Sunday, September 6, 2009

Justice for a dead Chinese Witness

I'm living in a bizarre world guys. I got a chief minister that got 66 millions in debt n he's up for sale. Anyone? I got deluded bunch of morons, drunkards of course that yelling justice for all but if you want to investigate them, U can only do so during office hours to eh, avoid the ones being investigated or going to be the main witness to the corruption cases to loose their nerve and jump building to their death n leave their bastards behind of course.

Oh, and if you drink beer in a night club and the sin only involved U, justice is going to be swift too. But eh, if you are some big shots with bad records of behaviours n past conviction of felony, justice would be in a slow mo of course.And you got the right to even change the judge that's going to judge U. Hope U can find one that U can grip his balls eh? Mr. 'but' nothing 'but' a Holyman.

N oh, if there is enough political influence involved, forget that your party is fighting for Hudud and Islam. N do adjust your big turban and goat like beard U have to eh, support 'Mr. poor 'but' n 'but' holy man of what' of course, to eh, help U achieved your objective in upholding the laws of God as fast as U can cause eh, even though you had won states and had no problems implementing them, you would of course loose your supporters n it would be futile anyway since the basic core of Islamic justice is that it must apply to everyone that is Muslims of course and not just selected weaklings. It must also apply to the prominent and the ever convincing articulate debater that uttered jewels that would awe the mindless lazy to think so called Muslims but never God. God knows man, what kind of goyyimshits you are. Hell, I know n most of your old friends knew it too.

Come on guys. Wake up. Give your brains some exercise they have been longing for. If not, God will give U guys diseases to cleanse U out of your arrogance n stupidity that is ever willing to win the admiration of mere humans but never the admiration and approval of Allah. You're going to loose more than your soul, man of God!

I'm not impressed with your statements, fiery they may be. I ain't baffled with your articulation of uttering Al Quran n Al Hadith n whatever knowledge U have on Islam, Hell! Daniel Pipes know much, much more than U guys n he ain't convincing me either.

You know why? It's the application man. The total living proof of living your life according to Al Quran n Al Hadith and the fatwas or ruling of the wise n true men of God. Not some deluded old man that claim God told him who got to go to Hell n who ends up in Heaven. The holy prophet of God did such thing, only confirming 10 of the wise companions as a living, walking men of paradise but he did not claimed anyone to end up in Hell didn't he. Are you wiser and holier than my beloved prophet, holy man? Did you get direct wahyu or revelation from Allah himself?

I've told U. Go against Al Quran n As Sunnah, then you are nothing to me. Nothing! What are U? Some kind of an angel that God forgot to tell me about? Are the ones that you're fighting with as bad as the double faced Abdullah bin Ubai or like the Jews in Madinah that always treacherous that always waiting for the right moment to stab at the back of Muslims back in the good old days? They aren't and you know it. You're just being arrogant. Yes, yes, just like the holy n wise Azazil, before he was degraded by being so arrogant! N ends up as a fallen angel. Just like U!

You have forgotten who U are. You are being like Azazil. I'm holier than thou, remember?

Oh for your information, no true Muslims would stupidly declared, I'm a holy man of God and is guaranteed free from errs cause God had granted his assurance that I'm going to Heaven and those who do not support me and listen to me is going to end up in hell because it is my say!

It is totally ridiculous and outrage! It's totally not the kind of behaviour of a true servant of Allah! It's beyond the protocol of a servant, a creation with his Lord, his Creator! Who are U? Who the hell do you think U are?

One more before I pen off my brain. It is Ramadhan guys. If there is still evil urges n laziness of thinking deep inside of U, it ain't Satan all along that's keeping U from the truth n the good n the wisdom. It is U yourself, yes, U alone all this while that is the actual satan, the demon, the devil that has always been a rebellious transgressor! Satan had nothing to do with it. You are as bad and as rotten, if not more, as he is!
You're just making up excuses for your sins and stupidity and of course your arrogance to the truth!

Ps: Who would have wanted a key witness to a great case that would bring down the Overlords, dead or went off missing or jumping off buildings? Anyone?

The investigators? The Culprits? Or the truth seekers? Yeah, yeah, this is from a movie called the stupid people that are trying to lie their way out of justice by being the eaters of vile, yes, yes, just like Mr. Piggy bank! Oink! Oink! Don't catch some flu now DAP dope n PAS pee, see ya, old man.

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