Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sex: Meaning n Interpretation.

In the lands of the Malay, weddings are celebrated in mass n all out. Declaration of a sacred bond between Adam n Eve is nothing to be shame about. Singing group beating the kompang, a drum like instruments only hand held, as loud as they can, announcing to everyone about the marriage that had taken place. Then, came the first night. Typical Malays would of course chose bedsheets of white layout. Everything must be in white. The bedsheets, the pillows, the bolsters, the sheets etc. etc. must be in white.

After the first night, the husband would be asked whether there is a spot of blood somewhere, n in blushing would of course, smile without answering. We are Malays, come on, we are not that open about sex.

Then after several months, after a hard pray by everyone, especially the proud mothers n fathers of the bride n groom, the bride would feel changes deep inside of her. She can no longer tolerate the smell of her beloved husband n easily got intimidated by him.
Nine months n nine days had passed, well almost, n a new blood came to this world. Everyone was pleased n special ceremony would follow suit. Everyone felt blessed by this special gift of life that only God has the power to give.

Sadly, none of these blessings are applicable to those who chose to have sex like dogs n monkeys. The girls would of course suffered the most. The growth of a human life inside her womb is felt like a curse that makes her suffering grew with it, every second of it.
N at last, the final retribution. The ultimate prize. Death to the baby. Some are delivered to their doom in toilet bowls. Others are lucky enough to end up in plastic bags hanged outside the mosques.
Well, throughout the world, sex is considered a privilege. A must. A freedom that no one can control or take it away from them. The results would of course be catastrophic. Thousands, millions perished in a silent holocaust unheard n unseen by the people of the world. Yes, baby killers. Millions of them. Thriving on sex. Pleasuring themselves. Making them forget the purpose of sex in the first place.
How's sex in your hometown?

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