Friday, August 28, 2009

Peace On Earth

We can have peace on earth, it ain't that hard at all,
When you can stop the killing, demanding others to die so that you can live,
The black blood of the earth, you can never live in peace by stealing it,
When children signing bombs as a special gifts to someone else's kids.
You love your babies too much,
You love all the peace and prosperity that you live in your life,
Stop living on other's blood, wealth and lands that don't even belong to you,

You got more money for your own good,
You going to lose them anyway
To some ponzy, porn and hedge funds, to have more fun,
A night at the casino of the Indians that you killed
Now they got the real stick to beat it out of your head!

You got your own country, what are you doing in Afghanistan?
Shape up yourself, don't bother to teach others how to live their own lives,
Make sure your leaders are smart, and get you going on the right track,
Prosper yourself, make yourself richer. No Muslims would have a problem with that.
Just stop selling guns to Oppressors, most of the time, it's charity for a country built on the blood and agony of the landowners that are now dead!

Stop giving life sentences to mass murderers, mindless killers,
They don't deserve to live, while their victims deserved gruesome death!
Don't just go after the commanders and their leaders,
Yeah, they execute the orders but the soldiers execute the prisoners!

Justice for all! Most of the time it's only for the culprits, never for the victims.
Things can't be amended, unlike your lives, your faith and convictions.
You always make amendments. Roots is just a movie, it ain't real. Americans never enslaved anyone, they just terminated the roaming free buffaloes from the great plains of the Red Indians.

What are you doing in Iraq, go back to your own homeland,
You got Oklahoma bombers, drug lords and guns running free near your kids and love ones,
Somebody's going to shoot someone at your schools and on the streets,
Be a hero, not a killer. You sleep better at nights. No sleeping pills to make it better.
Your brainwave won't run berserk, with nightmares hunting you, the blood that kept on asking why?

You got more Nukes to bring the dinosaurs back to life,
You pee in your pants, when someone else even got one,
Remember nobody else is even allowed to even have one,
You worried about one Obama. You missed the millions Obama in the making,
Just waiting for the right time, boiling blood deep inside their veins,
Watching all the helpless ones, burning with white phosphorous bombs.
Depleted uranium bombs cutting their babies right there in front of their faces.

They are going to fight for heaven, living in shame is not an option,
The girls made of gems in heaven are waving for them, inviting them to be with God,
And live forever beside God while sending all of you to where you belong.
You're killers! God damn it, the Oppressors, can't you get it through that thick bonehead of yours!

Go back to your senses. To dignity or what is left of it,
Check yourself out in the mirror. Why are you dying and killing for Zionist's wars?
Can't you differentiate between the Israelite and the Jews, not all of them are Zionist,
Why in the hell it should even be you?

There can be peace on earth,
When you stop being the killers,
Stop being the Oppressors,
Stop living on someone else's homeland,
Stop being an a in the hole!

What do you got to lose?
Except a chance to meet a warrior that ain't afraid of dying and suffers all the pain, unlike you!

Go back to your own homeland
Go back to the life you had left behind,
Go back to the love that awaits for you, Stop obeying your Zionist Masters,
None of them dared even to bleed with you!
They won't be with their goyyim, don't you get it by now!

You're on someone else's lands, You're not even defending your homeland,
They are! So get the hell out of there, before they got madder than Madoff
And took all of you with them, except of course, they're going to heaven.

Not everyone loves to kill, well not everyone is just like you!
They just wanna live out their lives in peace and harmony,
Well, like hell, just like you!

What make you so special?
That everyone else has to die
That everyone else has to lose
That everyone else has to go
Nobody else can be like you!

What are you, a modern day pharaoh or something?

Hypocrisy at its best,
Stupidity at its might,
All the deaf and dumb goyyims,
Dying and bleeding
In someone else's stupid wars of lies!

Come to your senses, Come to your love ones,
Bring back the status quo ante of justice and peace on earth!

You made everyone lose their faith, wondering where is God,
That let you kill and steal and shits,
In the name of your own god of course!

Emptiness is creeping in. The nothingness is winning and winning,
No one believes in anything anymore.
With pornstars and soldiers doing the dirty things that they do,
with dangling crosses that they bear right there on their necks,

Leave in peace, the people that just want to live in peace.
Even their religion is meant peace.
Don't piss them off. Stop killing their little ones.
And you better be running, when they are coming back at you.

You see, death won't scare them, suffering won't break them.
They saw all the hideous things that you have done
To the women and children and all the helpless ones.
Do you think they even care what you can and going to do to them?
They're Muslim braves, man!
Get it through your little thick bonehead before you are dead!

They got beautiful heavenly girls specially made for them,
Made of gems, diamonds and amber, living side by side forever with God,
Living in shame is not an option, they rather be dead and be with God!

The terrorist issue is just an excuse, you pushed them to the corner,
You left them with no choice, they have to fight or die with all their families,
You always bomb their wives, kids and parents anyway to get at them remember?
You're in their homelands remember? They have every right to defend themselves
What's your excuse of killing and dying on someone else's homeland!

They say its pointless to die, when you don't even have to die in the first place,
Go back to your homeland, make amendments,
You're good at that and there can be peace on earth!

You can never be saved by someone else's blood,
Hell, you even afraid to bleed your own blood,
No one wants to bleed for you. You have to wash your own sins,
With your own blood of course and never should the innocents
Don't you get it by now man?

Men in uniform, with fancy depleted uranium and white phosphorous bombs,
Go and kill each other, bleed alone in your uniforms,
Don't let our blood, the weaponless, to mess your fancy uniforms,
You brave soldier aren't you boy?
Go and die with honour and heroism, be brave now boy!
Leave us civilians out of your personal and dirty little wars!
Remember! Just kill the killers!

Follow bad deeds with good deeds to null your err,
Follow your sins with virtues and all the good in you that you can do,
And pray to God, He will lead you to the truth,
Ratify it, remedy it, before it is all too late!

Guys, if you can rap something out of this one, go ahead, if not it would be a song unsung forever only echoed in the minds of the thinkers.
It is copyrighted, email me if you think it's good. If not, just left it as it is.

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