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For those who have no idea who or what r Muslims

This is the verse that we Muslims must read everyday in our daily prayers for 17 times daily as a compulsory verse in our five times a day prayer n not counting on the voluntary basis. Every Muslims, little children, men, women, on daily basis, so how can u say Al Quran can also be manipulated like the Torah n the gospel.

Al Fatihah

The Opening

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:

Praise be to God; Lord of all Worlds.

The Compassionate, the Merciful.

Master of the Day of Judgement.

You [alone] we worship, and You [alone] we ask for help.

Guide us to the straight path:

the path of those whom You have favoured, not [the path] of those against whom there is wrath, nor of those who are astray.

Justice for all

It's funny that when the Westerners talk about Syariah, the divine laws of Islam regarding the safety and law of lives, marriages,properties n the sacred bloodline of the human beings. The easy way out is of course saying that Muslims copied some of the laws from the old testaments n the Torah and mixed it with pagans rituals etc. etc. Yet they seem to have abandoned all the laws in their gospels and Torah, to suit, erm..modernity or secularism or to harness blind support 4 every hideous things the governments r cooking or something like that.

When referring to the stoning rituals, they quickly pointed that when Jesus and the Israelite was about to upheld the stoning rituals for adulterers, sex offenders who had sex outside marriage even though they are or were married, that he said only those who had not done so, can pick up the stone and throw it to the convicted adulterers as a symbol of mercy of Christianity not some lowered tune sarcasm of the corrupted lifestyles most of the Israelite back then. Even in the Torah stated the stoning ritual, but of course the laws of the Jews and in the bible are not seen as barbaric cruel blood thirsty Muslims' Syariah n yet they claimed we copied it from their holy books, Can they please made up their mind.

It is interesting to note that while our prophet, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. was still alive, there was one or two interesting accounts that I could remember involving the stoning rituals. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Once there was a woman surrendering herself to the prophet, claiming she had condemned herself by committing adultery and asked the prophet for her retribution and free her from the wrath of Allah and saved her from the fire of hell.

The prophet asked her did she knew what she was saying, whether she was crazy, intoxicated or disillusioning. The woman insisted that she wasn't disillusioning. N the prophet asked her whether she was pregnant or not, and when she said she was, the prophet dismissed her and asked her to take care of her pregnancy first without having her punished or kept her in some sort of imprisonment. When the woman had delivered the baby onto the world, she went back to see the prophet and asked him to help her from the wrath of Allah and His hell. Again the prophet dismissed her and sent her back home n asked her to take care of her baby for two years by showering the baby with a mother's love. Again without any mockery, brutal retributions or condemnation.
For my logic, if someone, especially a mother who had breastfed and took care of her baby for two years, I would guess would have think twice before surrendering herself to her death n to be parted with her baby but, this did not happened in this event. Again when she had finished breastfeeding and taking care of the child for two years, she went to see the prophet for the third time without any moral police or soldiers hunting and escorting her. N this time the prophet asked her whether there was anyone who was going to take care of her baby when she had passed away. N she answered yes and demanded the prophet to free her from her sins.
Only by confession and request by the sinner, in this instance, a woman trying to purify herself of her guilt, n out of fear of the judgement that much, much more grusome that awaited her in the afterlife was willing to surrender herself to the stoning ritual. At last the prophet granted her, her wish and asked the companions to carry out the execution.

When they started to throw the stones, she didn't try to run away and took it as a devoted servant to God. After a while, people started to curse her, and this where the amazing part began. The prophet was angry at them and forbid them to mock her by saying, know that she is a member of the paradise and Allah had granted her His mercy by pardoning her wrongdoings. When she was dead, they all took care of her like any other Muslims and did not discard her remains. She was prayed for and buried in a dignified way.

Another story was related in a hadith by Muslim reported by Abu Hurairah, A man came 2 see the prophet while he was in a mosque and confessed that he had involved in zina or adultery and he confessed up to four times, and each time the prophet turned his face away from him until the fourth time and he brought four witnesses to verify his confession, and only then the prophet asked the Muslims to take the man and did the stoning ritual.

There was another account, when a young man went to see the prophet asking whether Allah would pardoned his sin. The prophet said Allah is the Most Forgiving and His mercy is greater than that of his sin.

When the man told him that he dug up newly buried Muslimah and had intercourse with their corpses, the prophet could not hold his anger and asked the man to leave him at once. Devastated, the man went off and prayed to Allah. U see, before his confession, he had a dream, more like a nightmare, that one of the corpses came to him and scolded him for awakening her in the form of impurity in front of Allah in the judgment day, n asked him had he no shame?

There was no writing or saying that he was immediately arrested and punished with any harsh punishment after confessing his sin to the prophet. At last Allah revealed to the prophet that the man was pardoned and when the prophet received this revelation he asked his companions to fetch the man to tell him the good news. The man cried with relieve upon hearing the news. But this is the remarkable part of this story hidden by the liars and twisters of the truth. While praying with the rest of the Muslims, when he heard a verse in Al Quran uttered by the prophet in the prayer, he shouted and fell down dead. Do you know what was the verse?
This is the verse, Az Zalzalah or The Earthquake.

The Earthquake
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:
When earth is shaken with its [final] quake,

and the earth brings forth its burdens,

and man says, ‘What is wrong with it?’

On that day it shall relate its chronicles,

for its Lord will have inspired it.

On that day mankind shall issue forth in separate groups to be shown their deeds.

So whoever does an atom’s weight of good shall see it,

and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil shall see it.

Upon hearing the last verse, the man screamed while he was in a prayer and everyone attended him but he was dead. He died because of his fear of Allah not because the Syariah.

And there was also a recording of events during the time of Khalifah Umar. He liked to walk around and mingled with his subject. One day he climbed a house out of suspicion and entered it secretly and found out that the owner of the house was having illegal sex (outside of marriage) and he scolded him and wanted to take action on him. But the man defended himself by saying that Umar himself was not following the teaching of the prophet and Islam in three occasions the first, Muslims are forbidden to seek out his brothers wrongdoings or sins and second by illegally entering a man's house without consent and third, didn't gave the salam before entering his house. Upon hearing this, Umar left the man and did not take any action on him. This is written in Adab al-Suhbah. Help from others are needed to verify this. Since the liars and twisters of the truth always stated their sources to put some weight on their writing I guess.

A man once surrendered himself to the Prophet claiming that he had illegal sexual pleasure with a woman but not up to having an intercourse and asking for his punishment. N what did the prophet did at that time? He didn't said anything, instead Umar told him, God won't exposed your shortcomings if U didn't exposed them at the first place. The prophet only read a verse from the Quran for the man and the rest of the companions that were there this verse.
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:
And establish prayer at the two ends of the day, and in some watches of the night. Indeed good deeds annul misdeeds. That is a remembrance for the mindful.

Having said that, Muslim authority in different part of Muslim nations do differ in their interpretation of the syariah. Some are too brutal n strayed from the justice concept forewarned by the prophet, It is better to make a mistake and release a convict, than to make a mistake in executing a punishment.

As for hand cutting, wouldn't u wish Madoff's hand would be cut off, instead of watching his evil mockery smile smiling at U?? Well, not many Muslim nation are practicing this penalty, but if they do, I truly hope they truly understand the spirit of deterrent than of torture sadistically n not turning it to some sort of entertainment. (It is not up for me to judge them n it's not my say. They have their own problems n they have their own wise ones or the Ulama. I'm just the average Joe. Well, U 2 have problems that seem to get out of hands 2 right?) The value of goods involved won't be of course, let say an afternoon meal n off with his hand. Even one of the Khulafa Ar Rasyidin postponed this execution when poverty became rampant during certain time of his ruling.

Well, some Muslims n even non Muslims are asking this punishment to be carry out, C? Why? Well because theft has become abundant n people can steal almost anything they like that can turn to money for them, precious iron n steel from electricity giant post, drain coverage, man hole, u name it, as long that it is money making, even the live electrical wires are not spared from these thieves.

N the worst bunch, the crazy snatch thief on motorcycle that would caused the snatch victims and people related to them, their husbands, children, parents, misery of suffering miscarriages, death and deadly injuries of helpless pregnant women, old and young women just for a few bucks in their handbags. Well, don't get sympathy or empathy right, come on, justice is for the culprits only not for the victims eh, remember?

N, at last, the punishment for murderer. Surprise2, in the law of the hudud, one branch under the syariah, Murderer can ask for forgiveness from the family that he or she had killed whether intentionally or unintentionally n be spared from death but of course he had to pay some compensation for the victim's family.

Well, this is just brief writing about the syariah that u r so afraid of n knows too little that u r so afraid it would affect u. Yeah, if u are a thief, a murderer, an adulterer n there is also the Qisas, that deals in things such as an eye for an eye kind of thing, the Takzir, which laws are decided by the Muslim authority, muamalat that deals with businesses, munakahat that deals with marriages and family matters.

Well, what do u expect? Islam is a way of life, it safe guard the human beings from HIV, syphilis, a lot more sexual diseases that too many to mention here, unintended incests by fault marriage by unknown related sisters n brothers since they do not who r their father, sexual cravings that resemble the animals that is downgrading the human race, miseries and brutalities from aggressors and sinners.

Well, a sinner that inflicts himself is one thing, but a sinner that commits a sin by involving another innocent human beings is not fair right? C I did it and got away with it eh, U scary cat, Don't u wanna be a copy cat or something, C? One unpunished bad deeds will infect others to follow. This is the nature of the human beings. Islam is complete, with its teaching of the good n the bad, its guides, its warnings, its explanation about everything, where do we came from? n where r we going?, Why r we here? Its promised rewards for the good, its laws, its punishments for the bad, it is fit for human nature as a guide to live this life. U can marry n have sex, have kids, built a family, well that's normal! Why did u think Allah created Adam n Eve, and not Adam n Adam, or Adam alone? Devoting himself to Allah n don't have to think about Eve n etc. n we all won't be in this mess in the first place eh?? Well, u wish. Do read up n help me where I go wrong or not that right. Thanks anyway 4 reading this. This life is a test.

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Answering Islam, Faithfreedom N Dedicated Hate Sites lies

I've stumbled upon these hate sites while surfing the WWW. Well, there are lots of them, but some of my grave concerns are as follows,

Well, most of them are dedicated paid writers who of course, made a living by writing about something or anything about Islam, (by fabrication or simply twisting the truth to make a stupid generalisation of Islam n all Muslims) the middle east n Muslims, n if u asked me, I don't think they are bound to any ethic or guidelines or any path to the truth as a matter of fact.

They are bound to lies, the most hideous, the more outrageous r better, rumours, misquotations, misinterpretations, half quoting, etc. etc. n they r good twisters of the truth, one that parallel with the best liars of them all, the Zionist Jews. N believe me they can lie right there in front of your face without blinking even an eye. Your simplistic one layered lazy 2 think mind would surely fall to their deceit n lies just like the Americans, Christians n Jews alike, when they were scammed by Madoff, the ponzy. No, not a Muslim, who else do you think? But by reading their books n documentaries, I'm not so sure whether they love him 4 what he had done or admired his evil genius or something, erm..Westerners...they always had something to admire eh...first Saladin that introduced the word Chivalry to them..well that was a long time ago...

No, u can't blame him, Madoff or Mad Dog? with remarks such as as greedy as a Zionist Jew (who always wanted it all). It would be Anti Semitic or doing something bad on your behalf ..but U sure damn can blast the Arabs (literally or with your fancy phosphorus bombs or even nuke them), the brethren of the true Israelite, n no, I'm not talking about the black Jews or the so called Jews tribe from Soviet Russia or the rest of the world. The true Israelite which followed Moses a.s. from Egypt, when he saved them from slavery by the Great Egyptian Pharaoh, remember?

Then when they had to face the Philistinians that who were already there in their cities n civilizations, they asked Moses to fight them alone with Elohim, remember Jews? Or u simply ignored anything in the Torah or your Rabbinical writings when they didn't serve the purpose of glorifying u above all human race, the goyyim, the cattle people eh?

But money can sure change everything. N I mean it. Everything. Even the truth can be untruthful n half truth can be nothing but the truth. U got AIPAC in the only superpower of the world. N U trying to cook the same thing, CFI in the UK, n controlling all the media, the money n the economy most of the wealthy nations in the world. U sure repeating history eh, Zionist Jews. The Christians hated for your economy domination remember? That's why Hitler gassed 6 millions of U around Europe, n the Christians weren't that angry or sorry at all at that time, remember? It was us, Muslims, the Albanians n the rest of the Muslim Nations that sheltered U n protected U with our lives from the brutal Christians Pogroms n U repay our kindness by killing mercilessly our brothers, your brethren, the descendants of Ismail, The Palestinians, Muslims n Christians alike. Yeah, they are Semite 2, but your lies (or your money?) sure blinded the already blinded Christian Nations with pedophile priest, sexual Christian cults, porn, free sex, abortions, HIV, syphilis, economic strangulation by your Jewish Hedge funds n etc. etc. eh? U are doomed. U are doomed to repeat history again.

N don't hope for the Muslims at that time, when the time comes, to shelter U once again. Your beautiful phosphorous bombs n your laughing bikers on Harley from hell that watched Gaza being bomb (in a war??) had cut our heart to pieces.


My wife asked me, what do I expect in writing this blog. Well being a teacher, where u have 2 do 5 jobs in one, I am the teacher, the babysitter, the course participant n sometimes trainer, the entertainer, examiner of books n exam scripts on a daily basis, Handball coach, etc. etc. Can I cope with my time?

Well I'm not so sure but one thing I do know, at least maybe I can wipe off the smile from their faces (westerners, Hindus, Christians, Buddhist, Money worshiper, Atheist, Pun n Porn seekers, etc. etc.) when they read about another baby killers celebrating their 'bravery' n shameful victories n their mad Zionist rabbi who condone the killings n brutalities against not armies, not Muslims brave, but helpless n trapped babies, children, women n old ones without any shame, guilt or remorse.

We r Muslims, the men can marry up to four wives but never ever have free sex with anyone we like without a tie of a marriage n in the name n blessing of God. For same sex intercourse, well it is a blasphemy. Remember the people of Sodom n Gomorrah? Well, it is stated in the bible, n the old testament 2 right? I said we can have four wives, not we are all entitled to. Women c, no matter they are Muslimah, still have a hard time of sharing the love of their husbands with other women, well we have to think a lot of considerations, like the ability to carry the responsibilities, like money, the time, the energy, etc. etc. ..well not like u guys, I mean the non Muslims of course.

We r Muslims, willing to die n kill in the honour of the truth, our God, our faith, our right n our dignity if we must, if we have no other choice, to fight the oppressors, the slayers of the weak, the butchers, those who think they r gods, they r above the human race. (Like the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt eh, well guess what, they are Modern day Pharaoh, c, they kill n plunder like everyone is their slaves n they r gods) Well, most of the time we, Muslims are on the dying sides, like in Bosnia, Chechnya, South Thailand, The Philippines, Maluku, Palestine, Xinjiang etc. etc. n always be labeled as critters, as troublemakers, as the disturber of peace. Yeah, don't u wish we just died quietly eh, n u got all the lands, gold n the spoils of your undeclared wars.

We r Muslims, forbidden forever 2 kill babies, children, women, the old ones, attacking civilians even in the battlefield since it was forbidden by our teacher, our guide, our love, the last prophet, Muhammad s.a.w. , the last messenger of a series of messengers from Allah. Starting with Adam a.s, Abraham a.s, Musa a.s, Isa a.s n every single of them whether they r mentioned in Al Quran, in the bible especially the Barnabas, in the Torah or not even mentioned, it lies entirely on Allah's wisdom, for mentioning them or not, for He is the All Knowing. But we do know that no one on this earth will meet his maker without first being informed n guided about the truth of life. So that he cannot excuse himself in front of Allah on judgment day. C, this life is a test. Does your faith explain that to U?

I may be wrong, with my limited time n knowledge, with my kids always bugging me, well most of the time, my wife, my jobs...Well it's a labour of love anyway. I may make mistakes, typo error, unconfirmed facts, but please forgive me. I am only human. I'm not even in the category of the wise one. But, nevertheless, I am a man with responsibility, no matter how bad I am at it, I can't run away from it. N this responsibility of upholding the truth, even though an uphill task, has been laid firmly on my shoulder.

Being a human, I can only ask U, my Muslim brothers n sisters, my fellow human beings, 2 assist me with your comments, writings, thoughts etc. etc. that can quench the thirst of the seekers of knowledge n truth in the Worldwide Web. At least we r using this WWW in a dignified way, even though almost 80 to 90 percent of its contents r hideous n revolting. It does not matter what U believe in. Let us discuss it with an open mind. I'm not pushing my truth or my believe 2 anyone. I'm just explaining why I believe it n so that u won't be lied so easily about us Muslims.

We are human beings just like u. We bleed, we fall sick, we fall to temptations, we make mistakes, we trying to be good, we want to live in peace, we want 2 prosper just like u. Well, we can't do all the things that u do, like having free sex, killing babies, children, women n helpless civilians. Raped n chopped to pieces Iraqi girls n killing her entire family to hide your hideous crime n in the end got to spend time in luxurious prison of the west. Milan Lukic n Sredoje, two Bosnian Serbs also got that special Western Civilized justice for burning alive about 119 Muslims, babies, children, women etc. etc. along with other hideous killing. U westerners never stop to amaze me, well not all of U, I'm sorry, some of u are so fond of burning your victims to death, in the Hutu vs Tutsi conflicts, Cranmer was also burned alive you know. U sure want to act like god do U? Inflicting hell to your opponents, the ones who dared to face u, The Japanese, no, not soldiers, babies, women n old women and men toasted n suffered a horrible slow death even if they survived the blast of your weapon of mass destruction. N now some of U r threatening of putting the small lovely mushrooms on Muslims cities n countries n yet u cried cowardly, we are looking for WMD in Iraq, No WMD for terrorists n some more cry baby like stuff, Erm.. U guys. One senator in the USA even suggested that they should nuke Makkah n yet they claimed we are against terrorist not Islam. I'm just glad that these sick cowards are not running your country, (please check 4 me ok) or else u be ended up of nuking yourself. C, try nuking 1.5 billions Muslims worldwide n u might just end up with nuking yourself, radioactive rain or smoke eh, remember Chernobyl disaster?

Your countries, your government in the past (n some still at it) had humiliated us with imperialism n brutality in the name of spreading Christianity (to prosper your own country like a leech that suck the entire blood of subdued nations and people, more likely) to the new world, remember. U killed n plundered our nations n almost the entire world. N Now U r saying u r having a hard time dealing with the increasing numbers of Muslims n foreigners in your homeland? Well, guess what? What goes around, comes around, eh? Well, most of your wealth came from our wealth n blood, remember? The Dutch, the blood n wealth of the Indonesians, The Great Britain, the blood n wealth of the Land of the Malays, our tin, our iron ore, our rubber, luckily our oil is left intact. Praise be to God. Last thing I heard Italy had announced an official apology to Libya for its aggressions n illegal occupation back in the imperialism days.

I wonder when would Great Britain be great enough to do the same, well, to the Commonwealth countries of course, whose wealth had been plundered by her during her era of slavery of the whole wide world. N now the Englishman (I mean it literally, he is one of the commentators in Cranmer's blog) is complaining about Muslims n foreigners in their so called homeland. Which part? Scotland? Ireland? Ermm..

May God guides us all as He has guide me to this blog. Amin Ya Rabbal'alamin.

I would like 2 share a poem with all of U.

Where are you O Honesty?
In the ocean of lust
In the wave of deceit
In the stampede of brutality

Where are you O sweet Honesty?
When I face my trials
In this endless sea of my shortcoming
In the dying breath of what is pure and chaste
Innocence, Truth, and what is holy
Help me O dear honesty

Help me to see the true real me.

What are you afraid of

Michael Jackson's death is a blessing in disguise. I never paid 2 much attention 2 hate websites that seems 2 be dedicated 2 attack Islam n Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. since, I guess, since the dawn of time.

But then I came across a blog or two n then more and more kept on and on appearing on my search results, attacking MJ n Islam directly or indirectly in the name of freedom of expressions. So I come up with this blog.

There will always be struggle between the good n the bad. Like a dialogue in the famous Kungfu movie, the title is missing in my head right now, maybe Kungfu hustle, directed by a very dear actor n director of mine, Stephen Chow. The good cannot coexist with the bad, I think something like that, so this is my way of counter attacking the cowardice attacks by answeringislam, faith-freedom, muslimsjourney2hope n etc. etc. that without any shame or honour or whatsoever lied to the surfers of the Worldwide web. Right there in front of their faces. Some of these attacks had already been repelled n dealt with, by courageous Muslims worldwide. I salute U. But like u guess it, it is censored or not published in their blogs or websites. That's sure show how 'brave' they r.

Like the Red Indian of the plains who called themselves the human beings, uttered when they encountered helpless bodies of dead babies, women, children and old ones in one of their camp, "Let teach these cowards a lesson".

Well they did teach the cowards a lesson, by fighting them not with deadly weapons but by smacking the cowards with sticks, to embarrass these baby killers, slayers of the weak, by showing these cowards the Cheyenne Braves didn't need deadly weapons to fight cowards but instead got shot in the back.

I am going to teach these cowards a lesson. N I need all the help I can get. From u, the seekers of the truth. Those who honour the truth n can see past the lies n deceits, the prejudice n hate n see your true enemy, Look past the innocent gelatin eyes n see your enemy...

May Allah grants me the time 2 write in this blog n I pray Allah 2 grant u your time 2 write in my blog n we can at least help each other in the line of defense, not attacking these cowards who called themselves freedom fighters, saviours of mankind, defenders of the truth. I'm not 2 familiar with this blogging n all, but like they said, training makes perfect.