Friday, September 4, 2009

Jihad: A misconception or intentionally

Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight you, and do not transgress. Verily, Allah does not like the transgressors.

Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out, as Fitnah (to create disorder) is more severe than killing. However, do not fight them near Al-Masjid-ul-Harām (the Sacred Mosque in Makkah) unless they fight you there. However, if they fight you (there) you may kill them. Such is the reward of the disbelievers.

But if they desist, then indeed, Allah is Most-Forgiving, Very- Merciful.

Fight them until there is no Fitnah any more, and obedience remains for Allah. But, if they desist, then aggression is not allowed except against the transgressors.

The holy month for the holy month, and the sanctities are subject to retribution. So when anyone commits aggression against you, be aggressive against him in the like manner as he did against you, and fear Allah, and be sure that Allah is with the God-fearing.

Spend in the way of Allah and do not put yourselves into destruction, and do good. Of course, Allah loves those who do good.

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