Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wayang Kulit

In the Malay Archipelago, there is an ancient entertainment, enjoyed for generations as an alternative to TV, the Wayang Kulit. It is a show where the figurines are moved by the Tok Dalang, who will act out the story, accompanied with traditional musical instrument to add some flavour to the puppets that are actually just a shadow, mute and dumb. Even their hands and movement are controlled entirely by the Tok Dalang, unseen by the audience of course, but he is the controller of the entire things being displayed on the screen, moving and talking shadows, as if they were real living breathing characters in a make believe fairy tale world, where some escape their reality, at least for a while.

The Jewish settlement issue in occupied territory of the Palestinians keep on reappearing in certain lapse of time and as it appeared, it will soon disappear with consensus, negotiable by democratic unseen hands, moved wildly behind the scene, while displaying on the screen, an act of shadowy play to entertain others, to fool them into a make believe tale, too good to be true, as always.

How could some claimed they are not supporting the illegal build up of a cancer like settlement when they themselves were funding it all along, all this while. What baffles me is how unashamed people can be, in trying to act out a play that contradict reality like if we can put it simply, an upside down world of facts and proofs. The politic of the West, some of them of course, is full of shadowy play and deception that is so confusing and tiring, you won’t know when to throw up and when to cough out blood. Most of the time, the heroes seemed like villains and the women involved tried to be like Wonder Woman, not knowing that honesty is how Wonder Woman was brought up and told to hold it dearly to her heart, no matter what. But I guess, some powerful women in the West, bear in mind, I said some, never did actually watch or study about Wonder Woman. No wonder they acted strangely, so contradicting to the bathing suit worn by her. The colours mean nothing. It is only a crazy woman in bikini trying to save the world and uplifting femininity at the same time. How absurd this shadow play is. Wonder what would happen when the audience puke all at once when they can't stand the dizziness after watching the spinning shadow puppets that mumbled on and on and on.

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