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Alcohol issues

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Thursday, August 20, 2009
Alcohol problems.
David Cameron has pledged to raise taxes of high-alcohol beers and alcopops if he wins the next election. He will get brickbats from the right of his party, but many old people will support his stance.

Alcohol is a real problem. When we see 22-year olds dying of cirrhosis, when we see people afraid to go out on the streets at night, when we see a rise in date-rape, when we see young boys and girls collected by a police van late at night because they are too drunk to go home; then we know we have a problem.

How to solve it? Tony Blair thought he could solve it by abolishing licencing hours; he hoped that we would adopt a continental-cafe mentality. He was wrong, the hours of binge drinking simply got longer.

A further hazard is alcohol coming in from France. Vast alcohol supermarkets are situated close to Calais. As long as it is for 'personal use' unlimited amounts of duty-free alcohol can be imported from Europe. You would be surprised how much these 'persons' in their white vans can 'use'. The restriction is regularly flouted but how do you prove it?

Extracted from
I read this at the same time I read on an article condemning Malaysia for imposing the caning on a woman for drinking beer in public, in a night club to be precise. Below is some extractions of her own comments.

A Muslim model brushed aside an appeal by human rights group Amnesty International to Malaysian authorities not to cane her, saying she is ready to face the penalty for drinking beer.
Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, a 32-year-old mother of two, insisted she is ready to be lashed six times with a rattan cane next week for breaching the country's Shariah law, which forbids Muslims to consume alcohol.

'I want to respect the law,' Kartika said.
'Who am I to question the Islamic authorities' laws? That is beyond me.
'I never cried when I was sentenced by the judge. I told myself, all right then, let's get on with it. But if you're going to cane me, then do it in public.'

Miss Shukarno, 32, was sentenced to six lashes by an Islamic court after she was caught with alcohol in a raid on a hotel nightclub in eastern Pahang state last year.

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Well, in here she is said to be defiant. Truthfully she wants others to learn from her mistake, that is why she wished it to be carried out publicly. But as always, a twisted truth would be better for Westerners, as it would sell better of course.

No, this extract is not from a Muslim's blog. U can check it out if U don't believe me. The guillotine Frenchie sure don't have problems with alcohol only 'religion differences'. Well, look at what they did to Algeria n the rest of its slave nation back then when it is a supreme master of the human race, slightly before the Germans return the favours to them on the behalf of its ex slave.

Bad things would always be seen as bad things. Why? It is a universal truth that's all.

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