Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pornstars' confessions

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"They told me if had my AIDS test that I'd be safe. I arrived on the set with my test and did a hardcore scene with two men. Within that week I was very sick with a fever of 104 and blisters all over my mouth, throat and private area. I looked like a monster. The doctor told me I had Genital Herpes. I wanted to die." - Roxy aka Shelley Lubben

"The truth is I let my lifestyle get the best of me. I hate life. I'm a mess. A disaster. I've attempted suicide many times."

"No one cares about a dead porn star or stripper." - Neesa
Jersey Jaxin

"Guys punching you in the face. You have semen from many guys all over your face, in your eyes. You get ripped. Your insides can come out of you. It's never ending." - Jersey Jaxin
Nadia Styles

"I found out 2 days later that I had caught gonorrhea in my first scene! As quick as that the glamour of being a porn star was gone. In the five years I was shooting I caught Gonorrhea and Chlamydia many times. Sometimes both at the same time about every 3-5 months." - Nadia Styles
Tamra Toryn

"As for myself, I ended up paying the price from working in the porn industry. In 2006, not even 9 months in, I caught a moderate form of dysplasia of the cervix(which is a form of HPV, a sexually transmitted disease) and later that day, I also found out I was pregnant. I had only 1 choice which was to abort the baby during my first month. It was extremely painful emotionally and physically. When it was all over, I cried my eyes out."- Tamra Toryn
Sierra Sinn

"My first scene was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was very scary. It was a very rough scene. My agent didn't let me know ahead of time... I did it and I was crying and they didn't stop. It was really violent. He was hitting me. It hurt. It scared me more than anything. They wouldn't stop. They just kept rolling."
"Drugs are huge. They're using viagra. It's unnatural. The girls will be on xanax and vicodin." - Sierra Sinn
Elizabeth Rollings

"I didn’t want to feel the pain of penetration from an over average sized man, being told to freeze in a position until the camera man was happy with his shots was very painful. I had peoples body fluids forced on my face or anywhere else the producer pleased and I had to accept it or else no pay. Sometimes you would get to a gig and the producer would change what the scene was supposed to be to something more intense and again if you didn’t like it, too bad, you did it or no pay." - Elizabeth Rollings
Michelle Avanti

"All I knew was I was going to make tons and tons of money. Boy was I wrong! The average I ever got paid was $900-$1000 and had to give 10% to the agent and 5% to the driver. My agent forced me to use a driver because he knew I was always wasted. About 75% of the women who make porn have to have drivers because they’re addicted to drugs and alcohol." - Michelle Avanti
Crissy Moran

"I went through more heartbreaks and became suicidal. I was taken to the hospital for panic attacks. I tried to overdose on xanax, strangle myself, and cut my wrists but not nearly deep enough. I was too scared of the pain. I prayed God would just take me away! I felt helpless. I even went to church for a few months but the guilt I felt was overwhelming that I would feel as if I were choking when I was at church. I had to choose and once again I chose to continue sinning. It was easier and I needed the money." - Crissy Moran
Becca Brat

"I hung out with a lot of people in the Adult industry, everybody from contract girls to gonzo actresses. Everybody has the same problems. Everybody is on drugs. It's an empty lifestyle trying to fill up a void."

"I became horribly addicted to heroin and crack. I overdosed at least 3 times, had tricks pull knives on me, have been beaten half to death- the only reason I am still here is God. - Becca Brat


  1. Reminds me of these ahadeeth:

    Ibn Umar narrated: "The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) turned towards us and said, "Never does indecency emerge within a people to the extent that they publicize it except plague and torments spread within them, the likes of which have not passed in their predecessors who have passed away." (Ibn Majah & Baihaqi - Classified Sahih By Imam Mundhiri & Sheikh Al-Albaani).

    Muwatta Malik, Book 21, Number 16:
    "Yahya related to me from Malik from Yahya ibn Said that he had heard that Abdullah ibn Abbas said, "Stealing from the spoils does not appear in a people but that terror is cast into their hearts. fornication does not spread in a people but that there is much death among them. A people do not lessen the measure and weight but that provision is cut off from them. A people do not judge without right but that blood spreads among them. A people do not betray the pledge but that Allah gives their enemies power over them." (Abd Al-Barr pointed to it's authenticity, (32/458) -[]).

  2. True, indeed. Nowadays, the truth about Aids, HIV and other STDs are no longer stressed by many. So does abortion. Some are afraid that they might offend certain 'freedom' or 'rights' of certain people. So they hope that these problems can be swept and kept under the carpet. The surface may looked clean, the underneath may surprised many. Thank you for sharing the link.


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