Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Aryans and the Caucasians

Ah, much better, Ernst, but I don't like the way you petting your cat; it looks like the hands of Doctor Evil in some Inspector Gadget's scene or something. You're not him, are you?

Oswin, a man can say whatever he wants to. Backing them up with solid evidences and examples to support his arguments is something else. For you, I'll provide this link about the one that died on the cross. The heritage goes longer back in history than D Singh could have ever imagined. Len might not like the paganism element involved. Non Mouse would constantly be in the state of denial, as most are.


I have not encountered any counter measure by any Christians even until now, except denial without refuting them with evidences and examples. Hope you can. As for the abundant lies against Islam, I have almost all the answers refuting them in the web links in my blog, if I can't find them or think they are not enough, I'll use my own neurons to assist me. The answers were not refuted by anyone, convincingly, as the allegations themselves in the first place.

For example, the only culture and religion that specifically had torture as their norm is Christianity and White Caucasians. It was instrumental only to them; Narni was one great, recent example. Gaza, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are their continuum.

Second, the only religion and culture that killed civilians/dissidents horribly was/is based on Christianity and White Caucasians. The only creature that used weapon of mass destruction on civilians instead of heavily armed armies was not man as many scientists would suggest. I reject being generalised with them. We should narrow down the category for better understanding.

The major culprits in exploiting sex to corrupt the human race while profiting on them without shame, are none other, well, you guessed it right, Ernst.

All these events were not isolated instances nor did they happen in a short lapse of time, definitely not limited occurrences. They were wide spread, consistent and had a long life span. 

The only religious institution tarred by sexual scandals worldwide is based on Christianity and White Caucasians as do major paedophiles, worldwide too, in the past and even now.

It is better to focus on your own religion and culture than trying to defile others. You may not like the end result.

The only new sect of religion born out of a king's desire to divorce his queen and marry another was also based on Christianity and a specific identifiable race.

True, some would say these examples were committed by criminals. The only problem is that they were not considered by criminals by the majority of their culture and religion. Most remained in powerful and luxurious position, Scot free even he's English. Some would not dare to go to certain countries in fear of indictment, of course.

Oswin, please provide the examples and evidences that you have as proof against Islam. If I can, I'll address them here or in my blog. Elegant silence is no longer the rule of the day. It would only be showing the obvious.

Last but not least, the region of Caucasus that was said as the origin of Whites had not been Christians for a long time now. They even survived Stalin and the Gulag. As all the same people that believed as they had believed. It made them indestructible. No matter what the tyrants and their democratic compatriots did and do to them. The Aryans and the ten lost tribes of Israel are not Christians too. They are now battling the Western occupying forces, defending their beloved motherland of Afghanistan and Pakistan, outgunned as always. Undefeated as always. They are the master race remember?

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