Monday, March 15, 2010

Tolerance and its Limits

I came across a comment By Joe Therapist in Tit for Tat in questioning about his attention of highlighting Swiss problem to Malaysians. It is interesting how certain events and occurrences simply erased from everyone's memory and certain events got highlighted and given such an emphasis that the rest are insignificant unlucky things that got out of hand, despite of good intentions, of course.

The Bintang Tiga or Chinese Communist was only trying to free the Malays and the West were trying to save the Malays of hard labour of plundering their own wealth by bringing in obedient slaves from India and China, Non Muslims of course, and everyone is asking the Malays to learn from the example of Obama! As if the slaves belong to the Malays in the first place and the Englishmen were actually gentlemen back then.

Muslims were ridiculed for being backward and insensitive. Well, how would you have behaved after hundred years of oppressions by the people of the cross that came uninvited in spreading modernity to all four corners of the world. Science was lost then and there is nothing strange about it. Why won't it? How could it survived and nurtured? Muslims were under unashamed dominant oppressive force that not only killed and plundered, but destroyed all basis of civilisation in the Muslim world and others, in the name of the cross, of course.

Now the West are being haunted by the ghost of past Christmas. They are being invaded by their former slaves, as if they came in such a dominant and arrogant way like they once did. But that is unrelated of course. The past is the past. Grow up. You are losers. You don't have nothing. No one in the Muslim world could invented the A bomb. No one is allowed to, see. Cause there's already enough nukes to blow up all that exist into kingdom come! America has more than is needed to wipe out every single nations through out the globe. So does others, but having one or two, would be very dangerous and deadly to the peace of the human race, as if all the major wars and madness through the centuries were committed and caused by the dominant Muslims that tried to enslave others into humiliating submission! Don't even think of bringing India and Spain into this. And Vlad the Impaler is enough to clear any doubts about the invading Turks.

The churches, temples and everything that is considered holy to Non Muslims are respected by Muslims. Even when sometimes it was illegally built on lands that doesn't belong to it in the first place. Sometimes tolerance is not that appreciated but instead some still pushed for more and more. Go to Teluk Intan, Perak Darul Ridzuan, where a huge church exist side by side with a mosque to name one as an example. Go pass Batu Caves and you'll get my point.

There's no need to highlight Muslims' ailments to ridicule Muslims. We have our problems, you have yours. I won't highlight yours. We all have our own problems. Mostly because we are actually unpractising our faith to the fullest extent in the best ways and efforts. But trying to say that Muslims should be more open when everyone watched in awe of the openness in Malaysia would be as like some would said it, 'beri betis nak peha' or 'asking for the thigh after being given the calf'. There's no mosque in the Vatican, nor in the centre of any religion, don't you get it already?

Everything should go both ways. You give some, you take some, you held some to yourself and vice versa. Denying all that have been achieved and ridiculed something that sheltered everyone in peace and harmony for almost more than 50 years would be considered as rude and inconsiderate. No Muslims in Malaysia is touching any sensitive issues regarding Non Muslims. In Non Muslim countries, things are very different. So and so, you can't expect us to shut one eye and turn the other cheek. Some never did, for the past of the centuries or is it since the beginning of time? To begining to act like one would be an act of rudeness and humour, all mixed up in an endless confusion, for everybody to see and ponder.

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