Friday, September 18, 2009

Funny stuff

There is a Malay saying that I would like to share with U guys. If U dare to point a finger to others, don't forget the other four fingers that are pointing right back at U! Confused? Well, 4 Malays, it is extremely rude to point by using your index finger. It is considered mad to point with your middle finger at others n U might caused a usual calm n benign Malay 2 run amok n broke your middle finger if U would intentionally pointed your middle finger at him. We, the Malays of the lands of the Malay point with our thumb while closing all our fingers to a fisting like position, with the thumb on top of the other fingers, not to prepare ourselves to punch anyone of course.

Well, throughout the world's conflict that involved men of power that are always seeking ways for more power n fortune, U would beginning to see the wisdom of this old Malay's saying. In China, the mighty dynasties that reign for millennium, yes, the heavenly kingdom of a thousand years of the mighty dragons crumbled before the barbaric Westerners that trade not on goods, but on the evil of men. Yes, they were not spice traders, my fellow historians. They were opium traders. Legalised n well protected by the highly civilised rules n laws of the highly intellect Westerners. The Chinese were decimated of course, not because of a plague. But a more gruesome hideous tactics of the Christian Caucasians that also brought Christianity to the lands of the Han n Hui.

In India, the British as always, cleverly if not hideously evil, slowly eating up portions of the mighty Islamic Sultanate that had been protecting the Hindus from total annihilation of highly sped up self destruct mode of selling n buying their own wives, kids to prostitution, sutee, the art of dealing with weeping widows, drunkards that poisoned their own livers with todi n samsu n of course Kamasutra, the art of spreading sexual diseases intensively.

Oh, I forgot, the degradation of mankind, the merciless manipulation of slave ants that were only born n reborn to be the mere servants of not God, but to the higher caste of the unique Hindu society, especially the Brahmans. Yes, the Pariah. The untouchables. The handy helpers when it comes to dirty jobs. The Hindus back in the days don't need pigs like the early New Yorkers n Coptic Christians to deal with their filth n byproducts, such as fetus n unborn babies, ops, sorry, litters. They used these Pariahs to clean up all the mess, especially in carrying their shits in pails to be well disposed off from their highly civilised toilet systems, much, much better than what had been practised by the so called Europeans at the same time.

The Russian revolutions that witnessed the Russians turn to cannibals, eating their own babies n comrades n also ending their monarchy, the Tsars from the face of the earth. Orchestrated by Jewish Russians of course. Check it out yourself folks. Who were really behind these mass murders of their own countrymen. N sending the exiles to Siberia for merciless torment, yes, the freezing hell of the great Atheist Russia.

The Jewish question? Well, the Christian Europeans didn't adapt n adopt the ways of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. when dealing with their treachery. They came up with their own more inhumane solutions. The rampant pogroms n death camps to safe guard their virtues of Trinity Christianity as well their economic interest from the infestation of the filthy rich Jewish hands. Well, history is a funny thing. It kept on repeating itself onto the proud n the snobbish that thought they were too smart 4 their own good.

At present, everyone got to pay for what Madoff had done. Not mentioning other ponzy n money manipulation of the greedy hedge funds managers, which also coincidentally most of them are Jewish. George Soros to be one of the known figure that locked horns with Dr. M, remember? Well, back in the 1997, when Asian tigers were brought to their knees, everyone in the West was laughing n claiming corruptions, cronies monopoly n misconducts were to be blame n never the mighty hedge funds managers. Among them who personally viciously attack my beloved Prime Minister, Dr. M is a Jew, George Soros. N then the anti Semite claimed made by him n the rest of the Zionist sympathisers, demonising the already highly demonised person, the doctor that turned out victorious.

The Taliban of the Malays, well sometimes I think they were the followers of the Khawarij, did a bad job, sorry, a good job in demonising him. He was even known as Mahafiraun. Yes just like the Pharaohs of Egypt. The only differences were he step down from the comfy throne, unlike the ever hungry 4 power, Mr. Lee of Pulau Batu Putih n Yogi bear, Uncle Sam of not so Hindraf, when he was at the height of his power n never dragged his political rivals or anyone for that matter to court, where the enemies of Temasek were reduced to nought but mere bankrupt, sued for millions of ringgit, sorry S dollars to keep the mouth n the brains from voicing up their minds. Dr. M faced them all like a man, well like a doctor n fought it off in the battlefield of the wits n minds.

The Chinese government of once a Malay's island even legalised the confiscation of lands rightfully owned by the descendants of a tiny island Sultanate that used to be a part of the mighty Johore Riau Malay Sultanate that even encompass some part of nowadays Indonesia. Their logic? To build a Malay heritage complex to preserve the history of Temasek Malays of course. What an irony. N the Malays were strategically located in a democracy demographic that would always put them in the minority. Talk about controlled pregnancy eh, ops, sorry, demography eh?

Well, if U check out history, some part of Indonesia were under the influence of the Malay Sultanate of the mighty Johor Riau n Melaka empire, that is not originated from Javanese n Balinese Hindu Kingdoms. Well, not like the kingdom of Langkasuka that were annexed brutally by peaceful sex driven Siamese Buddhist. Well, they keep on eating up our lands n legalising it in a dirty n filthy ways. We already gave up the lands that we owned, the lands owned by our railway companies, our navy n of course a rock like island that would baffled the mariners, the maritime borders I mean.

Well, it is all legalised just like the rest of the oppressions throughout the world. In the past n in the present, preacher. I truly hope that the banana won't bear fruits twice for our Pulau Pisang, yes, how ironic eh? Banana Island in English if U want to say it in translation. Yes, just like Pulau Batu Putih or translated to Pedra Branca, that ironically resemble the saying or a Malay, berputih mata, or having a white eye, that means of losing something that is rightfully yours, right there slipping from your hands under your watchful eyes! Well, the light house there is getting bigger n bigger, the lands owned, ops, sorry, occupied by them of course. With all the high tech being placed in ships nowadays, who would need a light house anyway? Singapore navy? Oh, the Malay landowners do complaint but it seems that somebody isn't paying attention unintentionally I hope.

Hmm. I'm curious. Don't U. In 3, to 5 hundreds years later, in the future, what would happened to the Banana Island? Would it suffer the same ruling as Pedra Branca? Would somebody wrote a letter asking its status n then some acting srizals would reply without consulting with his Sultan, the true owner of the Banana Island and waived it for free! Where's anti corruption unit when U need one.

Ops, I'm sorry. At present, they can only investigate corruption during office hours in the funny lands of Selangor governed by the Buttman's followers. Oh, U can buy out the mighty leader in the office if U want to, he's up for sale. It seems that he owned someone about 60 millions ringgit n the due time had ended I think. Yes, that is why someone is suing Dr. M for 100 millions ringgit for badmouthing him. Now I see the connection. Well, justice must be swift when he wants it. But when it involved him. Well, its slow mo of course, of changing the judges, the persecution team, the witnesses, the proof, man, when would even the hearing be done. Funny but true.

Acheh was not even a part of Indonesia then. It was also annexed cunningly by Javanese dominated government that even disposed off their own royal blood. N caused more blood to spill in a Muslim civil war if U can say so, for ages until an abrupt stop with the coming of Tsunami of course.

Every Capitalist then were drooling upon seeing Asian Corporate giants crumbled one by one. No bailouts were allowed, well not like now, of course. Even the porn industrialist is asking for bail outs, can U imagine that? But in the end, truth prevails. U just have 2 be patient. God is with those who is patient n steadfast, remember?

Well, if U are good in maths, the head counts of the victims who perished in the amendments by the wise Westerners n their misbehaviours, although legalised would even baffled U, Demsci. Their numbers are in the hundred of millions if not almost a billion, if U also take into account fetus as a human life not just merely cells like the leaves of plants n giant hardwoods of Malaysia. Now compare the death toll inflicted by Islam n Muslims. Which one would you start with? 9/11? Would U also count the Muslims that perished in the attack? The IRA, yes, the Irish Red Armies were never reported as Christian terrorist. The Irgun n Lehman were not Jewish terrorist, as well as the Tamil Tigers, were also not Hindu terrorist, even though they started the trend of suicide bombers to the world. Even the one that shot in cold blood, not throw shoes at Mahatma Gandhi, were not labeled as Hindu terrorist. Funny eh?

I wonder what's your basis of comparison. Being a god yourself of course. Well, for me, atheists, the ones that don't believe in fairy tales, worship none but themselves. Their flawless ways, no historical baggage, n the complexity of classifying them makes them error free. Could U label the Communist as atheist or the ancient Norsemen who had sex with a maiden, well, almost all the sex able men in the tribe before being stabbed like Sharbini, not in the highly civilised court room of course, between the chest bones if I recalled, to the death, witnessed by everyone, just like an execution of criminals in Islam. Hmm. I wonder who were their descendants in our present time preacher. Anyone?

Ops, I forgot to tell U why the Vikings did it. They wanted the maidens to accompany their great leaders in the afterlife or just in the dark grave, just like what the Hindus for ages did to their weeping widows. They cried a lot, so to be inhumane, sorry, humane, they torched her alive with the corpse of their dead husband, witnessed by everyone, n usually the torchers were their own sons. Can U imagine that? Yes, just like Cranmer. The only difference was he defied the papal supremacy or Christian supremacy, the way I see it. Check out the Sati or Sutee rituals guys.

What happened if the wives died? Well, the men won't get torched alive of course. What do U take them for? Stupid men? They lived lavishly on dowries. The women had to pay to be married, unlike Muslim men that had to give n prepare everything for women that they in love with. It's an up side down society. Have U forgotten the rolling Hindu saint that claimed he rolled n made himself dizzy for the benefit of mankind?

I'm going back to see my parents guys for this coming Aidil Fitri that marks the end of Ramadhan. So I won't be blogging for some time now. But please pray for my safe journey. Here, the black tar roads are also known as the rivers of death, since the death toll of accidents are among the main cause of demise of the Malaysians. Well, not counting smoking related diseases of curse, ops, sorry, of course. I would like to wish to all Muslims, no matter what percentages you are, may this coming of Aidil Fitri, truly marks our victory of our ever hungry gut n lust that would never understand the meaning of the word, enough.

Hopefully we have grown more resilient, stronger than before, wiser than previously, n truly understand that it wasn't the devil's fault that is keeping us from being our best. It is the demon deep inside ourselves all this while. U see, in Ramadhan, all demons, satans, are locked away from the descendants of Adam n Eve. That what makes Ramadhan so special as a testing ground for Muslims. It would filter out the dummies from the true hearts, the 101% Muslims. The Muqorrobin. The ones that are closed to God.

Ramadhan is the ultimate test. Muslims will find out who were the demons actually. So if you are so addicted to evil n arrogance, well, now U know.

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