Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lying for sharia

At last, I'm a liar, trying to overturn lies n hate according to a man named foolster41. According to him, non Muslims were being subjugated by sharia laws, forced onto them in humiliating ways. If only he had provided the links. But foolster41, you have forgotten that I am a Muslim living in a Muslim dominated nation, and the non Muslims are not beaten for taking liquor for their livers nor et cetera, and et cetera. You must provide a concrete proof my dear virtual friend, so that I would get a general idea what is going on in the countries that punished the non Muslims so harshly. Were Muslims involved in their crimes? I can't read all of JW now can I? Please provide the hyper links. It would be much easier for all of us to understand the situations involved.

As for JW, insha Allah, if I'm granted the patience and the time, we'll meet again, but if you still remember the time consuming experience we had and the posting problem we've encountered, not to mention someone deliberately trying to hack my computer when I'm on the site, you'll understand my position. But why there? Here, no one is watching us, we are free from moderators. Our comments won't be moderated nor delayed. But you have to excuse the time I've taken to interact with you in the matrix, most of the time, the real world would dominate my energy and time. Hope to hear from you soon foolster41. By the way, how was that job hunting? Any good news? Peace.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animals Around Children

Children are the most beautiful beings on earth. They are the miniature of us. So adorable, innocent and cuddly, their presence is enough to ease the worrying minds. I wish I could still remember how I see the world when I was a child. The child in me is disappearing.  What a simple and adventurous life was then. Every living thing I encountered was like a Martian and everything was always the first time for me. Luckily I have two ultra super toddlers to help me retain those happy moments. Irreplaceable magical moments of life.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gekko gecko

And somebody hits the jackpot again on the wildlife of Malaysia. Malaysia has one of the oldest rainforest in the world. With it, an abundance of wildlife, so diverse you'll be surprised of the shapes and sizes of the creatures that dwell here. A prominent figure in the world of scholars had announced to the world that there is no longer a pure breed of Gallus gallus in Malaysia. They have been contaminated by feral chicken, one of the invasive species here in the lands of the Malay. Trust me. There are still these exotic wild fowls in the jungles of Malaysia. And I won't disclose it here, in case there are fat rich un-Confucius poachers eavesdropping on our friendly conversation and the renowned scholar would have made his point.

But the numbers are dwindling, much, much faster than those who are dwindling in unbelief. Well, thanks to the un-Confucius lots of course. They are overdoing it, not respecting balance and taking it all without limits to fill their unlimited space of ever hungry complicated intestine system and pushing everything to extinction without any remorse. I wonder if we have a harsh enough deterrent to intimidate the filthy rich to not to try and walk the lucrative path of wildlife trade.

Maybe somebody should lose their hands once in a while for daring to loot and destroy the wealth of this nation which would take years to reverse the damage done by these ungrateful lots. But  the Homo sapeins have this tendency of not taking things too seriously (sometimes, of course). The pangolins are being smuggled in mass to Thailand as exotic delicacies.  Once abundant in my place of dwelling, I haven't seen even one for almost two years now. And I'm hoping for the best. Let's hope the men in uniform and the guardians are not tempted by the richness promised by the dark side. Hopefully the last salary hike, twice in a row, does have a positive effect on the moral of the servants of the people that would have a chicken saying to describe their well-being, 'kais pagi, makan pagi, kais petang, makan petang' or hmm, this is quite tricky, but I'll try to translate it, 'foraging in the morning to eat in the morning, foraging in the evening to eat in the evening, which means of having barely enough to eat or survive at the current time and never any surplus or savings to guarantee the uncertainties of the future. Sounds bleak eh?

But have no worries, like I've said earlier, Malaysian forest is ever providing to the people of Malaysia, regardless of race and intention. There is a current craziness if I may, related to one of the faunas found in Malaysia. Before this, the sea cucumber or gamat, then the leeches and now it’s the gecko's turn. Specifically, the Gekko gecko or the Tokay gecko, which is believed to have medicinal properties in the ancient and traditional remedies of the East. So the prices of these used to be despised lizards for their ugly appearances and annoying loud 'Ekk Ook' sounds are increasing with their dwindling presence in the wild and homes of the lucky few. Once a norm in one of the island frequent by me, I would have been very lucky now to have seen one or two and hearing the loud mating call of these giant exotic lizards.

While regulation can’t effectively solve anything, it is quite a surprise of hearing some voices that said no rules and regulations are available for regulating the sales of these giant lizards. Does this mean that all the profits are tax-free or what? Could I kindly suggest that all trade involving live species be regulated with licences and well-documented trading inventories just in case we are not sure of the money and amount of lizards involved in this new found wealth of ours. We would not want to be seen as  a control freak nor a clueless idiot of things going on around us. While admitting the blessed wealth given to the lucky lizard hunters, a regulated  and controlled commerce would benefit all, especially the prized Tokay geckoes, in avoiding excessive exploitation that could cause extinction of these precious lizards in Malaysia.

What a boring world would it be without the sight and the sound of these impressive wall walkers.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Jihad Fairytale

"What are you reading there son?" asked the father to his only son. "Oh, I'm reading about the history of American wars throughout the millennia." replied the son. "Now, what the heck are you reading about those fairytales for. It won't do you any good now, would it?" said the father. "But dad, I have to read them, at least I'm going to have some ideas what bravery is all about." the son responded. "You see, when the Japanese were killing the rest of the people like flies, the Americans came and pulverised them with weapons of mass destruction and annihilated hundreds of thousands of their evil people, all women and children in seconds. When the Krauts, I'm not sure whether they are Jewish or Catholic, started to burn the whole Europe and killed the Jews in mass, we came down on them so hard with the brave Britons that Dresden would be a symbolic punishment to those who dared to fight us in our righteous struggles. We sure did show those murdering madmen the stuff we were made of." said the son enthusiastically.

The father looked deep into his son's eyes and said, "Son, they are just fairytales, a man made stories, they aren't real. Don't stick your head too high in the clouds now you hear. Come on, let me tuck you in." The father pulled the polka dots blanket up to his beloved son's chin. Save and secure.

"But dad, what about Iraq and Afghanistan?" Didn't our GIs made human trophies out of those sick Muslims?" the son grinned in amusement. "Nope, our GIs would never do such despicable things. Only the Nazis with black crosses would do such a thing." the father said firmly to his only beloved son. "But" gasp the son. "Now, now dear, save some for tomorrow. I'm sure we have plenty to talk about in the next morning when your brother came home from his arm dealing in Israel." comforted the father. "Cool, I can't wait to hear how the brave Israeli boys fight the Merkava with slingshots and dodging Willy Pete and live to laugh and talk about them. How I wish I could be there. Good night dad." the son said happily to his only father. "Good night son and God bless. Don't forget to say your prayer now you hear."  said the father to his beloved son. "Love you dad." said the son while slowly shutting his big brown eyes. "Love you son." said the father and he left his son to continue his writing about the Muslims and Islam. Much, much work to do.

And the lovely family spent the night in bliss and in perfect harmony. Forever and ever. The End.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Insha Allah/ God willing

Every time you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That you're so alone

All you see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah x3

Insha Allah you’ll find your way

Every time you commit one more mistake
You feel you can’t repent
And that it's way too late

Your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah x3
Insha Allah you’ll find your way

Insha Allah x3
Insha Allah you’ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray

Ya Allah
Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
You’re the only one could show me the way,

Show me the way x2

Insha Allah x3
Insha Allah we’ll find our way

Life: Kehidupan


Album : Tiada Lagi Kasih
Munsyid : In-Team

Kesenangan yang datang
Tak akan selamanya
Begitulah selepas susah ada kesenangan
Seperti selepas malam datangnya siang
Oleh itu waktu senang jangan lupa daratan

The ease that we have
would not last forever
It is the same after difficulties, ease will surely come
Just like after the dark of the night, day will break
So don't forget yourself in the time of plenty

Gunakan kesempatan untuk kebaikan
Sebelum segalanya terlepas dari genggaman
Kelak menyesal nanti tak berkesudahan
Apa guna sesalan hanya menekan jiwa

Use the opportunity that we have to do good
Before everything slips from our grasp
Surely we'll be left with endless remorse
What is the use of feeling sorry with ourselves
It would only burden the soul

Jangan difikir derita akan berpanjangan
Kelak akan membawa putus asa pada tuhan
Ingatlah biasanya kabus tak berpanjangan
Setelah kabus berlalu pasti cerah kembali

Do not think that the suffering upon us is forever
It would only make us despair from the mercy of our Lord
Remember that even the fog is not forever
After it resides, the light will shine again

Ujian adalah tarbiyah dari Allah
Apakah kitakan sabar ataupun sebaliknya
Kesenangan yang datang selepas kesusahan
Semuanya adalah nikmat dari tuhan

The test of difficulties is only an education from Allah
Whether we would endure it with patience or lost ourselves
The ease that comes after difficulties
Each one of them is the blessing from God

Senilagu : Nazrey Johani Senikata : Nazrey Johani Hakcipta : Inteam Records Sdn. Bhd.

Penerbit : Suffian Saujana Susunan Muzik : Bard Muffins Perkusi: Hamzah

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sabeel Ahmed: Prophet Muhammad and Aisha Siddiqa

Prophet Muhammad and Aisha Siddiqa®?
 by Sabeel Ahmed

Through the centuries, orientalists have advance numerous accusations and far-fetched theories to discredit Islam and its last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Praise be to Allah alone, all such accusations have been successfully refuted by the Muslims Ummah. Currently, one of the ‘reinvented’ accusations against the noble character of the Prophet is about his marriage to young Aisha Siddiqa ®. Let’s probe some of the orientalists’ charges in detail in the light of modern research, historic evidence and the Islamic sources of the Quran and the Sunnah to separate truth from falsehood, and display to the world that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is indeed an exemplary for all of mankind.
Two main theories are often advance by orientalists to attack the pure character of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on his marriage to Aisha ® at her young age.
A. He was a Pedophile. B. He was involved in child abuse.
Let’s analyze each theory to dig out the truth, through the Guidance of Allah (SWT).
A. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) married Aisha ® because he was a pedophile? Definition of a Pedophile:
"Pedophile: also spelled PEDOPHILIA, psychosexual disorder in which an adult's arousal and sexual gratification occur primarily through sexual contact with prepubescent children. The typical pedophile is unable to find satisfaction in an adult sexual relationship and may have low self-esteem, seeing sexual activity with a child as less threatening than that with an adult." Encyclopedia Britannica, 1998
" n [NL] (1906): sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object -- or adj." Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
The diagnostic criteria for pedophilia according to American Psychiatric Association:

  • Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent intense sexual urges and sexual arousing fantasies involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children.

  • The person has acted on these urges, or is markedly distressed by them.

  • The person is at least 16 years old and at least 5 years older than the child or children in A.

  • DSM-III-R Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, ed 3, revised, copyright American Psychiatric Association.
    "In addition to their pedophilia, a significant number of pedophiles are concomitantly or have previously been involved in exhibitionism, voyeurism, or rape". (Voyeurism’s the recurrent preoccupation with fantasized or acts that involve seeking out or observing people who are naked, or are engaged in grooming or in sexual activity". Synopsis of psychiatry, Harold I.Kaplan et al., 5th ed., pg360, Publishers: Williams and Wilkens, 1988.

    Does the Prophet fit the above criteria of a pedophile?

    With the above criteria of a pedophile in mind, lets analyze the lifestyle of the prophet and his marriages.

    Name of Bride Bride’s age at marriage Comments
    Khadija bint khawilad 40 Twice widowed before
    Sauda Bint Zama 50 Widow
    Aisha bint Abu Bakr 9 Started living with the prophet at the age of 9.
    Hafsa Bint Umar bin Khattab 22 Widow
    Zainab bint Khuzaima 30
    Umm-I-Salma bint Abu Umayia 26 Widow
    Zainab Bint Jahash 38 Widow
    Juwaeria Bint Harith 20 Widow
    Umm-I-Habiba bint Abu Sufyan 36 Widow
    Marya Qibtiya bint shamun 17 Virgin, Egyptian
    Safia bint Hayi bin Akhtab 17 Widow
    Raihana bint umru bin hanafa Not available
    Maimuna bint harith 36 Widow

    Source: The Prophet of Islam, the Ideal Husband, by Syed Abu Zafar Zain, Kazi Publications, Lahore, Ist Ed., pg. 10-12
               Statistics from the above table:

    Percentage of his wives who were 17years and older = 91 %
    Percentage of his wives who were widows = 75%
    Comment: The statistics show that the prophet’s marriage to Aisha at her young age was an exception and not a norm of his other marriages. Furthermore ‘a pedophile’s main mode of sexual satisfaction is with prepubescent girls’, which is contradictory to the 91% of prophet’s marriage to women 17 years and over. An unbiased examination of Prophet’s life and his marriages to his wives blatantly rejects the notion of his lifestyle fitting that of a pedophile. All his brides were aged widows (except Aisha and Marium).
    Moreover, according to the criteria in the references cited above in ‘Synopsis of Psychiatry’, a vast majority of pedophiles possess a history of exhibitionism, voyeurism, or rape. Again, there is no single reference from either religious or secular sources that the noble Prophet ever indulged in such sadistic behavior (God forbid). This truth is observed and accepted by both Muslims and unbiased non-Muslims scholars.

    "It is impossible for anyone who studies the life and character of the great Prophet of Arabia, who knows how he taught and how he lived, to feel anything but reverence for that mighty Prophet, one of the great messengers of the Supreme. And although in what I put to you I shall say many things which may be familiar to many, yet I myself feel whenever I re-read them, a new way of admiration, a new sense of reverence for that mighty Arabian teacher." – Annie Besant, THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF MUHAMMAD, Madras, 1932, p. 4.
    B. Others claim that the noble Prophet (peace be upon him) indulged in child-abuse when he married Aisha at her young age.
    Let scrutinize this allegation…

    Definition of Child Abuse:
    Child Abuse, also called CRUELTY TO CHILDREN, the willful and unjustifiable infliction of pain and suffering on children. The term can denote the use of inordinate physical violence; unjustifiable verbal abuse; the failure to furnish proper shelter, nourishment, medical treatment, or emotional support; incest; other cases of sexual molestation or rape; and the making of child pornography. Frequently described by the medical profession as the "battered-child syndrome," abusive treatment of children is almost universally proscribed by criminal statutes. Child abuse can have serious future consequences for the victims involved. Delays in physical growth, impaired language and cognitive abilities, and problems in personality development, learning, and behavior are common following instances of child abuse or neglect.Encyclopedia Britannica, 1998
    Comment: None of the criteria of child-abuse applies to the noble life of the Prophet (pbuh). There is no single incident of any infliction of pain and suffering by the prophet on Aisha or any other human being for that matter. Neither any instance of verbal or sexual abuse can be concluded from the relationship of the prophet with Aisha ® or any of his wives.

    An abused child can have serious future consequences…delayed physical growth, impaired language..learning and behavior…etc (above definition). As one examines the chaste life of Aisha ®, her personality, physical, mental and spiritual development are all contrary to that of an abused child. In fact through the Prophet’s marriage and his guidance to Aisha, history testifies that she should be labeled not as an abused child but as a ‘blessed child’.

    After analyzing and refuting the accusations against the noble character of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the only viable alternative left with us is:
    C. The Prophet married Aisha for the benefit of Islam and Humanity.
    Let's analyze:

  • The Prophet married Aisha primarily for three reasons:

  • To reinforce the friendly relations already existing with Abu Bakr (his closest companion).

  • To educate and train Aisha so she may serve the purposes of Islam.

  • To teach her to utilize her capabilities for the sake of Islam.

  • Her Marriage with the prophet was a Wahi (Divine Revelation). She, herself relates from the Prophet, ‘He said, "I saw you in dreams three times. The angel brought you to me and you were clad in white silk. He (the angel) said that it was your consort and he (angel) showed me by opening your face. You are just like that…" Sahih Muslim, Vol.2, p.285.

  • Aisha ® was born after her parents had embraced Islam. Therefore, she was free from the defilement of polytheism right from her birth.

  • In her youth, already known for her striking beauty and her formidable memory, she came under the loving care and attention of the Prophet himself. As his wife and close companion she acquired from him knowledge and insight such as no woman has ever acquired.

    Aishah lived on almost fifty years after the passing away of the Prophet. She had been his wife for a decade. Much of this time was spent in learning and acquiring knowledge of the two most important sources of God's guidance, the Quran and the Sunnah of His Prophet. Aishah ® was one of the three wives (the other two being Hafsa ® and Umm Salamah ®) who memorized the Revelation. Like Hafsa ®, she had her own script of the Quran written after the Prophet had died.

  • So far as the Hadith or sayings of the Prophet is concerned, Aishah ® is one of four persons (the others being Abu Hurrah, Abdullah ibn Umar, and Ana ibn Malik) who transmitted more than two thousand sayings. From her, 2210 Hadith have come, out of which 174 Hadith are commonly agreed upon by both Bukhari and Muslim. Many of her transmissions pertain to some of the most intimate aspects of personal behavior which only someone in Aishah’s position could have learnt. What is most important is that her knowledge of Hadith was passed on in written form by at least three persons including her nephew Urwah who became one of the greatest scholars among the generation after the Companions. It is the claim of the Scholars of Islam that without her, half of the Ilm-I-Hadith [knowledge, understanding of the Hadith (and Islam)] would have perished.

  • Many of the learned companions of the Prophet and their followers benefited from Aishah's knowledge. Abu Musa al-Ashari once said: "If we companions of the Messenger of God had any difficulty on a matter, we asked Aisha about it."

  • "Yahya related to me from Malik from Yahya ibn Said from Said ibn al-Musayyab that Abu Musa al-Ashari came to Aishah, the wife of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and said to her, "The disagreement of the companions in a matter which I hate to bring before you has distressed me." She said, "What is that? You did not ask your mother about it, so ask me." He said, "A man penetrates his wife, but becomes listless and does not ejaculate. "She said, "When the circumcised part passes the circumcised part ghusl is obligatory." Abu Musa added, "I shall never ask anyone about this after you." Al-Muwatta of Imam Malik Hadith 2.75
    Arwa Bin Zubair says, "I did not find anyone more proficient (than Aisha ®) in the knowledge of the Holy Quran, the Commandments of Halal (lawful) and Haram (prohibited), Ilmul-Ansab and Arabic poetry. That is why, even senior companions of the Prophet used to consult Aisha ® in resolving intricate issued".Jala-ul-Afham by Ibn Qaiyem and Ibn Sa’ad, Vol.2, p.26

    Abu Musa al-Ashari says: "Never had we (the companions) had any difficulty for the solution of which we approached Aisha and did not get some useful information from her".Sirat-I-Aisha, on the authority of Trimidhi, pg. 163.

  • As a teacher she had a clear and persuasive manner of speech and her power of oratory has been described in superlative terms by al-Ahnaf who said: "I have heard speeches of Abu Bakr and Umar, Uthman and Ali and the Khulafa up to this day, but I have not heard speech more persuasive and more beautiful from the mouth of any person than from the mouth of Aishah."

    The Prophet said, "The superiority of 'Aisha to other ladies is like the superiority of Tharid (i.e. meat and bread dish) to other meals. Many men reached the level of perfection, but no woman reached such a level except Mary, the daughter of Imran and Asia, the wife of Pharaoh." Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith, Narrated by Abu Musa Al Ashari Hadith 4.643
    Musa Ibn Talha ® says, "I did not see anyone more eloquent than Aisha ®" Mustadrak of Hakim, Vol.4,p.11

  • Men and women came from far and wide to benefit from her knowledge.

    Aisha’s great interest in the study of the Qur’an is understandable. She was an eye-witness to a number of revelations and had therefore a clear idea of the circumstances in which they were revealed. It was on her bed alone (and no other consort’s) that the Prophet received Wahi (Divine Revelations) several times. This helped her in interpreting the verses.

  • At the time of the Prophet’s death, the Prophet’s head was on her lap. It was in her quarters that the Prophet was buried.

    The life of Aishah (R) is a proof that a woman can be far more learned than men and that she can be the teacher of scholars and experts. Her life is also a proof that a woman can exert influence over men and women and provide them with inspiration and leadership. Aisha (R) is a continuing inspiration and role model to today’s youth who are diligently searching for an example amongst the pop stars, movie actresses and sports stars. May the memory of her’s live forever in the heart of the Muslim Ummah and may Allah grant her the highest abode in Paradise…Aameen.

    It was the aforementioned qualities of Aisha ® and the Prophet’s guidance in molding these capabilities for the service of Islam, were the main reasons, why the Prophet Married young Aisha ®, and not the perverted reasons brought forth by misguided orientalists.

    Muslims invite all sincere humans to study the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) in the light of the authentic sources of the Quran and the Sunnah (exemplary sayings and deeds of the Prophet) and judge for themselves where the truth lies. Indeed, by recognizing the truth of Islam as the final and complete Guidance sent by our Creator can humanity find lasting peace in this world and a means of salvation from the hell fire in the hereafter.
    "I have studied him - the wonderful man and in my opinion far from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today." George Bernard Shaw, THE GENUINE ISLAM, Vol. 1, No. 81936.

    Though, the Prophet is not among us in his flesh, but his exemplary life has been preserved for all humanity to follow.

    When Truth comes Falsehood disappears, Islam came, now Shirk (polytheism) must clear
    Welcome to Islam…

    [While writing this article, MR. SABEEL AHMED (E-mail: or is at the final stage of his medical programme in Ross University, New York. He is the Co-chairman of the Da'wa Committee and Board of Director at the Muslim Community Center Masjid (the largest mosque in the Illinois state). He is also a member of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) where he is actively involved in the 'toll free da'wa hotline' 1-800-662-islam, having first hand experience in handling calls by non-Muslim. He was a student of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat and his main field of interest is in comparative religion.]