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Ottoman Empire after World War 1

Ottoman Empire
Main articles: Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish War of Independence

At the end of the war, the Allies occupied Istanbul and the Ottoman government collapsed. The Treaty of Sèvres, a plan designed by the Allies to dismember the remaining Ottoman territories, was signed on August 10, 1920, though never ratified by the Sultan.

The occupation of Izmir by Greece on May 19, 1919, triggered a nationalist movement to rescind the terms of the treaty. Turkish revolutionaries led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a successful Ottoman commander, rejected the terms enforced at Sèvres and under the guise of General Inspector of the Ottoman Army, left Istanbul for Samsun to organize the remaining Ottoman forces to resist the terms of the treaty. On the eastern front, the defeat of the Armenian forces in the Turkish-Armenian War and signing of the Treaty of Kars with the Soviet Union recovered territory lost to Armenia and Imperial Russia. [4]

On the western front, the growing strength of the Turkish nationalist forces led Greece, with the backing of Britain, to invade deep into Anatolia in an attempt to deal a blow to the revolutionaries. At the Battle of Sakarya, the Greek army was defeated and forced into retreat, leading to the recovery of Izmir and withdrawal of Greece from Asia Minor. With the nationalists empowered, the army marched on to reclaim Istanbul, resulting in the Chanak crisis in which the British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, was forced to resign. After Turkish resistance gained control over Anatolia and Istanbul, the Sèvres treaty was superseded by the Treaty of Lausanne which formally ended all hostilities and led to the creation of the modern Turkish republic. As a result, Turkey became the only power of World War I to overturn the terms of its defeat, and negotiate with the Allies as an equal. [5]

The Lausanne treaty formally acknowledged the new League of Nations mandates in the Middle East, the cession of their territories on the Arabian Peninsula, and British sovereignty over Cyprus. The League of Nations granted France mandates over Syria and Lebanon and granted the United Kingdom mandates over Iraq and Palestine (which comprised two autonomous regions: Palestine and Transjordan). Parts of the Ottoman Empire on the Arabian Peninsula became part of what is today Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The dissolution of the Ottoman Empire became a pivotal milestone in the creation of the modern Middle East, the result of which bore witness to the creation of new conflicts and hostilities in the region.

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Foolster41's questions and srizals' answers.

1.) Do you believe Israel as a state should exist on the land they were given by the UN declaration?

Yes, according to the first original resolution, before Deir Yassin. But it should be like other distinguished honourable nations. It must be pluralistic and respect the rights of the Palestinians which means, it has to put on trial all war criminals, Palestinians or Israelis, compensate losses to each of its victims, every single one of them, of mankind and nations. If U said Israel has the right to be exclusively Jewish owned, U are going to put every minorities of every country in jeopardy, don’t U think so?

2.) Do you believe that when a country is attacked unprovoked and the defending country wins they should gain land from the attacker?

No, war should be criminalised. UN should intervene and peacekeepers deployed and cases argued at The Hague. No land hijacking. If U found things, and the original or truthful owner asked for its return, what would U do? Would U stay being married with another man's wife? Or would it nullify the second marriage upon knowledge of the first marriage.

3.) If a country is preparing to go to war by putting forces on a countries border, do you think it is proper for the defending country to strike first, knowing an attack is eminent?

No. If enough Intel is gathered, ask the UN to intervene and go to The Hague. Never before all means of negotiations are exhausted. Are U referring to the IDF? Have U heard of the movement of criminalising war?

4.) Why do you believe that Golan Heights and other lands should be returned? Is it because the ceasing was wrong in the first place, or you think the nations it was ceased from have learned their lesson and won't attack again?

Well, it didn’t belong to them in the first place. Check out Germany. Did the mighty allied still held on to its soil? If not, why should Israel continue to do the same? Is it Zionist Jewish holy rights? Above all international laws and humanity?

5.) If HAMAS insists on attacking from behind civilians, how should Israel respond? (This is a question I can never get a straight answer from ANY Muslim)

They lived in a prison similar to Nazi Death Camps, surrounded by huge towering towers, landmines, snipers positions with Miniguns, Merkavas, Apache tank killers, super hornets and WMD that is sponsored by the generous USA. The civilians won’t flee, since they had learnt their lessons of fleeing after Deir Yassin. So they are going to die in their homeland and won’t go to other Arab Nations, in fear they won’t be permitted to go back n Israel would repeat history of confiscating lands for being victors of genocide, sorry, ‘unprovoked’ wars.

5.) Given Israel's choice of Israel's citizens and Gazan citizens, do you think it's proper that Israel is forced to favour the other citizens over their own through UN sanctions?

They should nuke the Gazan, the West bank, the Church of Nativity and all Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, all the Arabs and be a pariah state of the United Nation and pray hard that the rest 1.4 billion Muslims left worldwide will let bygones be bygones and won't become nuclear powers themselves. U see, the UN back then that handed Palestine to Israel wasn’t like the United Nation now. Back then, the UN was the powerful victors of World War 2. Now, it is truly a United Nation, consists of hundreds of nations worldwide. The only shame about it is the veto power over democracy, a legacy of WW2.

Where’s my answer? You didn’t quote citations for your points and I have to. Do U think that we are on an equal footing of presenting our points?

Patrick Grimm: The Forgotten

By Patrick Grimm

Jewry is the international albatross now hung around the neck of the world. What glorious destiny might have been ours without it. What we might have earned, what we might have discovered, what we might have accomplished without its enervating and meddling weight. But the weight remains; the expeditors of decline are running the store. Like a woman who spurns her man because he has no self-respect, we too have been spurned. The lives of our youth have been declared second-rate by those whose instruction books guide them in the ways of an alchemy-like supremacy. This supremacy turns civilizations not into the comely sparkle of gold, but to a termite-riddled rubble, a decaying mass of flotsam and jetsam.

The Jew of the World has made it clear, at least to his own brethren, that his allegiances to his host country have long since been frayed. His belief in nothing other than his own egotism now animates his breezily insouciant pursuit of a worldly kingdom of limitless treasure and corporate dominion. He now operates openly and unapologetically, yet still cobbles together a template of pseudo-intellectual respectability to cover his tracks.

My friends, it is time to rip the falsely pious front off of Jewry’s activities and expose their deeds to the light of day. The international Jews’ “light unto the nations” balderdash does not equal, in any shape or form, a candle of humble illumination. It is instead equivalent to the bare and ugly bulb that lights an interrogation room populated by Jewish “hate crime” bureaucrats and thought-control apparatchiks. This “light” is not a pleasant glow feeding the intellectual health of a jejune populace, but a raging and unquenchable fire burning our institutions to the ground. Was it not the Jew of the World who encouraged youthful rabble to “bring it all down, man”? Was it not this albatross, these very internationalists who cheered Communist ideologue Antonio Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions”? If our institutions are now not literally turned to cinders, then they are remodeled, restructured and realigned ideologically, so that they provide comfort, ease, accolades and succor to the Jew of the World. After all, he is fond of crowing about all those Jewish Nobel Prize winners, isn’t he?

The Jew of the World is quintessentially an internationalist. To this caliber of Jew, the health of his home country or its citizens is not of paramount concern. However, the health of the other Jews of the World is his be-all and end-all, his raison d’etre, the warm reassuring tribalism that has become his trademark. Their comfort is the end game. How does this type of Jew ensure the comfort of his fellow tribesmen?

That’s easy. He works to draw as little attention to himself and his brethren as possible. The only recognition Jews receive as Jews should be either as innocent victims who have fallen prey to non-Jewish perfidy or as humanitarians and activists supposedly working for the rights of all people. The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a Masonic secret society of racialist Jews, concocts and frames all of their political activities to confirm this false impression amongst the public, whether they are doing “outreach work” aimed at blacks, Hispanics, Muslims or gaggles of worshipfully genuflecting Zionized Christian believers who bend the knee at the altar of Israel. In the minds of an unthinking and suggestible citizenry, Jewish machinations appear as altruism rather than as what they really are: crudely advantageous in-groupism.

Hence, Jewish-owned media outlets are proud to mention Jewish inventors, scientists, philosophers, doctors, authors and intellectuals, but fall silent when history reveals the preponderance of Jews involved in organized crime, loan-sharking, usury, unsavory business dealings, pornography, organ trafficking, sex slavery and terrorism. Any media slide show of Jewish history is rife with images of enlightenment, achievement and progress. Dozens of books celebrate a “Jewish Century.” Public television gushes about the Jewish role in the creation of the popular standard. Documentaries wax nostalgic about Jewish freedom riders who braved nightsticks and fire hoses selflessly as they helped blacks register to vote in the South even as they cheered on the segregated housing and Jews-only settlements in the Zionist state which practices government-sanctioned oppression funded by working Americans.

But there are no images conveying the human degradation, bondage and the lowering of the human spirit that the Jew of the World has brought to all peoples and lands with his activities, which would be looked on as shameful if perpetrated by any other tribe. No, Jewish “reality” is a break-neck cavalcade of dishonest and often discordant propaganda masquerading as truth, as empirical fact and as a desire for peace and tranquility. It is balderdash. In reality it is nothing more than bones and thin gruel fed to the non-Jewish world whose citizens are dim-witted enough to worship the very usurpers of their destiny and their heritage. But one will find it almost impossible to convince the non-Jew that the Jewish internationalist literally markets in lies as a means of making a living out of a killing. He is a lie-vendor and a truth-bender.

The Jew of the World’s media cannot help but be dishonest because its views derive from the character of the internationalist Diaspora’s tribalist mentality that circles the wagons when necessary and protects the in-group at all costs. Protection of the Jew requires lies. The tribalist Jew can only survive in a mish-mash of warring races, ethnicities and religions and a plethora of falsehoods which attempt to convince the host how wonderful the whole wretched arrangement really is. This is why multiculturalism is heralded, come what might, while what Kevin MacDonald calls “racial Zionism” is given cover and protection by the AP. And the Jew plays the profiting middle-man as the structures crumble and he protects his heritage come what may.

The media tries hard to magnify the Big Lie, the glossy image of Jews as a uniquely sensitive group of busy bee social workers striving to make our world a better place for everyone. However, Israel is the low-brow national embodiment of the true character of the Jew of the World. Israel’s “hideous strength” comes from the built-in advantages of a scruple-free environment that scorns honest labor of any sort. Mix this scruple-free “blood Jew” dystopia with inverted Nuremberg laws and a few hundred nuclear warheads and you will realize how and why the Jew appears so ugly to the rest of the planet. Of course, this animus by non-Jews only spurs the Zionist project forward, completely tone-deaf and hungering after bedlam and theft. In the present day, this tiny nation begins to look like a cartoon version of an autocracy springing from the mind of Stanley Kubrick. Israel is the man with a Napoleon complex basking in the stature which his newly purchased elevator shoes provide him. It’s both silly and deadly serious. It flows with blood and reeks of supremacy and colonialism. Yet the Jew of the World is not ashamed. Au contraire; he is proud.

Despite his countless excesses that splash across the planet’s purview, the worldly Jew clings to his own “racial” and ethnic feelings and churlishly demands that everyone else relinquish theirs. Yet this Jew never provides a reason why racial pride, identity and solidarity should be jettisoned. He instead invents or embellishes a laundry list of sundry historical crimes which he keeps in a kosher tome-like dossier. He then pins these “crimes” on this or that group when he feels the need to engage in pseudo-polemics or simply crude personal invective and slander. He gags his opponents (which are almost everyone ranging from white nationalists to black nationalists) with these tactics. He is an expert in the ways of espionage and playing the mole, and even the defector when it suits his agenda. He is two-faced and both of them are hideous and duplicitous. The pugilistic Dick Morris is a prime example of this brand of Jewish opportunism and selective faux moral outrage.

Paranoia fuels the worldly Jew’s suspicions, but so too does guilt. The Jew of the World is the stereotypical self-hater. Any Jew possessing just a modicum of a conscience (and some possess none) would have to feel guilt for what his brethren have wrought upon our globe. Yet, the teachings of his childhood cause his brain to attempt to do two contradictory things at the same time. An overweening mother, as well as sustained in-breeding has probably created a series of neuroses which are irreversible. All of these quirks elicit his self-loathing, but here lies the rub. This self-loathing then becomes juxtaposed with an almost insufferable chutzpah and arrogance that derives from the Jewish religion and the supremacist ideas which have been passed down from generation to generation. This Jew, not able to fully imbibe his self-hatred after being reassured constantly of his own “specialness”, “Chosenness” and unique intellectual superiority, instead turns his hatred outward and unleashes it onto the non-Jewish world. This is why the hatred emanating from the Jew of the World seems so disproportionate and vitriolic when it is finally set loose upon our culture. To the non-Jew, this is completely out of the realm of his comprehension. He cannot imagine that someone could loathe him with such an unfathomable intensity. Al Goldstein is the perfect prototype of this Jew. He is so full of self-hatred that he refers to himself as a “dirty kike”, but he hates non-Jewish culture, including Catholicism and Christ far more. This self-hating Jew sees himself as an agent of our destruction. He hates everything that surrounds himself, including himself. Hence, all must be morphed into the ugliness that is the internationalist Diaspora tribalist. What is on his mind must be mainstreamed. To do otherwise might make him uncomfortable.

The Jew of the World, left to his own devices, succored on racial Zionism, the constant need for the upper hand, and sporting an ancient blueprint for destruction and the bankroll to carry it off, will progress where he always progresses. This is the path of the perpetual scam and it is followed as only the Jew can follow it. European-American activist and behavioral neuroscientist Steven E. Romer has correctly described the internationalist Jews as “natural-born mimics, actors, deception artists and scam addicts.” This succinct and unapologetic description could not be more dead-on accurate. The Jew of the World is a consummate actor, a chameleon who has a frighteningly adroit way of hiding his “Otherness”, his alien and subversive character from his host.

In fact, the Method form of acting was created entirely by Jews. It was crafted first by Constanin Stanislavski. His teachings instructed the actor to analyze a character’s emotions and motivations so that he could embody them in a realistic way on the stage. Acting teacher Lee Strasberg later built upon the foundation of Stanislavski’s ground-breaking Method, ultimately influencing many of our most famous and acclaimed actors. Jews Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner also added their own insights to the Method that Strasberg had devoted his life to teaching.

The Jews know what we Europeans, the progenitors of drama have recently forgotten. The Jew understands that the wielding of drama as a weapon to shape “ways of seeing” and the use of the “passion play” to engender non-in group sympathy and to sow confusion and division in the majority culture guarantees his primacy. His mimicry, his unabashed, but still concealed chameleonism has permitted him to sell tribalism as universalism. Hence, he has dropped below the radar of the average mind. The celluloid religion of holocaust (akin to the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection narrative) and its hazardous anti-European undertones has been duly noted by many writers (including this one), but the Jew of the World pulls down our Western house in many more intellectually criminal ways than this. He uses his deft ability at conceptual distortion, Talmudic rhetorical sleight-of-hand and limitless chutzpah to literally peddle the death of Western civilization as liberation and freedom.

Racial Zionist Alan Dershowitz has the gall to blithely gloss over several thousand years of Jewry’s financial banditry, two Jewish-backed world wars resulting in the genocide of multimillions, crypto-Judaism, Zio-spy games and a general despoiling of all host societies when he informs his reader that “An Old Yiddish saying sums up the Jewish concern for justice: ‘Rather suffer an injustice than commit one.’ Gershon Cohen describes this unique preoccupation during the Talmudic age and throughout Jewish history as “obsessive concern of the Jew with justice and fair play.” Sorry, Dersh. Wrong answer. The Jew is concerned with “justice”. That much is correct. But peer beyond the smoke and mirrors and note that the concept of “justice” is unpacked at an ideological slant, situated in a fever swamp of rhetorical skews. It is a mish-mash of flimflam pettifogger platitudes pointed like a bullet poised to puncture the solidarity of the inferior Other. The Jew is mightily concerned with justice; this justice is Jewish through and through. It is Jewish in both its origin and its implementation. And it is unapologetically so.

Israel is a sad samsara state of Jewish justice. The Nuremberg trials were Jewish justice with an Old Testament book of Esther tinge of delight, an orgasmic relish in the spilling of German blood. The atom bomb is Jewish justice. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the bomb, wanted to use it on German civilians, but was content to kill their Japanese Axis compatriots as a second-rate, but still highly technological ritual murder. He soon lost all enthusiasm for his former “project of death” when the United States suggested that the A-Bomb might potentially be used on Communists, of which Oppenheimer was an agent. Suddenly he developed a “conscience”, which simply means that he decided to cloak Jewish interests beneath the gaudy guise of “freedom”, “liberty” and the “American way”. Later, when the Jews set upon the strategy of portraying the Soviet Union as “anti-Semitic” in order to cover up their principal role in the murder of 60 million white Russians, perhaps Oppenheimer might have been forgiven if he had stopped worrying and started learning to love the bomb again.

Jewish justice is simply a selective application of ancient laws. Of course, these laws were written by ancient segregationist Levite Jewish supremacists and would cease to exist if applied universally. Jewish justice is the double standard. Unbeknownst to Christian Jew-worshippers of every stripe, the Ten Commandments do not apply to non-Jews, least of all to the hated and maligned Christian taught to love all that is hampering him, thus vouchsafing only more future hampering and interference from the Jew of the World, who will never permit him peace or equilibrium.

Alan Dershowitz once stated that Jews should use any political power they accrue to “pursue justice.” They have done this. They continue to do this, and we are all the poorer for allowing the Jew to develop a “comfort zone” so big that it is allowed to crowd out the ambitions of European, and indeed all, mankind. This is a dual morality so big that it is crushing the planet, sweeping away diversity and the cultures of all races, ethnicities and nation-states. If contemporary demographics are any indication, this evolutionary strategy is slowly mixing the races into a summer-tan stew that possesses no identity and no allegiances that can pose a serious challenge to the consolidated flanks of activist Jews.

The Jew of the World is keen on these ideas. They make him feel comfortable, though never quite at home in his environment. But that’s not the important thing. What is most important is that the Jew is able to exorcise from his mind images of storm troopers breaking down his door and confiscating his media holdings and stock options. His ill-gotten gain must not change hands. For the internationalist, dual morality is a way of life. Dual morality is his only moral compass. It is the way of survival. It is the air he breathes and the only reason he is still alive to breathe it.

When all people finally behold the Jew of the World as he is, rather than through a media glass darkly, then we will be free. The albatross will be cut loose and all the phony ideas the tribalists have been selling will be rejected wholesale. The “light unto the nations” nomenclature will be revised in order to name things correctly. The flame of Jewry will not burn brightly. It will illumine us no more. Its flame will instead be turned back upon itself to burn away every malefactor that is desirous of our expiration. The anti-nationalist, anti-human ideology of Jewish supremacism will no longer inhibit our destiny. For the Jew of the World, the salad days are rapidly coming to a close. When this finally occurs, the only winners will be all of humanity.

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Patrick Grimm: Food For Thought

By Patrick Grimm
So you thought the Jews were just another clannish and ethnocentric group interested in preserving their religious and cultural traditions. You believed the Jews when they told you that they only wanted to live and let live. You took them at their word when they said they were only desirous of a country where they could reside free of persecution. You didn’t think twice when they larded up their pronouncements with lots of inclusiveness and out-group words of good will. You believed the scholars who pinned all the blame for anti-Jewish persecution, pogroms, expulsions and genocide on those people who were not Jewish. You thought it not unseemly that these same Jews were a bit touchy when it came to their history and their preoccupation with Holocaust dramatizations. Boy, were you ever wrong.

You knew your country was sick, didn’t you? Yes, you did. You can feel this sick degeneration down deep in your bones. It was a sixth sense you had. It spoke to you like a still small voice and it whispered ever so softly. It told you that the foundations were crumbling and the buffering institutions were being eroded. But you wanted to call it something else. You ranted about “liberalism”, “big government”, “high taxes”, “overregulation” and how bad those Democrats were. Perhaps you attended a few Tea Parties and whined to your friends about the dangers and wickedness of an Obama administration. You might have even dropped a few dollars in the coffers of yet another “conservative” group, thinking you were doing your due diligence. Sarah Palin is probably your girl in 2012. Her shallow rhetoric and inane sound bites did not dissuade you one bit. You, a solid red state flag-waving “patriot” probably cheered the war in Iraq even as the pseudo-mission became more and more opaque and fuzzy. This didn’t stop you from sending your precious son or daughter to “fight for democracy and freedom” and kill more Muslim people all for the nebulous pronouncements of War Party bureaucrats who knew nothing about Sherman tanks, but spent most of their time in think tanks.

When your child came home from college or university mocking the religious beliefs you taught them since their birth and began spouting rehearsed bromides against the evils of white European culture, you blamed “liberal professors.” When your offspring waxed pretty about alternative lifestyles, the merits of homosexuality and the open-minded beauty of bi-curious pursuits, you blamed those damn liberals and Communists. You were half right, which still means that you were also half wrong too. You didn’t look any deeper, did you? You asked shallow questions and you got shallow answers. What did you expect?

Now, as you glance about you and see very few Americans flying American flags (they are almost non-existent in my community), you are chagrined. Like you, many of our citizens know that a sick force has seized our government and our institutions. You know something is awry. But that’s all you know. You, even more than a liberal or a progressive, believe what the controlled, so-called “conservative” media tells you. You don’t ask questions. You are a “controlled opponent” and don’t even know it. You parrot the tired rehashed lines of a Glenn Beck, a Rush Limbaugh or (god forbid) a Sean Hannity. These folks talk about the symptoms all day long, but they want to leave the causes untouched.

You know that patriotic fervor is dead in the USA, but you don’t know why. You know your dollar won’t buy you much, but you’ve done little to investigate exactly why this is the case. The hatred against your country grows, but you, like most Americans, assure your family that “we live in the best country in the world”, even though you share a typically American lack of curiosity about other nations. You’ve never been anywhere else. Europe must be jealous of America. That’s it. It couldn’t be that our foreign policy has created a hatred now erupting in violence aimed at our citizens.

Despite all of the chaos now dragging this country into the abyss, you can’t think outside the box. If you just happened upon this little essay, you have already branded me as “anti-Semitic.” As almost every economy except Israel’s falls to rubble, you don’t ask why. Have you ever wondered why it seems that the Jews are the only ethnicity sitting pretty in the worst economy since the Depression? No, you don’t because you are a Zionist, an Israel-Firster, even as that crooked alliance extracts more blood from our people. You go to church and sit obediently in your pew as your minister defends the Jewish people, calls them “God’s Chosen” and declares Israel’s existence a fulfillment of all sorts of vague biblical prophecies. You don’t blanche when your preacher, a man with little knowledge outside of his skewed predilections towards the Bible, warns you that any resistance or criticism of Jews will earn you an eternity in hell. You try to jettison any negative thoughts you may have had about Jews in the past, quivering and genuflecting like a slave who must deny reality. You have long ago taken all your church’s ideas into your unthinking mind and made them the dogma that keeps you silent, ensuring that you will never defend yourself.

Occasionally, cognitive dissonance will trouble you, but not for too long. If you own a business or work for a company that has dealings with Jews, you have surely noticed the two-faced ugly ways that Jews behave in the marketplace. You’ve seen them try to get something for nothing. Maybe they tried to “Jew you down” or hoodwinked you or stole from you or, god forbid, even tried to steal your company, robbing you of your birthright. (I have had many business dealings with Jews and they are always looking for a hand-out or some sort of extravagant special treatment not afforded others.) But you won’t, you can’t see these traits as quintessentially Jewish. You wouldn’t dare be particularistic or ethnically conscious. No way. It might get you labeled, and that would be worse than death. It would also be a sin against the Judaic god too, and he is known for having a short temper when somebody messes with his favorite pets. So you amble along, turning your lily-white cheek to the destroyer, smiling as you are displaced, dispossessed, disarmed by Jewish social policy and demoralized and debauched by the cancer that Jews mistakenly call entertainment.

You never wonder why your immune system so reflexively attacks itself and not the malignancy that weakens your body just a little more each day. You never question why an outside group gets to decide how a European-founded country is run. You never ask why your group is the only group not allowed to name itself and to organize on its own behalf and for its own interests. You don’t even think you have any unique interests. Perhaps you really do believe that any curiosity might cause the early demise of the proverbial cat.

Here’s the deal: You made one mistake. Either out of fear, ignorance, laziness or stupidity, you overlooked the Jew. You saw the Jew and his politically active brethren as just another political group and for that I can’t be too hard on you. As America becomes darker and more multicultural, the Jew becomes harder to recognize as a unique and pernicious danger to all races and peoples, including yours. It’s hard to pick out a freak when you’re right in the middle of a freak show put on by the freak himself. You’ve been busy shadowboxing in the dark and you’ve been swinging at phantoms who did not cause the dilemma that is destroying you. You didn’t realize that Judaism is not a true religion at all, but an evolutionary strategy designed to topple what they perceive to be “false idols”, that being anyone or anything that is not of them, by them and for them. The Jewish tribalists hate your guts. Their books order them to feel this way about you. They aren’t changing and they can count on your complicity or your cowardly silence as the cold war against your traditions rages unabated.

Now there is only one thing for you to do, and I hope I have given you a small push in that direction. Do your homework. Do some research. Learn what motivates the Jew and his rancid activities. Does your mind still intrinsically call me an “anti-Semite” even now? It’s okay. I once was as you are. I know what you’re going through. Trust me, I do. Open your mind, think outside the box and dare to believe the unbelievable truth. It is the truth, and when you finally connect the dots you will never be fooled again.

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Immigration and Colonalisation: A Simple Comparison

Nowadays, everyone is anxious about the survival of their culture and their association with their homeland. Malays too. I read somewhere that I failed to save, that mass immigration to a point that a local inhabitants become the minority is considered as a threat to the solid foundation of a nation.

Look what it did to Singapore. Well, Singapore wasn't Singapore back then. It was Temasik, and then became Singapura under a Sultan which is a continuity of the great Johore Riau Empire. Same people governing them of course. The policy of the Great Britain back then, made the Sultan and the Malays as mere insignificant minority and all Malay heritage was engulfed by inhumane law which saw their residents became like the Forbidden City. I don't know what is with the Chinese. They can't stand royalty I guess. But I understand their former experience of worshipping their emperors.

Back then, the worlds are on their knees. They were colonalised by the great imperial powers that seek to spread Christianity and in the same time looted as much as they can to prosper themselves. For instance, iron and tin from the Malaya. The locals were mere slaves actually. Their lives are expendable. Any resistance would mean death, imprisonment or banishment. The locals or original inhabitants suffered and humiliated. They were oppressed to a point lower than animals.

The Portuguese, Russians, Dutch, French, British, Spanish, Italians and even the Americans to name a few, were coloniser. They were the masters n most Muslims and other races were the slaves and the oppressed. They prosper themselves by the death and the miseries of their captives.

The Malays had to accept more than a million Non Malays as one of the condition of freedom from our former master. No, we didn't bring them in like what the US did with its African American community. The British did. They had to, since the Malays were too lazy to help them looting their own country! We were only about 5 to 6 millions I think after hundred of years fighting for our lives against the Buddhist Siamese, Christian Portuguese, the Dutch and the English.

Scary eh? I mean having to accept a bulk of foreigners all at once and some were loyal slaves of the British Empire by being their slave soldiers and spies, fighting the Malays. But Malays being Malays, we chose a peaceful settlement and compromise. It worked well except with some glitches now and then. What do U expect? Perfection like the French Revolution? Everyone has flaws ok. That is what being human all about.

The Red Indians were not that lucky. They lost the Great Plains. They lost their mighty buffaloes. The White American Settlers were happy. The British were not that happy. So did the natives of Australia. But time is a phenomenon that can't rewind itself. That is what the Zionist are trying to do then and especially now. They are fully aware of this. They are trying to use time against the right of the Palestinians.

Eventually everyone would lose interest. Hopefully. U see, the Westerners would never see things like the Easterners, as the Oppressors or former Oppressors would never have judgments or basis of comparison like those who were oppressed. They couldn't, if they do, they had to lower their proud nose and bow in humiliation and constantly asking for forgiveness for what they had done. They couldn't return all the loots. Come on, it would deprived their economy. Would U return things U had stolen from your victims? I think not. Would U share the wealth with their offspring? Now, that is the question.

I don't see any similarities with nowadays controlled immigration of different races to your country with our near death experience, do you?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Foolster41: 12

They were and are not allowed to return after their banishment by God. Not according to me. It's according to their own faith. I thought you knew that as a Christian.

They have to wait for the Messiah, which is not Prophet Isa a.s. since they claimed he is not a prophet. Muslims do. Christians go beyond that. But that is life. Differences. A truth to someone is a hoax to others. A hoax of the century could be the ultimate truth by some. It's just the way things are here in this life we called a neverending funfair, ops, sorry, a test.

Could you clarify for me about Judea Christianity or Christian Zionists. Have U heard of them?

Kurt Nimmo: Forbidden

Criticizing Zionism - It's
Forbidden To Say Such Things
By Kurt Nimmo


It's okay to call Muslims worshippers of Satan.

That's essentially what far right Armageddon happy Lt. Gen. Boykin -- newly appointed deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence -- did recently. It seems to be okay with Rumsfeld, Boykin's boss. It's more than okay for the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and other Islam-hating Christian-Zionists. For them, denigrating Muslims is an industry.

"That's the way we live," Rummy told reporters Thursday during a Pentagon news briefing. "We're a free people. And that's the wonderful thing about our country. And I think that for anyone to run around and think that that can be managed and controlled is probably wrong... Saddam Hussein could do it pretty well, because he'd go around killing people if they said things he didn't like."

Of course, it depends who you criticize.

Remarks of Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad aside, there is a campaign to portray criticism of Zionist state violence against essentially defenseless Palestinians as creeping anti-Semitism. "Liberals and leftists, traditional champions of the underdog, engage en masse in a form of fashionable, politically correct anti-Semitism by condemning Israel's 'racist,' 'apartheid,' 'Nazi' regime, portraying the tiny Jewish state (with 0.1 percent of the Mideast land mass) as the brutal aggressor Goliath, while casting the Arab world (with 99.9 percent of the land, and all of the oil) as David," writes Whistleblower Magazine.

Never mind that it's true -- Israel is a racist state.

Can you imagine the outcry if Americans passed a law denying citizenship to people of African descent who marry US citizens? The Israeli Knesset passed just such a law July 31, forcing Palestinians who marry Israelis to live "separate and unequal" lives from their spouses. "This law comes to address a security issue," Gideon Ezra, an Israeli cabinet minister, declared. "Since September 2000 we have seen a significant connection, in terror attacks, between Arabs from the West Bank and Gaza and Israeli Arabs."

Get the connection here? Arabs are a "security issue," they are terrorists -- all of them, from the Hamas suicide bomber to the Israeli Arab grocer.

In fact, the state of Israel is predicated on racism and religious exclusivity. Consider Israel's 1950 law of return, which allows any person "born to a Jewish mother," or one "who converts to Judaism and who is not a member of another religion," to immigrate to Israel. "The fourth basic law is Israel's status law, which gives Israel's citizens with 'Jewish nationality' certain rights and privileges which are denied to Israel's citizens with 'Arab nationality,'" writes Shaw J. Dallal. "Chief among these rights is the ownership or use of the very land which was expropriated from the Palestinians."

But it's not simply Arabs who are discriminated against in Israel, but all Gentiles.

"I had personally witnessed an ultra-religious Jew refuse to allow his phone to be used on the Sabbath in order to call an ambulance for a non-Jew who happened to collapse in his Jerusalem neighborhood," wrote Israel Shahak, a Hebrew University professor. The Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem ruled that the man had acted properly.

"We need to recognize that in Israel the real issue is discrimination not only against the Palestinians (including those who serve in the Israeli army, police and [the Israeli counter-intelligence and internal security service] Shabak), but against all non-Jews. This discrimination has the same character as that which the anti-Semites want to apply against the Jews," wrote Shahak. "Until the beginning of the Jewish Enlightenment all Jews firmly believed that non-Jews should be discriminated against whenever possible. It now turns out that the Jewish Enlightenment failed to change the attitudes of all, or perhaps even of most, Jews in this respect. Many completely irreligious Jews still believe that for the sake of the Jewish tradition which commanded discrimination against non-Jews, the latter should be discriminated against in the 'Jewish state' forever."

It's forbidden to say such things.

Simply pointing out the reality of state-sanctioned Israeli racism against non-Jews is considered anti-Semitic. "The Left continues to spin out this 'Good Jew/Bad Jew' dichotomy in its baseless distinction between Judaism and Zionism," writes David Rosen, a professor of anthropology and law at Fairleigh Dickison University. "The return to Zion is a central part of Jewish discourse and cannot be exorcised from Jewish life... The crucial issue is whether the criticism respects the Jewish right of self-determination and Israel's existence as a sovereign state."

In other words, the theft of Palestinian land and the murder of Palestinian children "cannot be exorcised from Jewish life" and criticism of it disrespects "the Jewish right of self-determination and Israel's existence as a sovereign state."

Bush and Rumsfeld are promoting Zionist racism with the appointment of Lt. Gen. Boykin, who likes to go around saying the Judaic-based God adopted by the Christian-Zionists is better than Allah (according to Boykin, Muslims worship an "idol" and not "a real God").

"According to God's distribution of nations, the Land of Israel has been given to the Jewish people as an everlasting covenant," declares the Third International Christian Zionist Congress. "The Jewish people have the absolute right to possess and dwell in the Land, including Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan."

Remember: according to Zionists such as Yaffa Ganz (and Alan Dershowitz) before the Zionists grabbed Palestine, it was "a poverty stricken, forlorn, empty area." So empty was Palestine that, according to census figures taken during the British mandate, 1.3 million Palestinian Arabs lived there.

Simply questioning such absurdities as the Zionist slogan -- "Land without people for a people with no land" -- means you're an anti-Semite and you want to push the Jews into the sea.

"Are we not allowed to criticize the Jews if they do things which are wrong?" Mahathir Mohamad asked after he was accused of anti-Semitism. "If Muslims can be accused of being terrorists, then others can accuse the Jews of being terrorists also."

Not in America, Mahathir.

Ahmed Yousef and Betty Molchany: "For more than 50 years, Americans have been taught to hate through Hollywood, television, the radio, and print media. Throughout these years, more than 800 movies have depicted Arabs and Muslims unfavorably, with no positive attributes. Many television programs, such as Law and Order and The West Wing, also present negative portrayals of Arabs and Muslims. It has been an unrelenting campaign of defamation and instigation prompted and inflamed by right-wing Zionists and extremist Christian coalitions which are unconditionally allied with Israel -- no matter what crimes she commits, no matter how many UN resolutions she violates, no matter her illegal occupation of other countries, no matter her possession and use of weapons of mass destruction. The objective of both the Christian and Jewish Zionists is not only to remove all Arabs, Christian as well as Muslim, from Palestine, but also to allow Israel to control the neighboring countries. To accomplish this, these political Zionists are determined to remove the voice of Muslims in the United States and with it any support for Palestinians and neighboring Arabs. Political Zionist organizations, such as the Project for a New American Century, create unjustified fear of countries, such as Iraq, which are predominantly Muslim and push for pre-emptive attacks, assassinations, war, and domination."

It's forbidden to say such things... even if they're true.

Kurt Nimmo is a photographer and multimedia developer in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Visit his excellent blog at . Nimmo is a contributor to Cockburn and St. Clair's, The Politics of Anti-Semitism. A collection of his essays for CounterPunch, Another Day in the Empire, will be published this fall by Dandelion Books.

He can be reached at:

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Hate: Where Did It Come From?

Chomsky, Noam

Professor of Linguistics at M.I.T (and Lenny Traubman look-alike) whose sorry life has been filled with dissent, anarchism, Marxism, anti-Americanism and a visceral hatred for the Land of Israel. He's also had a prolonged and varied collaboration with the neo-Nazi movement. He once wrote, "I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the Holocaust." In other words, Chomsky is a thoroughly despicable human being... as others have also concluded: "The most devious, the most dishonest and -- in this hour of his nation's grave crisis -- the most treacherous intellect in America belongs to MIT professor Noam Chomsky." ( | September 26, 2001)
Alan Dershowitz, calls Chomsky "the godfather of the anti-Israel campaign." Dershowitz says Chomsky sought the abolition of the State of Israel and its substitution by a secular bi-national state based on the models of Lebanon and Yugoslavia.
Regarding Iran's nuclear program and its existential threat to Israel... "Israel and the United States are both threatening Iran with destruction." The ayatollahs would be crazy if they did not develop nuclear weatpons to counter the military threat from the West!
For more on this pathetic Jew, click Here.
To watch a video of the scumbag licking the Nazi boots of Hizbullah, click Here, Here and Here.

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I have a very deep respect of this man. When I studied to become what I am now, this man is among the important figures in understanding my field. Can U imagine that, a Jewish Scholar thousands of miles away, respected not just by me, but among communities of intellectuals. Are we that stupid?

Enemy of Israel

Israel is in a struggle for her very life. She is surrounded by nearly two dozen Arab countries, some of whom have already tried several times to wipe Israel out of existence. There are also over 2 million so-called Arab-"Palestinians" between Israel and the Jordan River on sacred Jewish territory and who demand statehood even as they continue to send suicide-homicide bombers to murder Jews. And there are nearly a million and a half Arabs within Israel herself --- one-fifth of the "Jewish" State's total population --- whose loyalty to that Jewish State is questionable. In other words, Israel has a "full plate" --- enemies outside, along side and within!

Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979. Yes, there has been no-war but there is also no peace. All economic, social and diplomatic contact has ceased. The Egyptian Army continues to arm themselves to the teeth and rehearse battle drills on the Sinai Desert --- territory Israel handed over to them as part of that very peace treaty!

In 1993 Israel signed a peace treaty with the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] leadership in the hopes that Yasir Arafat had enough of Jew-killing and might actually be ready to lead a "Palestinian" nation. He and his so-called "Palestinian Authority" were to be offered most of Judea-Samaria (the "West Bank"), Gaza Strip and part of holy Jerusalem in exchange for ending their long-standing thirst for Jewish blood. But the murder of Jews continued and with unbridled ferocity. The total number of Jews stabbed, machine-gunned, burned or detonated in buses, restaurants and shopping malls since that "peace" treaty has soared to nearly 1,400. Based upon a 60:1 Israel-America population ratio, this would be the equivalent of 84,000 dead Americas losing their lives --- or twenty-eight September 11th terror attacks!

Tourists are no longer visiting Israel in large numbers. Unemployment is everywhere. Israelis are fearful of murderous attacks that could come at any time and at any place. Frustration and despair are commonplace and Israel needs all the support she can get! This is NOT the time for true friends to pick and scratch and dig into any less-than-perfect action that Israel may need to take.

But the Jewish People have amongst them a disproportionate number of Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threateners who, for reasons only a trained psycho-pathologist could possibly explain, have a sick need to conspire with the enemies of Israel. The notion of "circling the wagons" and protecting one's own is foreign to them and so they spew their venom toward Israel as they lick the boots of her enemies. These "anti-survivalist Jews reject, abase, disgrace and degrading themselves and their people. Call it a sickness or call it madness. It makes no difference. Israel pays the price for these traitors' actions.

"End the occupation," they collectively shout. "Stop settlement activities!" "End construction on the Apartheid Wall!" "Stop the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians!" "Zionism is Nazism." "Ariel Sharon is Hitler!" "Sharon is a war criminal!" "Stop the holocaust upon the Palestinian people!" "Don't treat the Palestinians the way Hitler treated you!" "Peace Now - give peace a chance!" "Land for peace!" "Create one bi-national state!" "Stop the human rights abuses!"

If anyone still wonders how the Holocaust against European Jewry could have ever happened, all he has to do is observe the behavior of today's "Judenrat" traitors. They run forth to an anti-Semitic world trying to prove that THEY are the good Jews --- not those arrogant Israelis! The Truth, however, is that these radical, leftist, academic, socialist, "progressive," enlightened know-nothings are not even worthy of the name "Jew."

Below is a Self-Hating Israel-Threatening List of nearly 8,860 Jews... as of 2-20-09. Despite what they may or may not admit, they are NOT friends of Israel. Unfortunately, they are but the "tip of the iceberg" and so will continue adding names and photos. If YOU know of other disgraceful Judenrats, feel free to pass on to us their names and information as to why they should be included on this list. (They don't even have to be famous!) You will remain anonymous.

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Goldstone Report: Jewish Voice For Peace

JVP Responds to the Goldstone Report

The UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, better known as the “Goldstone Report,” was presented to the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday, September 29. The report recommends that the Security Council pass the issue to the International Criminal Court if Israel and Hamas do not make “good faith” efforts to investigate the allegations within six months.

The Palestinian Authority first shocked the world when it dropped its draft resolution before the UN Human Rights Council, in effect deferring the report until March of 2010. The PA did this under intense pressure from the Obama administration (1) and economic blackmail by Israel (2).

However, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, after strong protests from Palestinian civil society, reversed course and decided to reintroduce the Goldstone Report to the UN Human Rights Council, including discussion of unrest in Jerusalem and ongoing conditions in Gaza. The report will be heard and debated at the Council on Thursday and Friday, October 15th and 16th.

JVP supports the Goldstone Report recommendations as well as the overall thrust of the document.

JVP believes it is a well-researched, fair-minded report. It accuses both Israel and Hamas of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, while rightfully placing greater emphasis on Israeli violations of international law, especially regarding the killing of civilians.

Further, it confirms numerous previously published reports by highly regarded organizations including:
• Amnesty International
• B’tselem
• Breaking the Silence, whose report is comprised of testimonies of Israeli soldiers who participated in the operation
• Human Rights Watch
• Physicians for Human Rights

The investigation was led by respected South African jurist Richard Goldstone. He’s a former member of the South African Constitutional Court and former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. He also happens to be Jewish and has strong ties to Israel, which, though it should not be a requirement for the position, certainly adds an important dimension to the increasingly hysterical charges of bias and Jew-hatred.

It is true that the Goldstone Report is not perfect, especially because Israel refused to participate in the investigation. It is also true that the UN’s Human Rights Council unfairly targets Israel and tends to overlook the human rights violations of other countries.

Finally, we at JVP are deeply angered by the Obama Administration, which is working in tandem with the Israeli government to de-legitimize the findings of the report. Rather than focusing on the many violations of law, emphasis is being placed on the alleged faulty methodology of the report and the objectivity of the reporters.

The US pressure seems to indicate that the Obama Administration’s approach to Israel and Palestine does not differ significantly from previous administrations, in that it reflexively protects Israel’s interests, even in the face of violations of international law. Given President Obama’s stated goal to renew the peace process between Israel and Palestine, this position on Goldstone undermines the U.S.’s ability to be an honest broker in that process.

In addition, JVP is saddened by the response to the Goldstone Report by many American Jewish leaders. However Rabbi Brant Rosen, writing in the Chicago Tribune, said just before Yom Kippur,

“Rather than jointly consider Israel's acts in Gaza, carry out real cheshbon nefesh (moral accounting), and accept our communal responsibility, it has proven easier for many of us to employ communal defense mechanisms, and insist that in this particular case, there's no need for reflection.

Since the report's publication, the UN and commission chair Judge Richard Goldstone have been vilified and disparaged, by both the Israeli government and American Jewish leaders. There has been little consideration of the actual findings, or the fact that Israel refused to cooperate with the commission, or conduct its own investigation.

As a rabbi, this grieves me deeply. For, painful as it is for us to admit, Israel's behavior in Gaza has consistently betrayed our shared Jewish ethical legacy.

This was true before the war, when the Israeli blockade denied Palestinians basic necessities; it was true during the war, when Israel responded with disproportionate force to Hamas rockets; and it has been true since the war.” (3)

JVP strongly urges that the Goldstone Report findings be taken with all the serious consideration it merits, and that its recommendations be implemented.

(1) Ravid, Barak, “Source: Palestinians drop endorsement of Goldstone report” Haaretz, October 2, 2009, and Guttman, Nathan, “Israel, US, Work to Limit Damage of Goldstone Report” Haaretz, September 27, 2009,
(2) Lynfield, Ben, “Israel Threatens Palestinian Phone Service Over War Crimes Claims” the Independent October 1, 2009,
(3) Rosen, Brant, “A Call to Moral Accounting” September 27th, The Chicago Tribune,,0,654462.story

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About rebelling against God. An alternative view from the Jews that are labelled as Self Hating Jews or Israel Threatening, SHIT in short form by the kind and intellectual Zionist Jews.

"Neturei Karta objected to Zionist aims of founding a state before the coming of the Messiah. To bolster their opposition, they cite tractate Ketuboth, verse 111 of the Talmud, which is interpreted as forbidding strife with gentiles in order to form a Jewish state, on the grounds that the destruction of the temple is a punishment from God, which would be rescinded by God".

"They further rely on an apocryphal legend, according to which God, the Jewish People, and the gentile nations of the world made a pact when the Jews were sent into exile".

"Under the pact, Jews would not rebel against the non-Jewish world that gave them sanctuary and Jews would not immigrate as a group to the Land of Israel. In return, the gentile nations promised not to persecute the Jews too harshly. Neglecting the history of persecution of the Jews, which many say voided this pact, Neturei Karta argue that by rebelling against the pact, Jews were rebelling against God".

by Ami Isseroff and Zionism and Israel Information Center.
The Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Zionism and Israel.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dr. Yaakov DeHaan

When the Zionists Killed Dr. Yaakov DeHaan on July 1, 1924
(From the newsletter of Neturei Karta in Jerusalem – Hachoma)

The young rabbi, Yaakov Yisrael Dahan was murdered on July 1, 1924. He was a man who devoted all his energies and the best years of his life to saving the remnant of loyal Jews, and to promote peace with the veteran Arab residents of the Holy Land. Through his knowledge of politics and diplomacy, Dahan contributed much to crystallizing an independent position for Orthodox Jewry unaffiliated with the Zionist leadership.

At a time when the first followers of the Zionist movement began streaming into the Holy Land in large numbers, defiling the holiness of the land, and by virtue of their idiotic ideas began to work to expel the Arabs who had been living there for centuries in order to establish a Zionist state.

The Zionists first approached the British authorities by pretending to present themselves as the representatives of the Jewish nation, who desired to establish a “national home” without any regard whatsoever of the fact that the vast majority of the Jewish People opposed Zionism in those days. However, through their various contacts, the Zionists managed to bring about the Balfour Declaration (known among our rabbis of the time as the Baal Peor Declaration – a pun referring to the idolatry mentioned in the Bible), based on the “right” of the Jews to establish a state in Palestine, and ultimately the state itself to our great misfortune.

Read more about the murder of Dr. DeHaan in online book, "A Martyr's Message" by Emil Marmorstein

Good relations existed between the Jewish and Arab communities, and the leadership of the Orthodox Jewish community conducted themselves according to the principles of Judaism, never provoking their non-Jewish neighbors. The Arabs were very friendly and neighborly, and a spirit of mutual respect was typical.

When the winds of Zionism began to blow through Palestine, the Arabs began to change their attitude because of the fact that they heard that the “Jews” wanted to grab the Land from them and expel them. Of course, they did not distinguish between the Zionist troublemakers and the members of the loyal authentic Jewish community that advocated tolerance and peace. There were outbreaks of violence here and there, until bloodshed began and many people died.

However, instead of learning from this experience that brought suffering upon the Jewish People in the Holy Land, and ceasing their dangerous lawless behavior, the Zionists used these events as “additional proof” for the need for a state and an army to protect the Jews from violence. Jewish blood was of no importance to the Zionists in comparison to their “lofty” nationalist goals.

It was clear to the leaders of the Orthodox community that there was an immediate need for an organization to confront the Zionist organization, and demand that the British desist from endorsing the idea of a Zionist state, and resolve Arab-Jewish tensions peacefully.

A great and unexpected opportunity presented itself in the form of Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Dahan, who had embraced Judaism from a life of secularism, and had made his way to the Orthodox community of Jerusalem during those difficult days. He sensed the truth, and from then on never ceased to march with the great rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Zonnenfeld, who wisely advised Dahan.

Dahan established extensive contacts with many governmental authorities in Europe, including the English, and proceeded to carry out his work immediately. In no time at all he transformed the loyal Jewish community from a tiny one without any international recognition to a community standing up against the Zionist heretics. He and other members of the community represented the Orthodox Jews under the name of “Eida Haredis” (G-d-Fearing Community), and represented the position of the loyal Jewish community.

It goes without saying that the Eida Haredis was accepted warmly among non-Jews, much more so than was the case with the Zionists – both because of the fact that the Eida Haredis represented traditional, authentic Judaism against Zionism that openly rejected Judaism in its entirety, and because of the fact that the Orthodox position made more sense in order to prevent bloodshed and promote harmony in Palestine.

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld
View the video of Rabbi Sonnenfeld
meeting with Lord Winston Churchill
to see film images of Dr. DeHaan

Rabbi Dahan then organized a delegation of Orthodox leaders to meet with Arab leaders headed by King Abdullah. The Jewish delegation was headed by Rabbi Zonnenfeld, and was welcomed by the Arabs like royalty. The king even gave them expensive gifts as a sign of his affection. Of course the Zionists were gritting their teeth when they learned of this event, and saw the possibility that all of their projects may end up collapsing in front of their very eyes. The Zionists began their attacks against the loyal Jewish community in general, and against Rabbi Dahan in particular. They slandered him with increasing brutality until they went so far as to call for his murder.

In those days the G-d-fearing Jews were persecuted greatly by the Zionists, and whenever they ran into Dahan in the street they would insult him. However, Dahan never ceased his holy work on behalf of our rabbis. When the Zionists realized that their persecution of Dahan had no effect, they decided to kill him.

In a plan approved by the leading Haganah Zionists a number of young Zionists encountered Rabbi Dahan as he left the Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. The Zionist Avraham Tahomi, may his name be obliterated, shot Dahan three times in the chest, and shortly thereafter Dahan expired, returning his soul to heaven. This murder was carried out with the approval of the Zionist leadership.

On that fateful day of July 1, 1924, when the Zionists committed their crime, for which we suffer to this very day and still do not see the end in sight, they shot him in his pure heart. But they did not only shoot him and kill him, but they shot and killed the entire People, thereby preventing any plan that did not comply with their wicked intentions.

Nevertheless, some seventy-eight years after that horrible day, there is still a community of Jews following in the authentic path, and refusing to bow to the Zionist idol. It is in large measure due to the selfless holy efforts of Yaakov Dahan, a martyr of his people who paved the way with self-sacrifice that there are still Jews who refuse to succumb to the Zionist regime of heretics despite the fact that the Zionists overpower the authentic Jews with their laws and power. It is in the merit of Yaakov Dahan that there are still Jews today throughout the world who stand and announce unflinchingly their unswerving loyalty to the countries in which they live, and that there are still Jews in this world who declare to the nations of world that the Zionists and their state have no link with Judaism or the Jewish People.

His murder proved to every loyal Jew that the Zionists appearing on the scene were no friends of the Jewish People, but were murderers who hated Judaism, something that was the beginning of the opportunity of recognizing the enemy. On the most recent anniversary of Dahan’s murder we remembered the good work of Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Dahan on behalf of authentic Judaism in his war against Zionism and its wicked plans. Let us learn from his work to strengthen our resolve and dedication in refusing to bow to the Zionist idol, and to pray for divine providence to redeem the world.

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Untold or Justified Massacre

"That can't be chance. It's a pattern. Apparently, various officers who took part in the operation understood that the expulsion order they received permitted them to do these deeds in order to encourage the population to take to the roads. The fact is that no one was punished for these acts of murder. Ben-Gurion silenced the matter. He covered up for the officers who did the massacres."
(Benny Morris,

Jewish State without any other races.

"That was the situation. That is what Zionism faced. A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on."
(Benny Morris,

Whether it is true or not Palestinians wanted to drown all the Jews.

"He wants to send us back to Europe, to the sea we came from. He truly sees us as a Crusader state and he thinks about the Crusader precedent and wishes us a Crusader end.
(Benny Morris,

His justification of all the slaughter.

"You have to put things in proportion. These are small war crimes. All told, if we take all the massacres and all the executions of 1948, we come to about 800 who were killed. In comparison to the massacres that were perpetrated in Bosnia, that's peanuts. In comparison to the massacres the Russians perpetrated against the Germans at Stalingrad, that's chicken feed. When you take into account that there was a bloody civil war here and that we lost an entire 1 percent of the population, you find that we behaved very well."
(Benny Morris,

Foolster41: 9d

Ok, I'm sorry. Could U give the citations or the method or format of citing that U want me to use. Could U give some examples based on what U are accusing the Muslims and the questions your are posing 2 me.

I don't think we can ever agree on certain issues. But it is not the case. Can we at least make a common stand here, U n I.
So that others would at least think be4 they went back to their business of killing and maiming the innocents and the weak. Those who couldn't fight them and inflict the same miseries of their tormentors of helpers of their tormentors.

a. No Non combatants should be targeted for what so ever reason one might have. If any party especially governments felt they can't keep up they dying, stop! Fight it out on the tables of negotiation or at least hated each other without blood needed to be spilt.

b. Every man, woman and child should be treated with respect and the dignity that they deserved for being a beautiful creative intellectual and emotional being.

c. Soldiers should not be afraid of getting killed as they are not that scare of doing the killing.

d. Generals, sorry, politicians or anyone that desire powerr that is brave enough to stir hatred or allegations whatsoever must be willing to die for their cause before asking us to die for their cause. U see, in the wars of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., casualties were not that high since the leaders of each team would fight one on one witnessed by everyone and they were not using WMD. Most of the time, only the head of the snakes were severed leaving most part of the body unscratched.

e. Under no circumstances, rape, torture and killing of women, unarmed men, children be condone. Only children, women and men with arms of destruction are allowed to be killed, yes, just like what the Predators of outer space are looking for on this earth. The perfect game for their trophies of their bravery.

f. Under no circumstances, civilians or heavily populated areas be ever considered as legitimate military target like Pearl Harbour.

What do U think? I'll address your questions in the manner that U wanted after U have demonstrated it to me. Thanks. What did U do for Thanks Giving?

2:37 P.M. in the lands of the Malay. Blood is being spilled here in commemoration of the sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and his son, Prophet Ismail a.s. who is also the grandfather of the Arabs. No not human sacrifice. Our pet cow which is also considered as a holy animal by the Hindus. We only eat animals that are considered as sacred or pure. It gotta do with keeping the heart clean or lowered blood cholesterol or something. Thanks.


Are U saying that the Palestinians had the right to die a miserable death and be driven out of their homes while the Jews, most are converts worldwide had the right to kill, sorry, live a luxurious life, sponsored of course and never be driven back to the sea where they belong.

U see, what Hamas meant was the immigrants as they did came by the sea on ships, returned to where they came from in the means of transport that brought them to Palestine in the first place.

By the way, what were they running from anyway? Muslims or Christians? Ever heard of Pogroms?

I'm starting to see a pattern here. I mean the way of the thinking of certain group of people in the West with the terrorists. "They are all liars n killers. All of them deserved to be exterminated. Along with helpless women n children and unarmed men".


What did transpire the existence of the Red Cross? Do U care to check out? U see, humanity is a very interesting phenomenon. No matter who U are, its parallel views and commons shared is totally amazing. Not unless U are some kind of a machine or a terminator or something.


Point B: They are not supposed to go back until Prophet Jesus Christ a.s. walk this earth again and led an uprising against the Anti Christ and his supporters, the taghuts or those who went astray and lead others astray. The final battle between the good and the bad. Prophet Musa a.s. had delivered them to the promise land n yet they betrayed themselves by breaking their covenant with God by making a god with their bare hands!

Point A: Prophet Musa led the children of Israel across the red sea to Palestine. N then they worshipped a golden calf when Musa was not around with them, Aaron was. Two Prophets of God with them n yet they chose to create their god.

They are rebellious transgressors that rebel against God! Just to show how proud they are n why they are behaving in the way that they are behaving. They are simply too proud. They think God needs them. They think they are above the human race. Do U know their definition of the human race? We, (Zionist) Jews, the rest goyyim! Do U even know what is the meaning of goyyim actually? Oh, I forgot, Jews that are not with us (the Zionist Jews) are self hating Jews!

C. Why didn't the ancient Israelites defended Prophet Jesus Christ a.s. back then like what the Arabs did with Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.? Don't they have the reason to die for?

D. Who actually tortured him (Jesus according to Christianity) to death? Why did he screamed in agony "O Lord why have U forsaken me?"

E. I hate discussing and debating using/with citations and sideshows. They would laughed at me if they knew I had to use bulky citations to proof my points. I'm trying to trim them according to our discussions. U see, I prefer engaging thoughts, the logic and the worldviews of the human brains. How people perceived things and why did they have those perceptions in the first place. I used these citations out of respect of our kind readers and also U.


"That the US vetoed condemnations by the UN means very little unless you can show that Isreal did something wrong".

i. The citations U asked 4:

"Belligerent occupation is governed by The Hague Regulations of 1907, as well as by the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and the customary laws of belligerent occupation. Security Council Resolution 1322 (2000), paragraph 3 continued: "Calls upon Israel, the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and its responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in a Time of War of 12 August 1949;..." Again, the Security Council vote was 14 to 0, becoming obligatory international law.

The Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the West Bank, to the Gaza Strip, and to the entire City of Jerusalem, in order to protect the Palestinians living there. The Palestinian People living in this Palestinian Land are "protected persons" within the meaning of the Fourth Geneva Convention. All of their rights are sacred under international law.

There are 149 substantive articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention that protect the rights of every one of these Palestinians living in occupied Palestine. The Israeli Government is currently violating, and has since 1967 been violating, almost each and every one of these sacred rights of the Palestinian People recognized by the Fourth Geneva Convention. Indeed, violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention are war crimes. (Francis A. Boyle)

Another source:
"A further petition has been launched by eight Israeli human rights groups, demanding that Israel’s Supreme Court ban the army from targeting ambulances and medical personnel.

The petition cites a large number of cases in which Israel has fired on ambulances, arguing that as a result medics have been unable to treat the wounded or transport them to hospital.

Palestinian medics said 21 of their staff have been killed by Israeli fire and many more wounded, according to reports on Al Jazeera TV. The Al Durra hospital in Gaza City was hit on Tuesday, and a day later three mobile clinics run by a Danish charity, DanChurchAid, were destroyed.

The International Committee of the Red Cross dropped its usual diplomatic language this week in denouncing Israel’s refusal to allow medical teams to tend the wounded.

During a three-hour pause in the fighting on Wednesday rescuers managed to reach the Zaytoun neighbourhood, south-east of Gaza City, that was extensively bombed at the start of the week.

Four children were found close to starvation alongside 15 bodies, including those of their mothers. Many other civilians were found dead in the area, and others are believed still to be in hiding. Israeli tanks were stationed nearby the destroyed buildings during the whole period.

Pierre Wettach, a Red Cross spokesman, called Israel’s delay in allowing a medical evacuation “shocking” and “unacceptable”. He added: “The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded.”

Physicians for Human Rights in Israel added its voice, criticising the Israeli authorities for repeatedly ignoring requests to move seriously wounded civilians".

"According to figures cited by the World Health Organisation, at least 40 per cent have been children. Another 3,000 Gazans have been wounded.

Israeli commanders were reported in the Israeli media to be unsurprised by the heavy toll on civilians of their latest actions, saying their priority was to protect soldiers".
(Reported by Jonathan Cook)

"1.Again, you are leaving out the important fact that HAMAS is using the civilans as human shields. How can Isreal defend herself if the HAMAS soldiers are hiding behind civilians?"

ii. The citations U asked 4:

"Photographs of pale blue artillery shells lined up by tanks stationed on the edge of Gaza have been identified as American-made phosphorus munitions. Neil Gibson, a missiles expert for Jane’s, told the London Times that the shells were an “improved model” that burned for up to 10 minutes.

Although such shells are allowed when used solely as a smoke screen, they are banned as a chemical weapon if used as an anti-personnel munition. Palestinian and international medics in Gaza have reported large numbers of burns victims with injuries difficult to treat.

Yesterday, Amnesty International also accused Israeli soldiers of using Palestinian civilians as human shields – a charge Israel has repeatedly levelled against Hamas.

Malcolm Smart, a spokesman, said: “Israeli soldiers have entered and taken up positions in a number of Palestinian homes, forcing families to stay in a ground-floor room while they use the rest of their house as a military base and sniper position.” (Reported by Jonathan Cook)

5:30 a.m. in the blessed lands of the Malay. The crowing of my proud young Gallus gallus politely slicing the silent of the night, ops sorry, morning. A few minutes or so 4 my pre dawn prayer. We can't pray during the rising of the sun. Why? To distant ourselves from the Sun worshippers of course.

Come Undone

Come Undone
By Duran Duran

Mine, immaculate dream made breath and skin
I've been waiting for you
Signed, with a home tattoo,
Happy birthday to you was created for you

Can't ever keep from falling apart
At the seams
Can't I believe you're taking my heart
To pieces

Oh, it'll take a little time,
might take a little crime
to come undone now

We'll try to stay blind
to the hope and fear outside
Hey child, stay wilder than the wind
And blow me in to cry

Who do you need, who do you love
When you come undone

Who do you need, who do you love
When you come undone

Words, playing me deja vu
Like a radio tune I swear I've heard before
Chill, is it something real
Or the magic I'm feeding off your fingers

Can't ever keep from falling apart
At the seams
Can I believe you're taking my heart
To pieces

Lost, in a snow filled sky, we'll make it alright
To come undone now

We'll try to stay blind
to the hope and fear outside
Hey child, stay wilder than the wind
And blow me in to cry

Who do you need, who do you love
When you come undone

Who do you need, who do you love
When you come undone

Who do you need, who do you love
When you come undone...

See You In Hell

See You In Hell
By Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Can't bow for a rule
Cause I'm nobody's fool

No puppet on a string when what counts is to win
Sometimes I might be rude
Acting in my mood

I'm trying to be straight
Cause I don't want to be late

There's nothing you can say to make
me feel worse than I do (how are you)

You can't buy my freedom
Keep me locked in your cell

Sad how we waste our energy
When all our days are few (makes me blue)

We're two of a kind me and you
I guess that I'll see you in hell

Who is my friend
Who will remain
Seems like I always stand alone in the end
Nobody lasts until the end

There's nothing you can say to make
me feel worse than I do (how are you)

You can't buy my freedom
Keep me locked in your cell

Sad how we waste our energy
When all our days are few (makes me blue)

You can't buy my life and freedom
It's more than just buy and sell

You can't keep me locked in your cell
I guess that I'll see you in hell

See you in hell

Friday, November 27, 2009

Porn: The Vile Side That Everyone Doesn't Want 2 Know

http:// archive of newspaper clippings involving kyke pornographers.
Jewish Gangsters Raped, Killed Children As Young As 2 On Film


Subject: Jew Kiddie Snuff Porn
Date: Fri, Oct 13, 2000, 12:24 am
Italian and Russian Police Brake Up Child Snuff Porn Ring
Mon Oct 9 17:39:53 2000

LSN Staff

According to the Talmudic En-cyclopedia: 'He who has carnal knowledge of the wife of a Gentile is not liable to the death penalty, for it is written: "thy fellow's wife" rather than the alien's wife; and even the precept that a man "shall cleave unto his wife" which is addressed to the Gentiles does not apply to a Jew, just there is no matrimony for a heathen; and al-though a married Gentile woman is forbidden to the Gentiles, in any case a Jew is exemp-ted.' This does not imply that sexual inter-course between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman is permitted - quite the contrary. But the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman; she must be executed, even if she was raped by the Jew: 'If a Jew has coitus with a Gentile woman, whether she be a child of three or an adult, whether married or unmar-ried, and even if he is a minor aged only nine years and one day - because he had willful coitus with her, she must be killed, as is the case with a beast, because through her a Jew got into trouble. The Jew, however, must be flogged, and if he is a Kohen (member of the priestly tribe) he must receive double the number of lashes, because he has committed a double offense: a Kohen must not have inter-course with a prostitute, and all Gentile wo-men are presumed to be prostitutes.

Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, page 87

Rome, Italy -- Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography.

Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years old from Russian orphanges, raping the children, and then murdering them on film. Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and and unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

Jewish officials in a major Italian news agency tried to cover the story up, but were circumvented by Italisn news reporters, who broadcasts scenes from the films live at prime time on Italisn television to more than 11 million Italian viewers. Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible, claiming they were spreading "blood libel."

Throughout history, various groups have accused sects of Jews of ritually murdering small children. One such account, that of Hugh of Lincoln, led to the expulsion of all Jews from Britain in the 13th Century. Such accounts have generally been discounted, but are so wide spread that Jewish organizations have developed a name for them -- "blood libel".

The American group the ADL was founded to defend a Jew, Leo Frank, accused of raping and murdering a five year old girl, Mary Fagan, in his Atlanta pencil factory in 1913. The ADL claims he was innocent. A mob lynched him after the governor commuted his death sentence to life in prison.

Though AP and Reuters both ran stories on the episode, US media conglomerates refused to carry the story on television news, again saying the story would prejudice Americans against Jews.

Jewish gangsters in Russia have become increasingly linked to traffic in "white slaves" and prostitutes through Israel, according to a recent report in the Jerusalem Post. Israel turns an official blind eye to forced prostitution, and does not punish Israeli citizens who choose to own "sex slaves", as long as the slaves are foreign and non-Jews.

London, Sunday, 01.10.2000

Special Investigation
British link to 'snuff' videos

Jason Burke in London, Amelia Gentleman in Moscow, Philip Willan in Rome

Observer - Sunday October 1, 2000

Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile 'snuff' movies - in which children are murdered on film - an Observer investigation can reveal.

The key suspect in the inquiry, a Russian who was arrested last week in Moscow for distribution of thousands of sadistic child porn videos and pictures, was traced following the seizure of his products from British paedophiles.

Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old former car mechanic in Moscow, was identified after British Customs and police traced the origin of violent child porn videos found in the UK back to Russia.

Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings.

British authorities yesterday confirmed that scores of Kuznetsov's videos, produced in his small flat in Moscow's rundown Vykhino district, have been found in the UK. They are concerned that 'snuff' movies in which children are killed may have also been imported.

Around a dozen British men have already been arrested and charged with offences alleged to be connected to the Russian tapes. A second Russian child porn ring, which allegedly had a British distributor, was broken up earlier this year. The investigation into the importing of violent Russian child porn which led to the identification and subsequent imprisonment of Kuznetsov started about 15 months ago after Customs seized material coming into the country. Since then there have been dozens of other finds.

'We have seen some very, very nasty stuff involving sadistic abuse of very young children, but actual deaths on film takes it a whole step further. That is very worrying,' said one senior customs officer this weekend.

British paedophiles were paying between £50 and £100 for Kuznetsov's tapes, the officer said. Further fees were paid for access to a website that features pictures of extremely violent abuse.

Though two men arrested with Kuznetsov have also been imprisoned by Moscow authorities, only one of the three remains behind bars. Dmitri Ivanov was sentenced to 11 years for actually participating in the abuse that was being filmed. The others were released under an amnesty aimed at clearing Russia's overcrowded prisons.

When officers from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department raided Kuznetsov's flat they found two boys in a makeshift studio. They seized a huge quantity of films and other pornographic material as well as lists of clients in Italy, Germany, America and Britain.

Last week Italian detectives moved in, following months of inquiries, and arrested eight people. The police searched more than 600 homes and say they now have evidence against about 500 people. Among the suspects were businessmen, public employees and a university student. Several of them were married, with children of their own. Hundreds of people are also under investigation in Germany.

The Russian videos, which had been ordered over the internet, were intercepted when they came into Italy by post, repackaged and then delivered by undercover police officers. They cost between £300 and £4,000, depending on what type of film was ordered.

Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a 'SNIPE' video. The most appalling category was code-named 'Necros Pedo' in which children were raped and tortured until they died.

Police in Russia and the UK believe that Kuznetsov and his associates have been in business for more than two years in which time they are believed to have recruited around 100 boys - aged between nine and 15 - to be filmed.

'Most of the children were rounded up from railway stations. A lot of them came from the suburbs, or surrounding regions and were from deprived, problem families,' said Kiril Mazurin, a police spokesman.

'Usually when children like this arrive in the capital, they've got no idea where to go and hang around in the station. It's very easy to entice this kind of teenager - with a promise of a warm bed or a trip to the cinema.'

Many were lured away from orphanages. 'Children are not locked in,' said Mazurin. 'Anyone can come along and promise them a meal at McDonalds. It doesn't take any more than that."

Some children were paid a commission to find other boys willing to be filmed, according to reports in the Russian press, for a fee of between 100 and 300 roubles (£2.50 - £7).

Kuznetsov had given up his job in 1998 to devote himself to the lucrative pornography industry. A self-taught computer expert, he was in the process of upgrading his equipment to allow him to e-mail videos directly to clients when police raided him.

Many customers repeatedly ordered videos from him. The Naples newspaper Il Mattino published a transcript of an alleged email exchange between a prospective client and the Russian vendors.

'Promise me you're not ripping me off,' says the Italian.

'Relax, I can assure you this one really dies,' the Russian responds.

'The last time I paid and I didn't get what I wanted.'

'What do you want?'

'To see them die.'


Friday, May 19 2000 (14 Iyar 5760)

Amnesty: Israel failing to deal with white-slave trade

By Dan Izenberg and Heidi J. Gleit

JERUSALEM (May 19) - Israel has failed to take adequate measures against human rights abuses of women who have been brought here and forced to provide sexual services, Amnesty International charged.

"This is so," a special Amnesty report on the trafficking of women from the former Soviet Union said, "even though many of them have been subjected to human rights abuses such as enslavement or torture, including rape and other forms of sexual abuse, by traffickers, pimps, or others involved in Israel's sex industry."

Amnesty International also criticized Israel for not providing a procedure to grant asylum to women who have been smuggled into the country often on the basis of false promises of work having nothing to do with sex.

Fighting the trade in women and bringing foreign women here to work as prostitutes is a priority for the Israel Police, but it is a very difficult phenomenon to fight, police investigations head Cmdr. Yossi Sedbon said yesterday.

One of the main problems is that there is not a law against selling women, he explained, adding that he is aware of the initiatives to pass such a law and hopes they are successful.

Justice Minister Yossi Beilin told Amnesty International representatives yesterday that Deputy Attorney-General Yehudit Karp is preparing an amendment to the Penal Law which would address the trafficking phenomenon and provide immunity for trafficked women. He predicted that the legislation would be presented to the Knesset at its winter session.

According to Amnesty International, hundreds of women are brought to Israel from the former Soviet Union every year.

According to Amnesty International, Israel is bound by international law and by international covenants that it has signed to stamp out the sex trafficking.

Police are arresting suspects on related charges such as kidnapping, pimping, raping, and assaulting the women, Sedbon said.

The other major problem is that the women are scared to file police complaints and testify against the pimps, he said. Since most of them are in the country illegally, they are scared to approach police. Fear of reprisal by the pimps further paralyzes them. Police try to get around this both by promising to protect complainants and by initiating operations to collect evidence against and raid brothels, he said.

An additional complication is that prosecutors need the women who complain to testify in the court cases against the pimps, which can be months after the initial complaint is filed. Since the women are here illegally and there is a chance that the pimps will harm them if they are left to their own devices here, they have often ended up sitting in jail until the trial is completed.

Sedbon said that they now try to send the women home and bring them back here for the trial.

Sedbon declined to comment on the complaints filed against Afula police chief Ch.-Supt. Shlomo Marmelstein and Tel Aviv police chief Cmdr. Shlomo Aharonishky for not acting against the problem, saying he could not comment on specific cases.

Sedbon emphasized that the issue is a priority for police and that each police district's serious crimes division is dealing with the problem.

Statistics police released earlier this year show an increase in the number of cases opened against pimps: 279 in 1997; 370 in 1998; and 506 in 1999.

Sedbon also said that only a minority of the foreign women working here as prostitutes are kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

Taken from

In no way I'm suggesting that all Jews are bad. Like everyone else, in every race, in every community n faith, evil lurks at places lest expected.
Anyone that is making profit out of other miseries, whoever they may be are evil, definitely, without prejudice of course.

Nina Hartley: Talked In A Holy Place.

December 05, 2006
Bring Nina Hartley Home for Hanukkah

Looking for a perfect Hanukkah gift for that special someone? Look no further than my pick for the most exciting book by a Jewish author this season: "Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex," by Jewish registered nurse-turned-porn-actress Nina Hartley. I learned of the book in Tristan Taormino's column about Hartley in the Village Voice. Taormino writes that the book is

"is honest, thoughtful, direct, and jam-packed with useful tips. She articulately describes her life as a porn star in an unlikely way: as a personal journey of sexual experimentation, self-discovery, and acceptance."

Well -- it sounds like Nina is livin' la vida blogger to me!

Born Marie Louise Hartman in 1959 with a Jewish mother, Hartley calls herself an atheist. Her Jewish background often surfaces in profiles, and she has spoken at synagogues, such as this Purim 2002 appearance at Temple Beth Ami in Santa Clarita, Calif. with her husband Iral Levine. Rabbi Mark Blazer invited the couple to the temple. The Jewish Journal picks up the story:

The rabbi believes his monthly seminars give congregants access to relevant topics that otherwise remain unexplored in a Jewish setting. Blazer says the oft-taboo sex education class is a timely Purim lesson. "Purim is a sexualized tale. I want people to read the Megillah not as they teach it to young children, but as the adult story it is," Blazer said. "Esther really pushes the limits of what a Jewish woman can do. So we’re presenting Nina Hartley, who does the same. She’s a passionate Jewish hero for sexuality," he adds.

Hartley, who stars in over 570 adult films, produces an adult video series and lectures at college campuses across the United States, said she is looking forward to bringing her seminar to a Los Angeles synagogue. "I want to share my sexual knowledge and experience with a Jewish audience. While Ira and I are nonpracticing Jews, we both identify with the religion and our history," Hartley says.

That establishes a least a baseline. Who knows -- maybe Nina will do a book signing in Crown Heights and she could elevate herself to slightly practicing. And as she knows from other activities, practice makes perfect.

Taken from