Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lying for sharia

At last, I'm a liar, trying to overturn lies n hate according to a man named foolster41. According to him, non Muslims were being subjugated by sharia laws, forced onto them in humiliating ways. If only he had provided the links. But foolster41, you have forgotten that I am a Muslim living in a Muslim dominated nation, and the non Muslims are not beaten for taking liquor for their livers nor et cetera, and et cetera. You must provide a concrete proof my dear virtual friend, so that I would get a general idea what is going on in the countries that punished the non Muslims so harshly. Were Muslims involved in their crimes? I can't read all of JW now can I? Please provide the hyper links. It would be much easier for all of us to understand the situations involved.

As for JW, insha Allah, if I'm granted the patience and the time, we'll meet again, but if you still remember the time consuming experience we had and the posting problem we've encountered, not to mention someone deliberately trying to hack my computer when I'm on the site, you'll understand my position. But why there? Here, no one is watching us, we are free from moderators. Our comments won't be moderated nor delayed. But you have to excuse the time I've taken to interact with you in the matrix, most of the time, the real world would dominate my energy and time. Hope to hear from you soon foolster41. By the way, how was that job hunting? Any good news? Peace.

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  1. The claim that subjegation of non-muslims is not happening in any Muslim nation is so utterly rediclous its breathtaking. Not only that, but Sharia law calls for brutal punishments such as stonings, floggings and amputations. Jihad Watch provides hundreds of examples. You wouldn't have to read the whole thing, just one would be sufficent to show that it is indeed happening. Here are examples of non-muslism being mistreated, and examples of brutal punsishment under sharia law:

    Muslims threatening non-muslims:

    Why is this sort of thing happening in the first place? Why don't tbe goverment stop it?

    School textbooks advocate death for apostocy (Freedom of religion?):

    Freedom of Relgion in Malaysia? If you're muslim:

    Caning of women under sharia law:

    And there are others. Do you seriously not know what's going on in your own country? Now you know, you will denounce these things as un-islamic and work to change them, right?

    Meanwhile in Iran:

    Flogging and stoning of women:

    (And there are many more of these too)

    Mohammad said "if anyone changes his religion, kill him.". He also said that non-muslims be fought until they "feel subdued" (9:29) including paying a tax, restrictions on building and repairing houses of worship and prostlotizing. But, I must be making up muslim subjegation of non-beleivers!

    Why not here? I already said why, because no one here seems to be reading, and I'd rather post in the light than the dark. You don't need to fear moderation on JW. As long as you're not using bad language or calling for genocide you won't be banned or censored. JW is pretty free in moderation style. Also, this site seems to load really slowly on my computer.

    Frankly, I think I'm done debating you. It does not good, You still praise genocidal terrorist groups like HAMAS and Iran, and unless these examples have changed your mind, you insist that Muslims aren't doing evil against non-muslims (The 19,319+ victems since 9/11 would of course, beg to differ)

    At least you were honest with the title of this post.


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