Friday, March 26, 2010

Semen Question

Semen is strangely being used as an attack on the Prophet and Islam. If one would notice to observe, not all children are children since their characteristics can no longer be associated with a child for having pubic hairs, menstruation cycles, able to impregnate and conceive, having a bodily shape of a woman or a man and the sexual urges. Sexual urges is completely irrelevant to children, since their needs are only limited to food, water, and safety, not forgetting love and attention that are needed to be fulfilled hand in hand with the rest of a child's need. If one would care to observe scientifically and with an open mind, man is not meant for a man even though that man is no longer a boy, even if he is strangely attracted to his own sex, that goes the same for a woman, even if she is in the prepubescent age or whatever age level she is at, what’s the point? Love and lust without results and have no importance whatsoever for the survival of the species.

Now, no other religion had defined the stages of human development as comprehensive as Islam had done. Please give me an example if you can find one or invent one if you like, as fancy as any man can be, to the amusement of everyone, to prove how wrong Islam is in defining the stages of the human being. I won't go to the galaxy just yet. Let's not stick our heads to the clouds now, since there are still, a lot of things to be discussed on the dimension of the human body. Their purposes and how we misunderstood their intended usage and of course understand certain parts that needed to be removed for hygienic purposes without causing grave harm and agony to the owner of the body. For example, circumcision is needed, overdoing it would be transgressing God’s boundaries, and thus we have become excessive in our conduct and therefore provide more bullets, as a result of our own doing and stupidity, for enemies of Islam.

In Islam, if a wife menstruated, the husband, yes, even the husband that is previously permitted to have sex with her is now being barred from this special privilege, given to only a married man (of opposite sex, of course). He can no longer enjoy his privilege as a husband. But if you understand man, if the needs come, something got to go. So Islam shows how to release this tension without transgressing the limits and norms of purity. A Muslim husband can only channel his lust to his wife’s body. Having said this, anal sex is never allowed for a husband, if he did, he would be condemned as not being one of the people of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in doing so. For a non husband, it would be a graver sin. For gays, it would be the gravest sin. A sin proved by science, punishable by HIV and Aids. Now since these viruses cannot differentiate who is a sinner and who is not, the fault cannot lies upon them, but instead on those who have been blessed with the thinking abilities, that has unable to think thoroughly, what is the purpose of having a woman and a man, night and day and all the pairs that have been created by the Creator.

Now, for some, there's absolutely no problem at all, since there are no rules and regulations governing them. They can either masturbate, playing with sexual toys, visit the brothels like the ancient Israelite spies had done, err, for intelligence purposes (as if there is no other suitable place to do so before eliminating Jericho) or having sex with whomever is available next door. For a Muslim man, he is only allowed such pleasure with his wife or wives, and he is never allowed to have anal sex, since it is not what it is designed for. Sex is a pure and beautiful expression of love permitted to the sons and daughters of Adam, in the rule and regulation of a marriage. Blessed by God, acknowledged by the majority of the community and abide the law and order that governed it. Can anyone provide me with historical proof, unbiased of course, (and not created recently after a 100 or 200 years after the event) condemning the marriage of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and Aisyah r.a.? Homosexuality and oversexed have always been considered as a grave sin and remained a major morality issue in all civilisation, regardless of race and religion, in a civilised moral surrounding, of course. With the obvious and usual outcome, death to the babies.

Some see this sexual urges as not normal and unholy. So, to be holy and pure, they have forbidden it for their holy women and men. I support them wholly and would seriously urges all the members of their faith to do the same and stop being so industrious in this field and accuse Muslims instead, as being as sex driven as they are. Don't even bother to find a Muslim nation, where sex thrive as an industry as in certain non Muslim country where some even have a Buddhist monastery displaying corpses to show how ugly sex without guidance is.

If you bother to check the time limit of a healthy pregnancy of a woman, you'll be surprised that if a woman only marries at her late twenties or thirties, she could only healthily be a mother in an average sense, only to three or five new humans. Deduct the other two as the parents’ replacement, then you actually have lesser new humans. In Islam, a mother should breast feed her baby for at least two years. Please give me an example of any other similarities in any religion or findings as a basis of comparison.

Some girls are not well developed, some do. And you know it. If you refer to the never ending scandals in some holy houses of I'm not free to say, you'll be surprised that they didn't stop at just one child. And neither of the paedophiles married their victims, nor did their victims have any fond memory of their molesters and tormentors. Someone got to go back to hell, eventually. If no one is going to hell, then what is the reason that it exist in the first place? As if God is bound and limited to time and space. As if He didn't know what would happen tomorrow, what is happening now, and what had happened previously. God is God. He always knew what is best and our worst. He knew our secrets, weaknesses and every plans and errors. This life is just a test of showing what and who we really are. As a basis of comparison to make sense of things. Without it, what is the purpose of death and life to exist? Free tickets to paradise?

There are Hadiths that narrated Aisyah r.a. cleaning the semen from clothes, it is just to show how cleanliness is a major concern for Muslims. We can't pee and pray without washing them first. So it is the question whether semen is unclean or not and it is clearly stated that semen is actually pure and not a filthy thing. It is the same with us. We are pure and beautiful beings that come to exist from a beautiful and divine expression of love that was accompanied with the blessings of our grandparents and their community, according to the law (without lies) and strictly being governed by it. Other than that would be transgressing the limits set by God. And those who dared to venture the limits would be given certain lapse of time for him to re-evaluate his standing and current positions. Before STD sets in.

When the time is up, everyone would get what he deserves. That is justice. No one would be let off the hook for his actions, good or bad, as tiny as a particle or as huge as an atomic blast. Nothing would be forgotten. If there is no such justice after life, a cheater would always be a winner, and a liar would always be triumphant. All the weak ones, molested, torched, tortured, killed and victimised would not see any justice. They’ve suffered for nothing. So what's the need to be good? Haven’t you studied the human nature? Where have you been living all this while? In paradise or under a coconut shell? Safely tucked in from all the dark nature of man.

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