Friday, March 5, 2010


It is undeniable that righteousness or Dharma exists in every human being, no matter what or who he is and it doesn't matter where he comes from. It's the nature of the human being. In such nature, he would always be attracted to goodness and of course, oppose anything that is unjust and wrongness that would cause absurdity in living his daily lives. God wouldn't just create us without equipping us with the right tools and necessity to survive and find our happiness here and in the afterlife. Some atheists still can't figure out death since no Science until this day has penetrated such borderline and they still have doubts about Pluto. Science is just like that. As with any manmade creation and achievement, it has its limit and weaknesses. So we can't risk it by stop thinking, asking and seeking the truest truth we can find.

When stating or defining something as good or bad or the in-between, we, the average human beings must have a basis of comparison. What is white if we can't have black to compare and justify white in the first place. So we compare all the events and existence that happens and exists around us to help us make sense of things. Especially of those that had been frozen in time for us to ponder, our past. So we observe who walk the talk, who can justify their actions the most, who kill the most and trying to convince others, if not themselves, it is scientifically justified since a developing human cells can't run and cry so they are not humans that deserved compassion and love. There is a term common in psychology and counselling if I may share here, it is known as self justification. Without it man would be driven to madness in knowing how just plainly evil and erroneous he had become. For some, they don't need it, but gave themselves up to God and learn and remedy their fault and weaknesses instead of seeking ways and excuses to justify their deficits.

Prophecy as its nature, is very testing and could not be scientifically measured so it is quite vague. Some may see the vagueness as a sign of incompetent and so dismiss it as a hallucination or a hope for the hopeless. For some, it is the ultimate test of faith that everyone is endowed with. A feeling of knowing that good will always prevails upon evil. Again, it is only the nature of man, Muslims or Non Muslims, white or black, Eastern or Western. No one can escape it. No one wants evil to reign above good. But interpretation may be deceiving. Of what is good and what is actually evil.

So before the coming of the Messiah that would save mankind from its own doing, why not we use our abilities and determination that strangely existed in all of us in spite of all the powerful evil that is trying to tell us what to do and blinded us all from the truth. Why can't we dig deeper and deeper and see from a different angle and compare all of them to form our own basis of comparison. Would it make us a more confused man than before or ultimately it would be the end of our quest of perfection and the truth in our short existence in this test we called life.

Thank you godrealized for sharing your thought with me and my readers. It is good to know in spite of differences that existed, all of us have the stark similarities in all of us, Dharma. And no one can escape their Karma for they are responsible in determining the course they are taking with all the thinking abilities and the power to choose that they have been blessed with.

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