Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Jihad Fairytale

"What are you reading there son?" asked the father to his only son. "Oh, I'm reading about the history of American wars throughout the millennia." replied the son. "Now, what the heck are you reading about those fairytales for. It won't do you any good now, would it?" said the father. "But dad, I have to read them, at least I'm going to have some ideas what bravery is all about." the son responded. "You see, when the Japanese were killing the rest of the people like flies, the Americans came and pulverised them with weapons of mass destruction and annihilated hundreds of thousands of their evil people, all women and children in seconds. When the Krauts, I'm not sure whether they are Jewish or Catholic, started to burn the whole Europe and killed the Jews in mass, we came down on them so hard with the brave Britons that Dresden would be a symbolic punishment to those who dared to fight us in our righteous struggles. We sure did show those murdering madmen the stuff we were made of." said the son enthusiastically.

The father looked deep into his son's eyes and said, "Son, they are just fairytales, a man made stories, they aren't real. Don't stick your head too high in the clouds now you hear. Come on, let me tuck you in." The father pulled the polka dots blanket up to his beloved son's chin. Save and secure.

"But dad, what about Iraq and Afghanistan?" Didn't our GIs made human trophies out of those sick Muslims?" the son grinned in amusement. "Nope, our GIs would never do such despicable things. Only the Nazis with black crosses would do such a thing." the father said firmly to his only beloved son. "But" gasp the son. "Now, now dear, save some for tomorrow. I'm sure we have plenty to talk about in the next morning when your brother came home from his arm dealing in Israel." comforted the father. "Cool, I can't wait to hear how the brave Israeli boys fight the Merkava with slingshots and dodging Willy Pete and live to laugh and talk about them. How I wish I could be there. Good night dad." the son said happily to his only father. "Good night son and God bless. Don't forget to say your prayer now you hear."  said the father to his beloved son. "Love you dad." said the son while slowly shutting his big brown eyes. "Love you son." said the father and he left his son to continue his writing about the Muslims and Islam. Much, much work to do.

And the lovely family spent the night in bliss and in perfect harmony. Forever and ever. The End.


  1. Another Muslim making the claim that the holocaust is a lie. Disgusting, but hardly surprising based on your previous Jew-hatred and terorrism support here.

  2. Hi Foolster41, you should have read the title man, and if possible, what lies between the lines, and if I may recommend, the rest of my posting before accusing me of hating the Jews, denying the holocaust and supporting terrorism. Please quote me to prove your point. If not, it won't look that good on you.

  3. So, you're saying this is wrong, that someone shouldn't think this way? it seems awfully sympathetic in tone, especially in the "perfect harmony" ending, and that's why I perhaps misundestood. Also, you have had a past of saying things that show at the very least a lack of sympathy for suffering Jews.

    You've praised HAMAS a GENOCIDAL orginization that has as it's stated goal to elinimate isreal, thst propigates BLOOD LIBEL against Jews, murders civilians and uses its own civilians are human sheilds as "very good". You also praised Iran who is a fascist regime with the same problems as HAMAS.
    You've also shown at the very least disdain for the death of Jews. You said that Isreal shouldn't defend themselves, but go to the UN who by the way are doing NOTHING to help Isreal. You also said "what's the rush?", as if Jews dying means very little to you.

    Also, you lied about sharia law not being enforced on non-beleivers. The entire archives of attests to this, and I know you know it, because you posted there.

    In repsonse you threatened me "you won't like it when I'm angry". You also mocked my spelling, which is blindingly hypocritical.

    All in all, you apear to me not to be someone who wants to "overturn lies and hate" at all, but someone who wants to smokescreen for Islam and it's brutal teachings. Otherwise, why would you be so hard on people like me and Mr. Spencer who HONESTLY report on the violence done in the name of your co-religionists, but remain silent on that brutality itself? (When of course your not praising regimes that imprision, rape, torture and kill the kuffar in the name of Islam!)
    As it seems hardly anyone else reads this blog, I won't be posting again unless you post something of interest. I'd be happy to debate with you back on JW in the light of day.

  4. Genocidal? Rape and torture? I'm sure you are absolutely oblivious of Dier Yassin 1948, Sabra and Shattila 1982, Abu Ghraib 2004, Guantanamoa



    American soldiers' some recorded brutalities



    Mass killings

  5. Two wrongs make a right is not a valid defense. Also, US and Isreal do not have any of these as policy. Both Iran and HAMAS do have stated a desire and policy (HAMAS charter) of destroying Isreal. Also, Iran has a history (as many Muslim nations do) of supressing and subjegating non-muslims.

    Do you beleive people like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and myself are "haters" and "liars" because we point out the factual bad behavior of your co-religionists twords non-muslims?

    Also, you didn't answer me about my understanding of the story. Is the father supposed to be unsympathetic?

    Finally, perhaps you'd like to comment here on this artcile. I'd like to hear your opinion on how this is un-islamic.


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