Sunday, August 16, 2009

Understanding the Terrorist, (excluding Irgun n Lehman.)

Widow-maker : W.A.S.P

A thousand years I've roamed the plains
And waved the hand of doom
I've seen the tears that fall like rain from waste and all the ruin
A shadow's cast has fall from me on you

A time to claim
All that's mine
My wrath is blind

The balance is where you hang

I'm the Widow-maker
The Lord of the Wings
I'm the Widow-maker

The cries of sadness never heard
Fall deaf upon my ears
The stench of madness, raging wars
I've seen a million years
The smell of sorrow fills the fields
And lingers in the sky
The littered ground will swallow down
The souls that fill my eyes

I'm the Widow-maker
The Lord of the Wings
I'm the Widow-maker

Listen 2 it. Not just read a blind quotations. It would be meaningless. Just like Al Quran.

To the baby killers. U r not even close to this song. Shame on U. N do look at the gruesome pictures n videos on youtube or whatever of the slaughtered Palestinians since Sabra n Shatilla 2 the present. Muslims' babies chopped 2 pieces at Maluku n stockpiled Muslims youth in 'Southern' Thailand, n last but not least, the Bosnian horrors, slaughtered but sanctioned from weapon of self defense, to eh, not to escalate the violence. Hope U have the stomach 4 it.

If U r not involved directly in the slaughter, make sure your government has nothing 2 do with their armaments n bullets or diplomacy delays n dirty tactics. If not. The risk is yours.

To stop the terrorist is to stop the reason that drives them mad in the first place. Do U have the balls 2 do it. Last thing I heard, the Zionist is gripping tighter n tighter each day..They would gain nothing if there is peace on earth. If you still can't understand what drives a man crazy, I think you better check your conscience

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