Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Aryans and the Caucasians

Ah, much better, Ernst, but I don't like the way you petting your cat; it looks like the hands of Doctor Evil in some Inspector Gadget's scene or something. You're not him, are you?

Oswin, a man can say whatever he wants to. Backing them up with solid evidences and examples to support his arguments is something else. For you, I'll provide this link about the one that died on the cross. The heritage goes longer back in history than D Singh could have ever imagined. Len might not like the paganism element involved. Non Mouse would constantly be in the state of denial, as most are.


I have not encountered any counter measure by any Christians even until now, except denial without refuting them with evidences and examples. Hope you can. As for the abundant lies against Islam, I have almost all the answers refuting them in the web links in my blog, if I can't find them or think they are not enough, I'll use my own neurons to assist me. The answers were not refuted by anyone, convincingly, as the allegations themselves in the first place.

For example, the only culture and religion that specifically had torture as their norm is Christianity and White Caucasians. It was instrumental only to them; Narni was one great, recent example. Gaza, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are their continuum.

Second, the only religion and culture that killed civilians/dissidents horribly was/is based on Christianity and White Caucasians. The only creature that used weapon of mass destruction on civilians instead of heavily armed armies was not man as many scientists would suggest. I reject being generalised with them. We should narrow down the category for better understanding.

The major culprits in exploiting sex to corrupt the human race while profiting on them without shame, are none other, well, you guessed it right, Ernst.

All these events were not isolated instances nor did they happen in a short lapse of time, definitely not limited occurrences. They were wide spread, consistent and had a long life span. 

The only religious institution tarred by sexual scandals worldwide is based on Christianity and White Caucasians as do major paedophiles, worldwide too, in the past and even now.

It is better to focus on your own religion and culture than trying to defile others. You may not like the end result.

The only new sect of religion born out of a king's desire to divorce his queen and marry another was also based on Christianity and a specific identifiable race.

True, some would say these examples were committed by criminals. The only problem is that they were not considered by criminals by the majority of their culture and religion. Most remained in powerful and luxurious position, Scot free even he's English. Some would not dare to go to certain countries in fear of indictment, of course.

Oswin, please provide the examples and evidences that you have as proof against Islam. If I can, I'll address them here or in my blog. Elegant silence is no longer the rule of the day. It would only be showing the obvious.

Last but not least, the region of Caucasus that was said as the origin of Whites had not been Christians for a long time now. They even survived Stalin and the Gulag. As all the same people that believed as they had believed. It made them indestructible. No matter what the tyrants and their democratic compatriots did and do to them. The Aryans and the ten lost tribes of Israel are not Christians too. They are now battling the Western occupying forces, defending their beloved motherland of Afghanistan and Pakistan, outgunned as always. Undefeated as always. They are the master race remember?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Allahi Allah Kiya Karo

Allahi Allah kiya karo,
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo,
Jo duniya ka malik hai,
Naam ussi ka liya karo.
Allahi Allah…

O God, O God,
perform your Blessings, give to the weak, give to the needy.
The One who is the Ruler of this existence,
Take His name 

Allah, He's Allah 

Allahi Allah kiya karo,
Dukh na kissi ko diya karo,
Jo duniya ka malik hai,
Naam ussi ka liya karo.
Allahi Allah…

O God, O God,
perform your Blessings, give to the weak, give to the needy.
The One who is the Ruler of this existence,
Take His name 
Allah, He's Allah 

Just like a sunrise can’t be denied,
Oh, just like the river will find the sea,
O Allah, You’re here and You’re always near,
And I know without a doubt,
That You always hear my prayer.

Such ki raah pay chala karo,
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo,
Jo duniya ka malik hai,
Naam ussi ka liya karo.
Allahi Allah...

Let’s walk on the True path,
Give to the weak, give to the poor.
The One who is the Ruler of this existence,
Take His name 

Allah, He's Allah 

Allahi Allah kiya karo,
Dukh naa kisi ko diya karo,
Jo duniya ka malik hai,
Naam usi ka liya karo.
Allahi Allah...

O God, O God,
perform your Blessings, give to the weak, give to the needy.
The One who is the Ruler of this existence,
Take His name 

Allah, He's Allah 

So many bright stars,
Like diamonds in the sky,
Oh, it makes me wonder,
How anyone can be blind,
To all the signs so clear,

Just open your eyes,
And I know without a doubt,

You will surely see the light.

Teri duniya Teri zameen,
Yeh kehkashan hai tu hai karim,
Mere maula sun le dua,
Hum bhi bashe tere bina,
Roshan kar jahan.

This Universe is Yours, This world is Yours.
And the Galaxies. You are The Most Generous
Oh my Lord, listen to my prayers.
We are worthless, just enlighten the world for us.

Aisa zulm na kiya kroor,
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo,
Jo duniya ka malik hai,
Naam usi ka liya karo.
Allahi Allah...

Humans, don’t be cruel.
Give to the weak, give to the poor.
The One who is the Ruler of this existence,
Take His name 

Allah, He's Allah 

Allahi Allah kiya karo,
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo,
Jo duniya ka malik hai,
Naam ussi ka liya karo.
Allahi Allah...

O God, O God,
perform your Blessings, give to the weak, give to the needy.
The One who is the Ruler of this existence,
Take His name

Allah, He's Allah 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Same Wound, Different Treatment

Grameen Foundation in Bangladesh has helped more poor people free themselves from hopelessness than any other. It gives an option to the poor, empowerment. This new and unique concept of helping the poor is truly ahead of its time. It provides help to the needy without making them loose dignity and motivation. Because it is free from any political interest, it is less likely to be exploited by the not so poor that is only interested in free help and relaxing in leisure.

In the land of Negri Antah Berantah, even the housing scheme for the poor cannot escape exploitation and wastage of dwindling resources. One famous case was when a "poor" was caught renovating and enlarging the house of the poor given freely to him with fancy ornaments unsuited for its price, and it’s not cheap. Many other citizens could only watch in amazement as  most of the poor old houses built not cost-free  but only given for free, remained empty since the "poor" actually lived in another house, which is of course, quite magical and bizarre since the "poor" shouldn't be having two houses at once. He must remember that the poor must not have fancy house other than the house that was given freely to him in the expense of so many other quite hardworking citizens. It is hard enough to see "poor" drivers drive their Mercedes to see the lands that they had been granted with, also for free, when more hardworking citizens bleed and sweat it out to pay for this existence in a biased caring country that favoured the few while ignoring the many. 

Many years back, the poor were required to build a house on the land that was given to them for free. And so, many built a nonsense building doomed to be a ghost house where bats mate and drug addicts sleep. Maybe they do not want to see such wastage of resources go to waste. Some even dared to sell them even though they were not allowed to in ten years time after receiving the grant of the land. While the name on the grant cannot be changed for another ten years, he had already profited twice out of unnecessary, misplaced generosity. 

The Grameen Foundation is praised and respected by many, locally and internationally. The over-generous that has been selective in its treatment to its people in Negri  Antah Berantah would not. They do not deserve any. 

The house of the poor costs around RM35k and the free land costs around the same depending on location. Easy money.

To You My Creator

Friday, February 11, 2011

Standing On My Own Two Little Feet

I was born by a mother
Bedridden by accident
The doctor said she should have aborted me
If not I may not survive or born with two healthy little feet

Broken both legs and in agony
She insisted to have me along with her pain and pain killers
So I was born with two little feet to stand on my own
For she could not take care of me
Only for a month and I was raised by my healthy aunt

When she was better she took me back
And raised me with love, being the only son that she had
For if she had aborted me and followed the wise doctor
She would never have seen me standing on my own two little feet

I grew up in the land of the Malay
The indigenous that have so much privileges and helping hands that await kindly
But strange no helping hands were there to hold me
So I have to stand on my own two little feet

Everyone seemed to be granted a piece of land, a house and a job
I asked my mother why shouldn't we
She said even if we are Malays ourselves, my dear son
We have to stand on our own two little feet

So I have to find my own job, buy my own land and build my own house
With my own money, sweat and blood, saving every cent that I can
While watching my Malay brothers crying and acting demandingly
For not being able to stand on their own two little feet

My son was lucky enough to be in a boarding school
My smile was broad and my chest was full
Not long after soon I realised that I have to settle the bills in full
For I have the ability to stand on my own two little feet

So my son asked me why wasn't he given any laptop as his friends had
With monthly allowance, free uniforms, food and drinks
I say son, don't you know that you as I
Have to stand on our own two little feet

As for the rest lucky Malays, the poor and the rich
They could never stand on their own two little feet
They must be helped, supported and pampered
If not they will cry and cry, sitting heavily on their comfy seats
And won't stand on their own two little feet

Confused and starting to ask about the fairness in life
My son mumbles and mumbles on as he walks away from me
For he knew that like me, he has to spend wisely all his hard earned money
To pay for the house, the land and all that most got for free.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Trinity, Jesus, (Isa a.s.), Saint Paul and the Comforter

 Anonymous Oswin said...

Srizals : they ain't OUR dominos.

How can you say : ''...follow Islam fully, would lessen the error'' in the same breath as the ''...hatred towards tyranny'' ?

A wholly 'Islamic' Egypt would be that tyrany! As it is elsewhere, as it is in Iran.

Hopefully the Egyptian people will opt for a third course ...I'm crossing my fingers, but I am not sanguine.
4 February 2011 02:25

Blogger srizals said...

Not in Malaysia, Oswin, and also in most other Islamic countries. As in Iran, they have democratic presidential election I think. So it is close to democracy. I don't think we should follow democracy blindly without considering local atmosphere. We have to adopt and adapt, to make it work for us.

But we should really consider of letting the 'powerful' ruling elites rule us longer than 5 - 10 years and have more able people participating in politics. The longer they taste the sweetness of power and easy wealth that comes with it, the sorrier we all will be. And the average Joe would have to spend wisely in order to make ends meet. The 'powerful' spends lavishly, as always. It’s not their money anyway, in wars and fancy white elephant idol-like grandeur or ensuring their cronies have gold and diamonds for breakfast from certain important projects for the ordinary people to see, never to eat and benefit from it.

But most political world are seeing two party system, even though they didn't put it that way officially, so the choices for us are getting less varied than ever. We would end up voting for the same corruptible and incompetent leaders of the same breed.

Interestingly, we are seeing more and more billionaires and millionaires in the world. Are the men getting richer than their own country? Whatever happened to good old taxing system and giving back to the society? Is monopoly and manipulation continues to be the rule of the day? Then, the ruling elites and the manipulators are doing a great job of making us busy hating and killing each other while escaping our radar.

And before I forget, getting richer and richer in these short lives of theirs, profiting on our fears. I despise any nation and anyone that prefers killing and torturing the people in order to monopolise lives, lands, power and wealth.

Len, I'm still waiting for your proof. Sorry if I seemed impatient. Time is not a luxury I can afford.
4 February 2011 14:16
Anonymous len said...

You have asked me several questions,one about the Trinity, one about Paul,one about the 'comforter'.

1, The Trinity.
God tells us in Genesis 1:26-27 "And Elohim said ‘Let-us-make man in our-image, according-to-our-likeness. . . . And Elohim created man in His-image, in the image of Elohim He-created him; male and female He-created them." How did God create man? He tells us in Genesis 2:7 "Then Yehovah-Elohim formed man of dust from the-ground, and breathed into his-nostrils the spirit of lives; and man became-a-living soul." God tells us in this passage that He created man three in one just like He is Three in One. Man has a spirit and a soul and a body. Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 "Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." Man is spirit and soul and body. Take anyone of these away and you no longer have a Man. However, a man is not three men in one Man. One Man is spirit and soul and body. In the same way God is not three God's in one God (as the enemies of Christianity claim Christians teach, but do not) but one God manifested in three Persons: Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Take any one of these away and you no longer have the one and only true God. Just as Man is of one essence manifested in spirit and soul and body; so God is of one essence manifested in three Persons: the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. One Man of one essence and one God of one essence. The Nature of Man is spirit and soul and body. The Nature of God is Father and Son and Holy Spirit.
4 February 2011 18:31

Anonymous len said...

Jesus Of the Bible is not, and never could be, the 'Isa' of the Koran.

The 'Isa' of the Koran was never crucified, he never rose from the dead, he is merely another prophet.
The Islamic Jesus is a created being: ‘The similitude of Jesus before Allah is that of Adam: he created him from dust, then said to him, ‘Be’: and he was.’ Koran: Sura 3:59. In the Bible Jesus is revealed as an eternal being who said of himself, ‘Before Abraham was I am’ (John 8.58). He is the creator not a created being: ‘All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made’. John 1:3.

'Isa 'and Jesus Christ are clearly totally different people.
4 February 2011 19:48

Blogger srizals said...

Thanks Len for sharing your point of view. How about Paul and the comforter?
6 February 2011 14:26
Anonymous len said...

The Comforter,

JOHN 14:15-17: "If you love me you will obey what I command. And I will ask the Father and He will give you another Comforter to be with you forever - the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept him because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him for he lives with you and will be in you."

What Jesus is saying here is I will send another exactly like me. Identical to me.
This Comforter is plainly a Spirit being( because you cannot see Him, and He will be IN you.
The Holy Spirit is like Jesus. Not as in a physical body, but as in Spirit. a) II Cor 3:17 states "Now the Lord is the Spirit... There is a relationship between the Spirit and the Lord, and both are said to dwell in the believer (see Romans 8:9-11). Galatians 2:20 says "...Christ lives in me...". Galatians 4:6,7 states "God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts.." Acts 16:6,7 states the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus are the same.

"Parakletos" is the Greek N. T. word for "Comforter", literally “called to one’s side, i.e., to one’s aid”. It denotes a legal assistant, counsel for the defense, an advocate, one who pleads another’s cause, an intercessor. (From Vine's Exp. Dictionary. of N.T. Words, p200) [14].
Some Muslims assert that the original word in the N.T. was 'periklutos' - i.e. 'praised one', which is 'Ahmad' in Arabic. ['Ahmad', or 'Praised One' is a name ascribed to Muhammad]. This is a baseless assertion. There is no evidence at all supporting this claim. There are thousands of N.T. manuscripts pre-dating Islam and not one of these contains the word 'periklutos', anywhere. Muslims like to charge Christians with changing their Bible - 'tahrif' (corruption) of their Scriptures, but it is Muslims who are guilty of 'tahrif' when they claim that the original word was 'periklutos'.
6 February 2011 17:15

Blogger srizals said...

What about Paul? Why is he considered as the centre for Christianity?
6 February 2011 18:39
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the interval.
Paul is somewhat of a controversial figure in Christianity,started off persecuting followers of Christ, had a revelation of the risen Christ (which totally changed him ) he then preached the Gospel.
I suppose Paul is an interpreter of Christianity(in some detail)
Jesus never totally revealed all His purposes in detail, deliberately, because if Satan had been able to put all the pieces together( of prophesy and God`s intentions)he(satan) would never have crucified Christ(in fact he would have done all in his power to prevent the Crucifiction).
Paul is sometimes accused of'doing away' with God`s Law but this I believe is a misinterpretation of what Paul intended because he quite plainly says ,

Romans 3:31 (NKJV) Do we then make void the Law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the Law.

In Romans in the Bible, Paul goes into this in much more detail.Paul quite clearly upholds the Law of God.
7 February 2011 19:26

Blogger srizals said...

Not at all anon 19:26, I appreciate your views. In Islam, the rivalry between man and Satan is clearly stated in the Koran.

When the first man was created and designated the position as God's assistant on Earth, even the angels questioned God's plan and later understood them when He showed to the angels, the ability of man which the angels do not know of. The ability to learn. Azazil was not pleased either. He refused to bow down to Adam a.s. when he was ordered to do so by his Creator, and hence became an infidel, those who do not believe in God's wisdom. The jealously and proudness had caused him to rebel against God. And becomes our mortal enemy until the End of Days. Do you know why Satan hated us so much that he would do anything in his power to lure us away from the right and the light?

We established you on earth, and created in it means of living for you. Little you appreciate.

We created you, then gave you a shape, then We said to the angels, “Prostrate yourselves before ’Ādam.” So, they all prostrated themselves, except Iblīs (Satan). He did not join those who fell prostrate.

Allah said, “What has prevented you from prostrating when I ordered you?” He said, “I am better than him. You have created me of fire, and created him of clay.”

He said, “Then, get you down from here, it is not for you to show arrogance here. So, get out. You are one of the degraded.

He said, “Then give me respite until a day when all will be resurrected.

He (Allah) said, “You are granted respite’’.

He said, “Now that You have led me astray, I will certainly sit for them (in ambush) on Your straight path.

Then I will come upon them from their front side and from their behind, and from their right and from their left. You will not find most of them grateful.

He (Allah) said, “Get out of here, condemned, rejected. Indeed, whosoever will follow you from among them, I will fill Hell with all of you together.

Whoever adopts the right path does so for his own benefit, and whoever goes astray does so to his own detriment, and no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another, and it is not Our way to punish (anyone) unless We send a Messenger.

(Remember) when We said to the angels, “Prostrate yourself before ’Ādam.” So, they all prostrated, except Iblīs (Satan). He said, “Shall I prostrate before the one You have created from mud?”

He (Iblīs) added, “Tell me, this one whom You have honored more than me, if You give me respite till the Doomsday, I will subdue his progeny, except a few of them.”
9 February 2011 13:05

Blogger srizals said...

He (Allah) said, “Go then, for whoever of them follows you, the Hell shall be the recompense of you all, a full recompense.

Entice with your voice those of them whom you can, and rally against them your horsemen and your footmen, and share with them in their wealth and their children, and make promises to them” - and Satan promises them nothing but delusion -

“As for My servants, you have no control over them, and your Lord is enough to look after (everything).”

When your Lord said to the angels, “I am going to create man from clay.

So, once I make him perfectly and breath My spirit into him, you must fall down in prostration before him.”

Then, the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together -

except Iblīs (Satan). He waxed proud, and became one of the disbelievers.

He (Allah) said, “O Iblīs, what did prevent you from prostrating yourself before what I created with My hands? Did you wax proud or were you among the lofty ones?”

He said, “I am better than him. You created me from fire, and created him from clay.”

He said, “Then, get out from here, for you are accursed,

and on you shall remain My curse till the Day of Judgment.”

He said, “O my Lord, then give me respite till the day they are raised again.”

He said, “Then, you have been given respite,

until the Day of the Appointed Time.”

He said, “Then, I swear by Your Might, that I will definitely lead them astray, all of them -

except Your chosen servants among them.”

He (Allah) said, “Then, the truth is-and it is (always) the truth that I speak-

that I will definitely fill the Jahannam with you and with those who will follow you from among them, all together.”

Could you share the verses from the Bible regarding the enmity between us and Satan? Thanks.
9 February 2011 13:05

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hunting High and Low: A-ha


Here I am
And within the reach of my hands
She sounds asleep and she's sweeter now than the wildest dream, could have seen her
And I watch her slipping away

Though I know I'll be hunting high and low
There's no end to the lengths I'll go to
Hunting high and low
There's no end to the lengths I'll go

To find the game
Upon this my dreams are depending
Through the dark
I sense the pounding of her heart
Next to mine
She's the sweetest love I could find

So I guess I'll be hunting high and low
There's no end to the lengths I'll go to
High and Low


Do you know what it means to love you?

I'm hunting high and low
And now she tells me she's got to go away

I'll always be hunting high and low
Only for you (And understand me)
Watch me tearing myself to pieces

Hunting high and low
There's no end to the lengths I'll go to you

For you I'll be hunting high and low

Friday, February 4, 2011

Power and Debt
The world waits in suspense as the theatre of life is unfolding itself in Egypt. The psychological warfare is taking over brute force. Neighbours are sweating more than they usually do. A tame sphinx is getting loose out of its master's collar. Being bigger and stronger than its undeserving master, it is understandable why such fear exist in the heart of the proud master.
Hopefully when the time comes, the Egyptians would show to the world how to walk like an Egyptian once more. And learn from their past mistake of borrowing money from dishonest usury eaters and being dependent on their enemies! They are not America, he can be a superpower ridden with debts! Of Chinese money and who knows who else. I don’t think the USA can ever pay off its debts in 10 life times, not unless it becomes an imperialistic power once more, which is the tendency of the poverty ridden West once did. With all the military arsenals, who knows?

It is inevitable. Muslims that show tendency to other than Islam would be doomed to commit more gross error. Following Islam fully, would lessen the error.

The dominos are falling down, falling down, my fair lady.

Pray that the long oppressed people can forgive the supporters of their kind tyrants. The false advocators of democracy are trembling. They are actually undercover tyrants.  The hatred towards tyranny is an innate drive in every man. Could we all share this common trait of a human being? I’m crossing my fingers.

The Fallen

Anonymous len said...

I suppose one of the problems with Islam is one of interpretation.Does one just do the 'good bits' (presumably there are some?)or does one pull out all the stops and do all that the Koran encourages one to do?
Islam has some of the elements of the Old (Testament) Covenant which were put in place to keep the fallen nature in check until Gods solution (Jesus Christ) was able to remedy this with the Spiritual re birth and a new nature.

The Old Covenant placed all the responsibility for righteousness on man( who failed dismally!)Some Religions still persist in this attempt to make man acceptable to God by his own efforts!. It is a struggle doomed to failure!!.

The New Covenant is entirely a work of God.God places His Spirit in the Believer to enable him to be righteous not by his own efforts but by the Grace of God.

Islam has no such solution for the problems of a fallen nature only to keep struggling with an impossible task.
1 February 2011 20:25

Blogger srizals said...

That's why we have no paedophile priests, less likely to destroy and conquer for materialistic gains (gold, gospel and glory was never our motto) and do not have any problem with legal abortion, last but not least, have sex with dignity.
1 February 2011 20:51

Anonymous JayBee said...

@srizals 20:51

No paedophile priests. Really?

I think you better click on this link.
1 February 2011 21:19

Blogger KINGOFHIGHCS said...

Srizals said

That's why we have no paedophile priests (Priests maybe but no paedophiles..puhleese!), less likely to destroy and conquer for materialistic gains (What on earth was the muslim crusades that swept all before, right up into Spain about then..Goodwill at the edge of a sword?) (gold, gospel and glory was never our motto)(What is your motto..Death, Denial, Dhimmitude??), and do not have any problem with legal abortion (fair enough but if you (Muslims) were to accept abortion, would it not decimate, DECREMENTALLY, if you want to take over the world by sheer numbers of muslims inhabitants?), last but not least, have sex with dignity (What on earth does this mean?).
1 February 2011 21:21

Blogger Johnny Rottenborough said...

@ srizals (20:51)—Click here for another mosque miscreant.
1 February 2011 22:07

Blogger DP111 said...

Prayer Focus







1 February 2011 22:40

Anonymous Oswin said...

Srizals @20:51

What you don't have, is a press that reports YOUR paedophile priests! Are you truly so naive?
2 February 2011 02:02

Anonymous len said...

I would ask all Muslims this question(quite sincerely) because how you answer this question will determine your existence when you step out of time into Eternity.
Who would you rather spend Eternity with;
Jesus Christ
Don`t say both because that is impossible!
( I should qualify this statement by saying the Isa of the Koran is NOT the Jesus of the New Testament!)
2 February 2011 08:14

Blogger srizals said...

Jaybee, Johnny and Oswin,
I stand with my statement. We do not have paedophile priests since there is no priesthood in Islam. Every Muslim is the same. But we definitely do have common criminals, just like you. That’s why we have Sharia, remember? My response is for Len, reminding him the nature of the fallen people seem to be showing on the side of those who believed their hideous sins are easily cleansed with other’s blood, not of their own.

Oswin, I do not seclude myself from any resources in a wonderful world of make believe. I’m here aren’t I? Not in a local and familiar territory. I do not limit myself to certain resources only. The world is my limit.

Every Muslim is the same. No Muslim can claim he or she has direct ‘revelation’ or ‘connection’ from God or he has the power to pardon the sins of man or blessed him with Paradise. What more of cursing him with the torment of Hell. Only our sincerity and our deeds set us apart, in the eyes of God.

the One who created death and life, so that He may test you as to which of you is better in his deeds. And He is the All-Mighty, the Most-Forgiving,

who has created seven skies, one over the other. You will see nothing out of proportion in the creation of the RaHmān (the All-Merciful Allah). So, cast your eye again. Do you see any rifts?

Those who teach some element of Islam are just like you and me. They are not known as the holy priests of the house of god! The only famous house of God in Islam, well known to the world is Kaabah. For example, I can pray at just about any mosque, can you pray at any church?
2 February 2011 09:46

Blogger srizals said...

Mr. Kingofhighcs,
Spain asked for Muslims’ help and they provided it and built her for almost 800 years with the Spanish of Andalusia. Even the Jews flourished with them. Compare that to the native Indians of America and the aborigines of Australia, to name a few. Do they have any peculiar similarities? One more, no Jews flourished with Christian kingdoms, ever. Only the atheist Jews prevail in recent century, exploiting the guilt of Christians for what the Christian Germans had done. And simply forgetting the tens of millions Christians that perished along with them. Only the atheist Jews dared to enslave their former masters through ‘democratic politics’. Alluring (Seducing more likely) ‘powerful’ men with the strongest power addiction of them all, the source of all evil, printed paper money. The true religious Jews never indulge themselves in using sex and usury to subdue others. Only the atheist and not that religious Zionists have such bravery. Remember, not all Jews are Zionists.

"The traditional story is that in the year 711, an oppressed Christian chief, Julian, went to Musa ibn Nusair, the governor of North Africa, with a plea for help against the tyrannical Visigoth ruler of Spain, Roderick".

Don’t forget the bloody Spanish civil war 1936 - 1939. They liberated themselves to more bloody tyranny of their own. As did the gates of Vienna would witnessed in Napoleonic wars, World War One and Two. But people only remembered the invading Turks that do not even destroy the city and its inhabitants.

No one seems to remember who introduced coffee beans to the people of Vienna.

"The real first coffeehouse in Austria opened in Vienna in 1683 after the Battle of Vienna, by using supplies from the spoils obtained after defeating the Turks. The officer who received the coffee beans, Polish military officer of Ukrainian origin Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki, opened the coffee house and helped popularize the custom of adding sugar and milk to the coffee". Hope English Viking isn't reading all this, I know he loves coffee.

Now can you see why this life of pleasure and pain for a thousand years won’t matter for the true hearts? Their thirst can only be quenched with infinity. How long is the sensation of pleasure and pain in this life that we can remember? 120 years?
2 February 2011 09:46

Blogger srizals said...

Len, Muslims want to live side by side with God and with those who love Him, forever being blessed, save from any evil and harm, for eternity. And having this memory of our earthly life to be cherished, in infinity.

The only thing that separates Muslims from Non Muslims is the understanding of God. For Muslims, God is not of this temporal earthly existence, so He couldn't be the sun and the moon, what more a blind created statue, absolutely not the weak, prone to error ordinary human being! God is God, to whom belong everything that depends on Him and it's not suitable for Him to have the needs and weaknesses of His creations!

He is the One who made the earth a bed for you, and the sky a roof, and sent down water from the sky, then brought forth with it fruits, as a provision for you. So, do not set up parallels to Allah when you know.

To Allah belongs the East and the West. So, whichever way you turn, there is the Face of Allah. Indeed, Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.

They say: “Allah has got a son.” Pure is He. Instead, to Him belongs all that there is in the heavens and the earth. All stand obedient to Him.

(He is the) Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decides a matter, He simply says to it: “Be”, and it comes to be.

Those who do not know say: “Why is it that Allah does not speak to us, nor does a sign come to us?” So spoke those before them as these people do. Their hearts resemble each other. We have indeed made the signs clear for the people who have certitude.

Surely, We have sent you with the truth, as a bearer of good tidings, and a warner, and you will not be asked about the people of Hell.

Len, could you provide the proof that Jesus Christ was not Isa? I'm looking forward for the proof Len. Thanks.

And a question for you Len, who are you actually following? Jesus, Paul or Constantine? Who actually taught about trinity?

Mark 12:29 New International Version
29 “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Why didn't he mentioned that he was god too? Why did he said 'our' God?
2 February 2011 10:10

Blogger srizals said...

Mr. Kingofhighcs,

I'm sorry that you didn't understand what I mean by 'sex with dignity'. Our mindset and culture at certain point would differ. You see, man like any other species, have to multiply and renew themselves since they, like all things that exist in this universe, are actually dying or diminishing, the moment they exist. In order to keep the species going or the survival of the species, and especially civilisation of man, we have to have sex with the opposite sex, so that our sexual organs may function as they are suppose to. We can't have same sex orientation, since like all living things, we are created in pairs. Doing so would invite certain viruses only unique to humans and hence they are known as human papillomavirus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus, to name a few. We must marry and build a family unit consist of a husband (male only) and a wife (specifically female) with children, to ensure our existence would see a continuum. Failing to do so and we would be like Singapore. Constantly in the state of fear and had to keep on importing new 'Singaporeans' to keep them from going barren. And most importantly, when we have returned to our beginning existence of being baby-like, toothless, weak and in diapers, if we live that long, our children would take care of us, as we had. They are after all, our genes and legacy.
2 February 2011 14:50

Blogger KINGOFHIGHCS said...

Srizals said 2 February 2011 14:50

'I'm sorry that you didn't understand what I mean by 'sex with dignity'.'..Blah, blah, blah.'
'They are after all, our genes and legacy.'.

I am truly non the wiser by your comment. You really are an old windbag, aren't you?.

Ha ha

2 February 2011 19:30

Blogger srizals said...

Laughing your way out again Mr. K? You have some serious issue in your personality. You're not well, Mr. K. and I can tell.

Well, we can't help everyone now, can we? Some light can never be seen.
2 February 2011 23:31

Blogger srizals said...

Len, something I want to share with you while waiting for your proof.

O children of Isrā’īl (Israel), remember My blessing that I conferred upon you, and that I gave you excellence over the worlds.

And guard yourselves against a day when no one shall stand for anyone for anything, nor shall ransom be accepted from anyone, nor shall intercession be of benefit to him, nor shall any support be given to such people.

When his Lord put Ibrāhīm to a test with certain Words, and he fulfilled them, He said, “I am going to make you an Imām for the people.”He said, “And from among my progeny?” He replied, “My promise does not extend to the unjust.”

When We made the House (Ka‘bah of Makkah) a frequented place for men, and a place of peace! Make from the Station of Ibrāhīm a place of prayer. We gave the (following directive) to Ibrāhīm and Ismā‘īl (Ishmael): “Purify My House for those who are to circumambulate (make Tawāf) and those who stay in I‘tikāf, and those who bow down or prostrate themselves (in prayers).

(Recall) when Ibrāhīm said, “My Lord, make this a city of peace, and provide its people with fruits - those of them who believe in Allah and the Last Day.” He (Allah) said, “As for the one who disbelieves, I shall let him enjoy a little, then I shall drag him to the punishment of the Fire. How evil an end it is!

When Ibrāhīm was raising up the foundations of the House, along with Ismā‘īl (Ishmael) (supplicating): “Our Lord accept (this service) from us! Indeed, You - and You alone - are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing!

Our Lord, make us both submissive to You, and (make) of our progeny as well, a people submissive to You and show us our ways of Pilgrimage and accept our repentance. Indeed, You - and You alone - are the Most-Relenting, the Very-Merciful.

And, our Lord, raise in their midst a Messenger from among them, who should recite to them Your verses, and teach them the Book and the wisdom, and cleanse them of all impurities. Indeed You, and You alone, are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.”

Who can turn away from the faith of Ibrāhīm except the one who has debased himself in folly? Indeed We have chosen him in this world. And he is certainly among the righteous in the Hereafter.

When his Lord said to him, “Submit!” He said, “I submit myself to the Lord of all the worlds.”

And Ibrāhīm exhorted the same to his sons, and so did Ya‘qūb (Jacob): “My sons, Allah has certainly chosen for you the Faith. So, let not death overtake you but as Muslims.”

Is it that you were present when death approached Ya‘qūb, when he said to his sons: “What will you worship after me”? They said, “We will worship your God and the God of your fathers, Ibrāhīm, Ismā‘īl (Ishmael) and IsHāq (Isaac), the one God, and to Him we submit ourselves.”

Those are a people who have passed away. For them is what they earned, and for you is what you earned. Nor shall you be questioned as to what they have been doing.

They said, “Become Jews or Christians, and you will find the right path.” Say: “Instead, (we follow) the faith of Ibrāhīm, the upright, - and he was not one of those who associate partners with Allah.”

Say (O, Muslims): “We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us, and in what has been revealed to Ibrāhīm, Ismā‘īl (Ishmael), IsHāq (Isaac), Ya‘qūb and his children, and in what has been given to Mūsā and ‘Īsā (Jesus) and what has been given to the prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between any of them, and to Him we submit ourselves.”
3 February 2011 02:43

Anonymous len said...

"I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him
who called you in the grace of Christ, ("grace" means you can't earn Heaven - He paid for you)
to a different gospel, which is not another;
but there are some who trouble you
and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.
But even if we, or an ANGEL from heaven,
preach any other gospel to you
than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.
As we have said before, so now I say again,
if anyone preaches any other gospel to you
than what you have received, let him be accursed."
(Gal 1:6-9)
(Srizels I wonder if you will see it? Answer you question later,must go to work!)
3 February 2011 08:24

Blogger srizals said...

'17 I did not go up to Jerusalem to see those who were apostles before I was, but I went into Arabia. Later I returned to Damascus.

18 Then after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Cephas[b] and stayed with him fifteen days. 19 I saw none of the other apostles—only James, the Lord’s brother. 20 I assure you before God that what I am writing you is no lie.
21 Then I went to Syria and Cilicia. 22 I was personally unknown to the churches of Judea that are in Christ. 23 They only heard the report: “The man who formerly persecuted us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy.” 24 And they praised God because of me'.

I wonder what is the significance of Arabia in these verses Len? Could you share your thoughts on it?

And 23 is a problematic expression. No one could stop persecuting the weaklings and become one of them. Not unless Mubarak, Ben Ali, Barak, Livni, Sharon, Netanyahu, Petraeus, Blair, Bush and other persecutors of the weak prove me wrong. It's just simply illogical. Not unless, the enemy within is the only way to destroy the weaklings once and for all. A corruption that would be unnoticed and unstoppable by the weaklings themselves.

Could you give me another example of a persecutor cum saviour?

Jesus said that another comforter would be coming after him. Does that mean another son of god or god will be coming after him? Was he referring to Paul, a Christian hater?
4 February 2011 00:40