Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Writer's Curse


Time is not on my side. Things are getting bigger and bigger and life is getting faster than before. But many thoughts have come to my mind. Sometimes it feels like I'm writing inside my brain. It's like daydreaming but you're thinking and organising ideas into one cohesive writing material, complete with title and sarcasm to try. Is this what they call a writer's curse? The addiction to write and think of your writing even when you're being overwhelmed with your daily life? With no pencil and paper, not even a laptop to give life to your virtual writing trapped inside your brain. Doomed to be forgotten by neurons that have too much things to think of, plans to do, dreams to chase and sacrifice. Pain to endure. While showing the way to hundreds and hundreds of people that are totally dependent on you. With none able to share your worries.

A man is born alone. He will die alone. Among men and women. Among stones, woods, plastics, papers and skins. In the spiritual sense, he will never be. And that is why my faith has saved me time and time again in this world of plastic wealth and paper money addiction. What a boring material world it would be without emotion and spiritual sensations. Untouched and unspoilt by the filth of this solid form of emotionless world.

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