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The unIslamic Muslims: The Simplistic Brains that is always lazy to think but easily adored the ones with turbans n goat liked beard!

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Naroda Patia widowed her, lover burnt her for dole
Radha Sharma, TNN 9 December 2004, 01:37am IST

AHMEDABAD: Bibi Bano, a 30-year-old widow of the Naroda Patia massacre, escaped the fire of communal hatred during the 2002 riots, but was burnt
on Tuesday by her lover for her money, which she received as compensation. She got around Rs 3.5 lakh compensation after she lost her husband, daughter and six other relatives in the Naroda Patia massacre.

Bano is presently battling for life in the VS Hospital with 55 per cent burns she sustained after her lover — Tanvir Bashir Ahmad — set her on fire. "Maine kabhi nahin socha tha woh mujhe paise ke liye jinda jala dega (I never thought he would burn me alive for money)," Bano says. Tanvir had threatened to kill her earlier also and she had filed a police complaint.

Bano says she had put the compensation money in a fixed deposit and used to earn her livelihood by stitching clothes on a sewing machine provided to her as part of the rehabilitation package for riot widows.

Tragedy first struck Bano when eight out of eleven members of her family — husband Mehboob Sheikh, daughter Shabnam (8), mother-in-law, brotherin-law, sister-in-law and their three children — were roasted alive in the Naroda Patia massacre.

Bano survived the tragedy with her two kids — Shafiq Ahmad (10), who is presently studying in Maharashtra, and daughter Parveen (7). She was forced to live in Shah-e-Alam camp till she was rehabilitated in Faisal Park in Vatva.

Bano said she used to frequent her sister-in-law's house in Vatva where she got friendly with Tanvir who was her brother-in-law's close friend. "He was insisting we get married but I was not ready for it. He apparently wanted to marry me only for the money and started harassing me for money. He had threatened me many times but I refused to give him any money," Bano said. According to Bano, on Tuesday afternoon when she was going to the doctor to get some medicines for fever, Tanvir asked her to come with him to the bank because he wanted to see how much money was there in her account. When she refused, he started hitting her. She ran to her house but he chased her, flung her onto the bed and poured kerosene on her before setting her on fire. Later, neighbours took her to the VS Hospital.

One of the neighbours, Reshma, said Bano was provided with a security guard as she was a witness in the Naroda Patia massacre trial but the guard had gone for lunch when the incident took place.

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