Friday, March 19, 2010

Inhumane Muslims

Muslims are monsters
They were invaded by the Mongols

Muslims are crazy
They were invaded by the Crusades

The Caliph was trampled to death
And all the wealth was exposed to its actual worth

The Jews and Muslims had suffered the same horrible death
Jerusalem would be tainted forever in history of the church

The Europeans are non aggressors
They had always turned the other cheek

While watching those who dared to speak
Being crushed and gently treated
Lying helpless at Scavenger's daughter's feet

Europe had been plagued by a thousand death
The first crusade that not many had ever read

Before the Romans brought in the cross
On the ruins of the pagans, majestically gross

Don't be afraid of the medieval torture devices
They were invented by Muslims, the barbaric bunch

Whatever Muslims touched
Would end up like Andalusia, if not India

No glory, only agony
With evidence unscathed
By time nor by any man

Why don't you pay a visit to the coliseum in Rome
The church of Vlad and all the Nazi death camps

They were all strangely intertwined
Islam and fascist, could they ever be rhymed?

Now watch all the villains in the TV or the movies
Can't you see the stark resemblance, their similarities?

Greet Wilders and the man named Syndrome
The Incredibles too faced such a similar boredom.

How peculiar their similarities are
Villains do looked like all villains would

Self admired, mad men without any disgrace.
Always smiling on the suffering of the human race.
Like always.

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