Friday, February 4, 2011

Power and Debt
The world waits in suspense as the theatre of life is unfolding itself in Egypt. The psychological warfare is taking over brute force. Neighbours are sweating more than they usually do. A tame sphinx is getting loose out of its master's collar. Being bigger and stronger than its undeserving master, it is understandable why such fear exist in the heart of the proud master.
Hopefully when the time comes, the Egyptians would show to the world how to walk like an Egyptian once more. And learn from their past mistake of borrowing money from dishonest usury eaters and being dependent on their enemies! They are not America, he can be a superpower ridden with debts! Of Chinese money and who knows who else. I don’t think the USA can ever pay off its debts in 10 life times, not unless it becomes an imperialistic power once more, which is the tendency of the poverty ridden West once did. With all the military arsenals, who knows?

It is inevitable. Muslims that show tendency to other than Islam would be doomed to commit more gross error. Following Islam fully, would lessen the error.

The dominos are falling down, falling down, my fair lady.

Pray that the long oppressed people can forgive the supporters of their kind tyrants. The false advocators of democracy are trembling. They are actually undercover tyrants.  The hatred towards tyranny is an innate drive in every man. Could we all share this common trait of a human being? I’m crossing my fingers.

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