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John W. Loftus: A Response to a Pro Israeli Bible Thumper

My Response to a Pro Israeli Bible Thumper

By John W. Loftus at 3/25/2010

Here is a response to a Bible thumper espousing a Pro Israel political view. He wrote:

To the editor:

According to the Bible when Jesus was born, wise men from the East hailed Him as “King of the Jews.” Five days before His crucifixion the multitudes cried out: “Blessed is the King of Israel.” And when Jesus was crucified, above His head on the cross, Pilate placed this accusation: “This is Jesus the King of the Jews.”

Most people attach no literal meaning to that title, especially one that has anything to do with Jews. Jesus was a Jew. He descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus clearly identified himself with the Jews and the nation Israel.

Israel appears 2,566 times in the Bible. Jerusalem is named more than 800 times. The expression “God of Israel” appears over 200 times. We should realize by this that “Jerusalem” and “Israel” are subjects very close to the heart of God. It is here where God established His throne, and on that throne the Messiah, Jesus, King of the Jews must reign over Israel and the world.

Knowing that only Jesus can defeat him, Satan has influenced 3,000 years of anti-Semitism. Destroying all Jews would have prevented Jesus from being born. But Satan failed. He then tried to kill Jesus on the cross, but He rose from the grave. And Satan failed again.

But if all Jews could be destroyed today, God could not fulfill His promise that Jesus Christ would reign as king of the Jews at his second coming. God would be a liar and Satan the winner. God’s integrity and eternal purposes are linked to Israel’s survival.

The shameful horror of anti-Semitism throughout history provides a shocking depiction of the human heart. Satan found many only too eager to persecute and even kill God’s chosen people.

For those who wish to stand against God’s people, let them be aware, they could be doing the devil’s work.

In all the ages God has had only one plan, and that plan is that his glory and his salvation should go forth from Israel to all nations. Israel and Jerusalem are truly unique in that they are central in God’s great plan for the earth.

The Bible makes it clear that the choice of the Jewish people was for God’s own redemptive purposes on earth. God chose Israel to introduce the “Savior” to the world, his only son Jesus Christ, and the “King of the Jews.”

Ken Blinco Link.

Here is my response:

Let me comment on Ken Blinco’s ignorant use of the Bible to justify a pro Israeli political stance in this modern era of weapons of mass destruction.

First, if we take the Bible at face value, which Blinco does, then to fulfill God's Palestinian land promise to them their God orders the complete genocide of the Canaanites, their children, and their livestock in a massive land grabbing blood fest. I’m sure Blinco would not be in favor of genocide today, although he thinks nothing of the horror of what such a God supposedly commanded the Hebrews to do in the past.

Second, Blinco’s conviction that the land of Palestine and Jerusalem are “central in God’s great plan for the earth” was the same one the church used to justify several bloody Crusades to capture Jerusalem from the infidels in the Middle Ages. Crusades, you know, those murderous wars that most Christians claim they never would have participated in, even though Blinco shares the same conviction they did.

Third, even though Blinco and most all Christians have learned to be more racially tolerant and anti-Semitic he fails to realize that ever since Jesus was railroaded to his death by Jews most Christians have been anti-Semitic. Even the reformer Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran church, wrote in 1543 in his tract, On the Jews and Their Lies:

“First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them.

This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians, and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing, blaspheming of his Son and of his Christians .

Second, I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed . . .

Third, I advise that all their prayer books and Talmudic writings, in which such idolatry, lies, cursing, and blasphemy are taught, be taken from them.

Fourth, I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach henceforth on pain of loss of life and limb.

Fifth, I advise that safe-conduct on the highways be abolished completely for the Jews.

Sixth, I advise that usury be prohibited to them, and that all cash and treasures of silver and gold be taken from them and put aside for safekeeping .

Seventh, I recommend putting a flail, an ax, a hoe, a spade, a distaff, or a spindle into the hands of young strong Jews and Jewesses and letting them earn their bread in the sweat of their brow, as was imposed on the children of Adam.”

Fourth, most all Christians deny the theology that Blinco expresses. Even Paul the Apostle said “there was neither Jew nor Greek” (Galatians 3:28 ). One’s race should not matter, says Paul.

Blinco’s ignorant pro Israel dispensational political theology among U.S. Congressmen has actually provoked Muslim aggression, and should be abandoned. In its place most voices are calling for a more balanced approach where the US shows humanitarian concern to Israel and at the same time holds Israel accountable for its treatment of the Muslim inhabitants of the land.

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