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How did schoolboy sex-torturers who left two young boys fighting for life give police and social services the slip?
By Graham Smith
Last updated at 7:01 PM on 03rd September 2009

Police and social services today under fire after failing to stop two brothers waging a reign of terror which culminated in a depraved attack on young boys.

The sickening behaviour of the pair, aged 10 and 11 at the time, was only brought ot a halt in the wake of the assault which left two other children - aged nine and 11 - fighting for their lives.

As the authorities came under increasing pressure to explain their actions in the lead up to the incident in the former pit village of Edlington, South Yorkshire, it emerged:
Police had been hunting the brothers at the time of the attack
Both were on the child protection register and had been expelled from school
One boy, 11, was subject to a supervision order
The other, 10, was on bail for actual bodily harm and burglary
They had attacked two other youngsters only days earlier

Details of the horrifying case were only revealed after the boys pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm.

Sheffield Crown Court heard they had denied the more serious charge of attempted murder after the attack in April.

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Sketch of two brothers in court

In the dock: Two young brothers, depicted in court surrounded by social workers, have pleaded guilty to an attack on two other boys

The pair were arrested on April 4 after the nine-year-old boy was found wandering in the former pit village covered in blood and his 11-year-old uncle was discovered unconscious in a nearby wooded ravine.

Police painstakingly pieced together the harrowing details of their ordeal, which has drawn inevitable parallels with the Jamie Bulger case.

The boys said they had been lured to the Brick Ponds area of Edlington by the brothers, who said they wanted to show them animals such as toads and foxes.

But instead of spending a harmless afternoon looking at wildlife, they were subjected to an horrendous ordeal, barely escaping with their lives.

Their attackers robbed them of a mobile phone and £5 in cash before launching a prolonged physical assault.

Both were hit with sticks and bricks, their tormenters dropped a sink on one's head and looped a noose around one child's neck.

The younger boy had a sharp stick rammed into his arm until it went down to the bone. One of his torturers pushed cigarettes into the gaping wound. The other was burned with a cigarette on his eyelids and ear.

Not content with applying extreme physical violence, the sadistic pair also tried to force the boys into performing sex acts on each other.
The brothers who committed sustained assault in Edlington arrive at court

Arriving at court: The brothers have admitted robbing and sexually assaulting their victims, who were aged nine and 11 at the time of the attack

At one point, the older boy was in such agony he pleaded to be allowed to die. 'Leave me, I can't see,' he told his attackers. 'Leave me to die.'

His young relative, meanwhile, tried to ram a stick down his own throat after he was told to 'go away and kill himself' by one of his tormentors.

The attack only ended when the two defendants said they had to go to meet their stepfather.

But he said one of them added that 'they couldn't go yet because they'd not killed them and they would be able to identify them to police'.

The alarm was finally raised when the younger boy was found stumbling around on waste ground by three girls.

He was in a dishevelled state, traumatised, with blood on his face and a cut on his arm which went down to the bone.
One of the brothers arrives at court covered by a blanket

One of the brothers arrives at Sheffield Crown Court covered by a blanket

A man living nearby took him into his home. He was later to tell reporters the boy was covered in blood from head to toe.

A short time later another local man Ian Wright found the older boy face-down at the bottom of a wooded ravine. He was unconscious.

The child had a large cut - five inches by two inches - to the back of his head and bruising on his neck. He also had prominent ligature marks on his neck and was naked on the bottom half of his body.

Such was the seriousness of the older boy's injuries that an air ambulance was called and it took more than an hour to stabilise him.

Both boys are now recovering.

Their attackers eventually pleaded guilty to robbing one of the boys of a mobile phone and the other of cash, and admitted two counts of intentionally causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

They were later charged with one count each of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent and making a threat to kill in connection with an attack on another 11-year-old boy in Doncaster a week earlier on March 28.

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