Saturday, August 15, 2009

My grandmother's wisdom.

I have several chickens, well what makes them special of course, they are a mix blood of the Kampong or village chicken with Gallus gallus, yes, the wild n free jungle fowl. The pure blood of the original chicken does show with its offsprings' characteristics n behaviours.

Well, what I wanna share with U guys is this story. My brooding hen at last hatched some cute little chicks but several eggs remained unhatched. Remembering my wise grandmother's advise, I let the eggs under the sun, not direct sunlight of course, and after several days without a brooding hen, walla, they hatched, with my help of course.

You will never understand the feeling of helping a tiny helpless life coming into this beautiful earth of ours. Unless of course, if you are a doctor or a nurse. Like the Norwegian doctors that helped the Gazan when they were brutally attacked by savages that called themselves soldiers with tiny head skull caps n while reciting their tiny Thorah of course. The doctors do understand the misery and pointless brutalities of the savages that claimed they were brave soldiers. To these doctors, I salute U. May God bless U all always n shows U to the right path. Amin, Amin Ya Rabbal 'alamin. Grant me, Grant me, O Lord of the Worlds.

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