in understanding the final outcome that befall before his eyes. Some would learn from things that had happened to be a better man, much better than yesterday and hopefully would be steadfast of becoming better and better, the day after tomorrow. If we choose to stop developing, it would be a sad total lost to humanity since one of its member has stop functioning as a force that drives good and defends it against the evil ones that refused to be associated with mankind anymore. They have become man-gods, man-beast more likely and behave in such strange ways that no man can critic or has the right to at least advice him to stop being an unashamed monster that he had become, so proudly.

Now come the big question, should we blame the leaders that were raised among us, for the fallouts and failures of their people? Who should we blame for the previous genocide in Cambodia, China and Russia? How about the Hutu and Tutsi feuds? What about the itchy hands of some influential Westerners in dealing with wars, babies and money? What about all the civilians that were killed in hundred years of wars that we fought in the name of our holy freedom? What would Gandhi say when he found out how divided India had become? Didn't he express his disapproval of such divide and foretold of the dire consequences? But I don't think his own people listened to him. Didn't they all were blessed with IQ higher than us, if not their EQ. Didn't they claimed that they are the height of mankind's achievement and intellectualities that saved our existence to this very day?

If a clear set of rules is and was already there to guide us, is it not our own self is to be blame, if we couldn't at least have a look at it and pause to think for a second or two and look back and see what we have done to get ourselves where we are now? Are we trying to justify our own weaknesses and arrogant ways? Believe me when I say this, I deal with arrogance almost on daily basis and it's hard to suppress your own ego when dealing with them. It never has been easy, it never will, but the toughness of the trial also taken into consideration, our own personal strength and endurance. It is always easy to blame others for the fault of so many, especially when they are no longer breathing and able to defend their actions and clear our doubts about them. How could they? No one can live forever. Maybe it is time for us to take charge of our actions and be the wise judge of ourselves. We are not responsible for others’ action, we can only lend a helping hand and if they spit at it rudely, what else could we do? But at the end of the day, at least we can justify our actions and said at least, I have tried.

How we ignore and heed our leaders, painted our own self image through history.
Hmm. Who’s going to take the blame for tonight haze?

Friday, March 5, 2010


It is undeniable that righteousness or Dharma exists in every human being, no matter what or who he is and it doesn't matter where he comes from. It's the nature of the human being. In such nature, he would always be attracted to goodness and of course, oppose anything that is unjust and wrongness that would cause absurdity in living his daily lives. God wouldn't just create us without equipping us with the right tools and necessity to survive and find our happiness here and in the afterlife. Some atheists still can't figure out death since no Science until this day has penetrated such borderline and they still have doubts about Pluto. Science is just like that. As with any manmade creation and achievement, it has its limit and weaknesses. So we can't risk it by stop thinking, asking and seeking the truest truth we can find.

When stating or defining something as good or bad or the in-between, we, the average human beings must have a basis of comparison. What is white if we can't have black to compare and justify white in the first place. So we compare all the events and existence that happens and exists around us to help us make sense of things. Especially of those that had been frozen in time for us to ponder, our past. So we observe who walk the talk, who can justify their actions the most, who kill the most and trying to convince others, if not themselves, it is scientifically justified since a developing human cells can't run and cry so they are not humans that deserved compassion and love. There is a term common in psychology and counselling if I may share here, it is known as self justification. Without it man would be driven to madness in knowing how just plainly evil and erroneous he had become. For some, they don't need it, but gave themselves up to God and learn and remedy their fault and weaknesses instead of seeking ways and excuses to justify their deficits.

Prophecy as its nature, is very testing and could not be scientifically measured so it is quite vague. Some may see the vagueness as a sign of incompetent and so dismiss it as a hallucination or a hope for the hopeless. For some, it is the ultimate test of faith that everyone is endowed with. A feeling of knowing that good will always prevails upon evil. Again, it is only the nature of man, Muslims or Non Muslims, white or black, Eastern or Western. No one can escape it. No one wants evil to reign above good. But interpretation may be deceiving. Of what is good and what is actually evil.

So before the coming of the Messiah that would save mankind from its own doing, why not we use our abilities and determination that strangely existed in all of us in spite of all the powerful evil that is trying to tell us what to do and blinded us all from the truth. Why can't we dig deeper and deeper and see from a different angle and compare all of them to form our own basis of comparison. Would it make us a more confused man than before or ultimately it would be the end of our quest of perfection and the truth in our short existence in this test we called life.

Thank you godrealized for sharing your thought with me and my readers. It is good to know in spite of differences that existed, all of us have the stark similarities in all of us, Dharma. And no one can escape their Karma for they are responsible in determining the course they are taking with all the thinking abilities and the power to choose that they have been blessed with.

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Sleepless In Gaza and Jerusalem

Abdallah Schleifer to me
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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

On March 1st -- this coming Monday-- the premier episode of a 90 part series, "Sleepless in Gaza...and Jerusalem" will be launched on YouTube. It will be a video diary about four young Palestinian women, Muslim and Christian, two living in Gaza and two in Arab Jerusalem/West Bank.

PINA TV Production camera crews will be covering Ashira Ramadan, a broadcast journalist based in Jerusalem; Ashira's friend in Gaza, the documentary film maker Nagham Mohanna; Donna Maria Mattas, a 17 year-old student at the Holy Family school in Gaza who dreams of growing up to be a journalist, and Ala' Khayo Mkari who works with Caritas in Jerusalem.
The intention of this series is neither rant nor rhetoric. It is rather an opportunity for all of us, who do not live in Gaza, occupied Arab Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, to grasp how these four young Palestinian women live out their daily lives, precisely because their lives are stories we journalists were taught almost dismissively to think of as "human interest" and almost necessarily conflict driven.

How, as human beings, these four Palestinians can also experience moments of personal and community achievement, and the warmth of friends and family life that in real life is possible even in the most difficult circumstances of siege and occupation.

Each episode runs 26 minutes and will be shot in Jerusalem/West Bank and Gaza, edited and uploaded the same day. So you will find a new sequence six days a week at On Friday, we all rest.

A "Sleepless..." trailer should be up on YouTube by the time you receive this letter. We also have just set up "Sleepless in Gaza...and Jerusalem" on Facebook. It's got such a long URL that Facebookers should note-- just type in “Sleepless in Gaza...and Jerusalem” in the Facebook search and you will be home. We don't have our own domain website yet, but our partners PINA TV Productions' website will serve as such for the time being at

This is a personal note as much as it is a press release, so it is going out on my email but after today you can reach us at

Please pass this letter on to your friends on email and to organizations that believe in peace on earth and good will to all, that they too might spread the word.


Abdallah Schleifer
for Radiant Circle Productions and PINA