Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Between Decent and Dirty Burning of the Dead


Everyone knows that Hindus burn their dead. Maybe some less fortunate do not. They just let the dead drift silently in the holy Ganga river, heavily polluted with the dead for centuries.

Everyone knows that Muslims bury their dead. They washed them properly with fragrant and pure things, treated gently and with utmost respect, even prayed for by his or her living brethrens, still waiting for their turns, while forgetting about this ultimate ending on this earth, from time to time. Life is intoxicating, remember? The dead are treated with respect by the living and then the dead are returned to the earth. Where his earthly remains become one with earth.

But recently in the lands of the Malay, this ritual of the dead is no longer respected. In the lands where the indegeneous tigers are no longer on top of the food chain, the dead are not given their deathly right according to their faith. Their fate is in the hands of their sick killer or killers. I can only recall 3 instances where Malay Muslims or Muslim Malays were brutally killed and then burnt to ashes. The first is when several hunters shot strayed cows that ventured into their farms. The verdict, death and burnt to ashes, along with their jeep. The second is when a cosmetic tycoon, along with her aides and friends were fooled and lured into a fake business deal by real lawyers, believed to be members of some highly established and lawful society, firm believer of the law, but then banished, if I recalled correctly, for misconduct of professionalisme. With fierce dogs, too many to scare intruders away from the slaughter ground. The verdict, death and burnt to ashes. Some remnants were found though. To be washed, cleaned and prayed by the living. The third, a 16 year old girl, killed, cut like a chicken and burnt to ashes, only 200 metres from her home. Found burnt like a trash in a Hindu burial ground. Some of the victims were believed had been burnt with cow dung since the chemistry would ensure a continous and even burning, right down to the bones.

No one cried 'Islamophobia'.

No one labelled the 'Muslims' involved and believed to be the killers as 'Islamic' killers.

Nobody mentioned their race and religion. Nobody.

Is this going to be a trend for years to come? Should the Malays let these unidentified and untouchables linger around their neighbourhood with such fearless arrogance?

Al fatihah for the burnt ones. May it be the last fire ever to touch them.

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