Friday, February 11, 2011

Standing On My Own Two Little Feet

I was born by a mother
Bedridden by accident
The doctor said she should have aborted me
If not I may not survive or born with two healthy little feet

Broken both legs and in agony
She insisted to have me along with her pain and pain killers
So I was born with two little feet to stand on my own
For she could not take care of me
Only for a month and I was raised by my healthy aunt

When she was better she took me back
And raised me with love, being the only son that she had
For if she had aborted me and followed the wise doctor
She would never have seen me standing on my own two little feet

I grew up in the land of the Malay
The indigenous that have so much privileges and helping hands that await kindly
But strange no helping hands were there to hold me
So I have to stand on my own two little feet

Everyone seemed to be granted a piece of land, a house and a job
I asked my mother why shouldn't we
She said even if we are Malays ourselves, my dear son
We have to stand on our own two little feet

So I have to find my own job, buy my own land and build my own house
With my own money, sweat and blood, saving every cent that I can
While watching my Malay brothers crying and acting demandingly
For not being able to stand on their own two little feet

My son was lucky enough to be in a boarding school
My smile was broad and my chest was full
Not long after soon I realised that I have to settle the bills in full
For I have the ability to stand on my own two little feet

So my son asked me why wasn't he given any laptop as his friends had
With monthly allowance, free uniforms, food and drinks
I say son, don't you know that you as I
Have to stand on our own two little feet

As for the rest lucky Malays, the poor and the rich
They could never stand on their own two little feet
They must be helped, supported and pampered
If not they will cry and cry, sitting heavily on their comfy seats
And won't stand on their own two little feet

Confused and starting to ask about the fairness in life
My son mumbles and mumbles on as he walks away from me
For he knew that like me, he has to spend wisely all his hard earned money
To pay for the house, the land and all that most got for free.

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