Friday, August 14, 2009

How fast can I turn into a Muslim?

The biggest question, well, obstacle the way I see it faced by those interested in Islam is how fast can he or she adapt n adopt to the new faith.
For them, there are lots of things that they can no longer enjoy n the fear of having to carry a new burden that is not that delicious to the ever hungry lust and the simple logic of the human mind.
For example, 5 daily prayers, fasting, wearing clothes of chaste, abandoning free sex, liquor, ham n etc. etc.
Well, the early Muslims back then even misread the Koran during their prayers. Why? They were drunk of course! The implementation of rules by the wise prophet Muhammad was gradual. One at a time, a few at first, n slowly increasing.

In the early wars by early Muslims also witnessed that the Prophet had allowed contract marriage and then reinstated that this is the one n only instance that he had allowed Muslims for that particular specific moment of desperate requirement and then forbid it forever for Muslims after the passing of that dire situations.

But of course, the stupid liars can't seem to miss the opportunity to take this as their hate bullets.

Do it gradually, take it easy. Allah is the most forgiving and understanding. Don't make an abrupt move. It would only disrupt your rhythm as a human being. Take it slowly, as always. It will come natural to U. Trust me. Better late than never.

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