Monday, August 24, 2009

Jamie Bulger: One of thousands that misses..on purpose.

Jamie Bulger

On February 12, 1993 a small boy who was to turn three in March was abducted by 2 10 years old boys not in some outdated n poverty ridden Muslim Nations, it was in a shopping Mall in Liverpool, yes, The Great Britain! The culprits are Jon Venables and Robert Thompson whose religion backgrounds are not emphasis on unlike story related to Muslims of course.

They took little n helpless Jamie for a terror walk, over 2 and a half miles of kicking, beating n torture. Well, they got good exemplary models right? Jamie was constantly crying for his mom all the time..

Finally they stopped at a railway track where they brutally kicked and threw stone at him, rubbed paint in his eyes for crying and inserted batteries into his anus for all the porn U guys promoted and left him to die on the track to pulverized the little helpless body by train to make it look more beautiful.

Sick? Well, watch all the mutilated and bloody bodies of babies and toddlers throughout the wars fought by the western civilized armies n Israel of course and still going on in Afghanistan, Iraq and just ended for the moment, to the poor Palestianians that got the right to die n perish silently of course, while the mighty n wealthy Israelite, some are not even Israelite but Jewish converts from Russia n Africa, the right to live on others' misery.

Babies n toddlers are not 'built' or 'meant' for destruction. Do bad things on them and God's wrath is upon U, sooner or later. The children who did the hideous things to him had got a special treatment of 'Western Civilized Justice' of course. Their justice is always for the culprits but never for the victims. Had it happened in a Muslim Nation, well, luckily it didn't.

But similar brutalities did n will occur anywhere, even sadly in Muslim Nations. Why? Because these stupid and beastly lunatics exist side by side with us all. That is why the harsh n brutal punishments of the Syariah is here to keep safe the helpless n the good while instill terror n fear to the would become culprits. God knows His creation. Their advantages n also their weaknesses. Who are we to question Him?

Don't worry, Jamie is safe now with God. N forever dwells in heaven while the killers, forever dwell in hell. God is just and had forbid Himself of Tyranny. Trust me. Every goodness and all those who perish out of the brutalities of the evil ones will receive His mercy. All those who are evil and love to torment others mercilessly would of course suffer for eternity forever n ever in damnation without the mercy from Allah of course.

U will never see these kind of stupidity n brutalities of the 'civilized west' in 'truth' websites that are dedicated to reveal the hideous side of Islam, of course. Daniel and Danish bloggers n oh, Ali Sina n the gang, if U are reading this, check your conscious please.

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