Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Last Nights of The Ultimate Reward:Granted the Freedom From Hell


It seems that everyone is not happy with Muslims. The Hindu Indians that used to kiss the hands of a great Muslim leader, Dr. M. is now recommending that they should put necklace of slippers on his pictures, before this, flowers of course, just 4 expressing his opinions 4 their own good. Typical Hindu Indians. Talk first, think later. Luckily, not all of them are like that. A wise Hindu elder reminded the assembly not to forget who is the man that they are mocking at. No, no riot occured.

No Hindus were chopped to pieces n burnt in mass like in Naroda Patiya. Endorsed by the government. What do U take us for? Brainless killers? We are Malay Muslims. We are the members of the followers of the ways of Muhammad, the union of Muslims. Ahlul Sunnah wal Jama'ah.

We don't like to kill n shed bloods. We don't even like to argue with others. We usually hold our tongues when we are mocked n ridiculed by unConfucious Chinese n ungrateful Hindu Indians that the Brahmans won't even considered of touching them. But here, in the lands of the Malay, we treat them as our equals, only to be back-stabbed by some of the unthankful lots of course. We would never shed the first blood. Come on, have U already forgot Rambo: First Blood. Well, maybe it could portray the Muslims, but we would be more merciful to our enemies of course.

In Britain, some loony toons are trying to intimidate the Muslims there. I hope my Muslim brothers would show wisdom n restraint themselves. Don't get angry. Remember what has been advised by our beloved teacher, the holy prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Allah is watching us. He is with us all the time. Don't fall into their traps. Remember Boudica. Her larger armies were annihilated by the much smaller Roman armies, by falling to their traps n provocations. N caused the spread of the cross, not true Christian, all over the lands of not so Christian. Check out the history folks. Europe was never a Christian land. The Christian Romans that presecuted the true followers of Jesus Christ that brought the cross to Europe.

I think even the Germans had forgotten their ancient wars with the Roman armies. Well, if U have been following me, history is not a favourite subject among the wise, highly intellect white Westerners. Of course. It would show them the truth that is as hard as steel, that would show them the truth apart from the lies of the centuries. Ask my friend, the Preacher from Cranmer if U don't believe me. For him, there's only the present tense. The past tense is not important. The future tense is senseless. Hmm..

Hold back. Remember wisdom. It is the same in Xinjiang, South Thailand, South Philippines, n almost everywhere the Muslims are, well, luckily, not all Muslims suffer the same provocation n resentment. Alhamdulillah. N I hope the Malay Muslims in Selangor would take my advice too. We are Malays remember? Don't get carried away. Show our Malay's wisdom of ways n wits. Being emotional is typical Hindu Indians. Even though some are showing more wisdom than the Malays themselves.

There is a saying in Malay, a dog that barks at a mountain would be meaningless. The dog would soon die out of exhaustion. The mountain would still be standing as tall n as strong as ever. I hope I got it right in translating its meaning in English.

N I hope the Indo Malays don't have this saying back in Indonesia too. I don't want to be accused of stealing their luck, ops sorry, their sayings, songs, labourers, housemaids, their bloodline n etc. etc. that they claimed so rightfully are theirs, exclusively. Well, maybe we should go Chinese eh? To make things easier for the lazy to think but so readily to go to war loony toons. Don't they know, war is hell?

Don't they know that it is forbidden to kill their own brothers in faith? Don't they know it is considered mad to kill their own blood brothers? Well, by the looks of it, they say it is only a small group of 'a in the holes'. I hope it's true. Truly I hope.

I still can't forget the faces of the victims of Indonesian gangs raid that mercilessly robbed, chopped to pieces n even raped helpless Malaysians, Muslims or Non Muslims in my homeland. No, we don't go out in the street, sweeping the rest of the Indonesians, legal or illegal. We just kill the killers, remember?

In the last days of Ramadhan, when Muslims should be more focused on his or her last chance of meeting with a time of Lailatul Qadr, a blessings n mercy from Allah s.w.t. that would mean that for that particular moment alone of remembering Allah in zikir or praying or reading the Koran, it would be as if he or she had been devoting his or her entire life, every second of it, in submission to Allah s.w.t.

It is equivalent to a tedious work, non stop without sleeping n stopping for anything, literally, for a thousand months. Do U want to know my favourite zikir? It's Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Yes, following the rhythm of the heartbeat. As many as possible. It is the simplest zikir, or remembrance of my God. My Creator. My everything. In whose hands lies my destiny, my fate, my life n death. My happiness n even my sorrow. My pleasures n my pain. To whom I would be brought to when I die. So, I'm not like U, O atheists. I have a place to go after I decomposed n being brought back in flesh n blood just like before. When I didn't even existed. I was created by him. In the form of a spirit. Gathered. N swore an alliegence to Him. Reborn in flesh n blood. Out of love n purity of the bond of Adam n Eve. This is me. I'm not U. I would never be like U.

Look deep inside yourself man. The emptiness. The Nothing. It's eating U inside out. I hope U would be brave enough to abandoned the whiskey, the sleeping pills n whatever you are using to fill the void. U are smarter than this. U are way much smarter than me. Listen to yourself. Don't listen to me. What do U got to loose?

I still can't forget the words from my brother that said he won't pleasure himself with illegal sex by igniting the wrath of Allah. Instead, he prefers to pleasure himself of this worldly attractions that would not incur the wrath from his Creator. A wise 101% Muslim. Oh, before that, he wasn't a Muslim, well not after being born to this world of course. In the spirit world, he was just like all of us. Muslims. Returned to his original faith. Much, much better than born Muslims. Well, not like Ali Sina of course.

Back to Lailatul Qadr. A blessings of a thousand months. Have U seen anyone at all, ever, that can focus all his time n energy in doing good to himself, others, praying, prostrating, helping others, spending money n his wealth in the way of Allah, fighting the enemies of Allah in the battlefield, dying n bleeding continuously for a thousand months? U don't do U, N U won't. So that is why it is very important for Muslims to be among those who are awake in the stillness of the night, tired n sleepy, alone with Allah. One by One. With a tongue, heart n mind, body n soul, in remembrance of the true one God. The One n Only.

I'm having difficulties in accessing my emails n also this blog. I hope U have patience in waiting 4 my reply. I'm very happy to receive your emails. I just got some problems of responding 2 U. Don't give up on me yet, kind readers. May God bless U always n shows U to the truth, whatever it is 4 U. Be kind, be good. N U R not alone n sonner or later, U will discover what everyone is looking 4, for all of his or her life. The truth, nothing but the truth. God willing. Insya Allah.

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