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Simon Katz: Accusations

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Name: Simon Katz
Date: Thursday May 15, 2008
Time: 06:48:02 -0700

It's funny because everything you are accusing the Muslims of is what Hitler accused us (The Jews) of being you retards. Hitler said we were, terrorists (exact words), molesters of children, thieves, unworthy of trust, barbaric, animals, and so on to infinium. Pedophilia seems to be routine in all religious books and you damn well know this, well at least in the 'big three' Yes there is pedophilia even in Judaism and Christianity folks - Go read your books and stop being so easily manipulated by nonsense over fairy tales that don't even matter. I urge you all to study Nazi propaganda and you will notice VERY quickly that these hacks are nothing more than a bunch of sorry propagandists using the same techniques, literally.
U see, this is why I have never smile upon reading any terrorist attacks on Western interest, synagogues or on any civilians in the western world. Go check out the casualties of the twin towers, yes 9/11. U'll be amazed that even Muslims, yes, American Muslims died in the hideous attack. 3,000 perished in that attack n the terror that followed it claimed hundred of thousands more n still counting. Destructions would only be followed by more destructions. It's the law of physic I think. Who dares win? No, this is not me, it's W.A.S.P asking us, a long time ago. N they still rock.

I'm sorry. I'm not being hypocrite. Yes, I'm a Muslim. I'm also a Malay n my Malay heritage is still a part of me, of course the ones that do not conflict with me being a Muslim. I'm also a half Banjarese. Yes, I'm pissed off at the bunch of Indo Malays in Indonesia for their stupidity for claiming we stole their heritage n a dispute of an island that had been settled internationally n prospered more than them. Green Envy of course.

And about that Hindu dance, we never claimed it as ours. We don't practised them, since, duuh, we're not Hindus! morons! It was a technical glitch by a Singaporean company who promoted us as tourist attractions, I hope not intentionally that stirred all the hates. Yes, among a few others. They even wanted us to integrate the lands of the Malays into Indonesia Raya when we were seeking independence from our former master, the British!

Info, Info. There are about 3 millions legal Indonesian working for their survival here in the lands of the Malays. About 2 to 3 millions more are here illegally. N being rampant in the lands of the Malays, killing brutally their own country men n women, raping, plundering us, only recently a Muslim Malay woman was stabbed to death by Indonesian robbers, leaving her family in miseries of losing her to a Muslim?

Well, U got to know this. Not all Muslims are true Muslims. You have to check out the percentage of their faith, the percentage does show, according to their behaviours n conducts. What is the percentage that is in correlation with the Koran n the Hadith n the fatwas of the true wise n devout Muslim Scholars that want nothing for themselves except the approval of Allah the Almighty. They may stir hatred and disapproval from mere weakling humans, n even risked death, imprisonment and humiliating torture. But they remained steadfast n consistent in their principles of being the true servants of Allah, never bow to mere humans, just to please the weaklings that can't grant them the freedom from Hell n the absolute pass to Heaven. That is why I never believed in PAS.

A great Scholar once asked by Muslims, why Allah wasn't answering their prayers. N he said, it is because you were submitting your faces not to Allah but to the feet of your fellow Muslims. U see, when we pray, prostrating, we would pray in lines after lines and physically it would be seen like we were prostrating to those in front of us, their feet of course.

But this was not what is meant by this wise scholar. He meant that those Muslims that were asking that foolish questions were not truly Muslims. They were just about 15 percent Muslims, maybe more, maybe less. If U see a sexy Muslim girl, she is only 25 % Muslim when she wore that sexy attire, which according to our beloved messenger, a woman that wore clothes but is actually bare naked. Clothing that reveals the beauty of the skin, the shape of the female body, parts that can arouse men is considered as not wearing even a piece of cloth to cover yourself, according to Islam.

Muslims that went mad and terrorised everyone and even killed their own brothers n sisters and the little children n civilians that could never harm them are only 20% Muslims when they committed those hideous n cowardly acts. They were following the vile examples of the Zionist n the true terrorist! That's why. They were not following the examples of the true example for mankind, the beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. of course.

Muslims that think smoking is cool 2, is not a true follower of Muhammad s.a.w. Have U ever read a hadith that mentioned him of smoking or anything like that? U don't n U won't would U?

Then stop being stupid n stop poisoning yourself by a chemical warfare invented not by Muslims n owned by the filthy rich Zionist n the cruel people of the west! N also your kids, your wife, your friends and taking us all down with you with Ponzy Scheme, sorry, Cancer, 'a in the hole'!

I'm sorry kind readers, n especially U Lixue. N also to my readers that had email me. I'm sorry for the late reply. It was not my intention. U see, my mailbox is overcrowded with ponzy offers n notification of winning millions of Euros, lotteries that I've never had ever bought in my whole life, and lots of other heritage n will of multi millionaires that a few kind people of stupid liars wanna share with me.

They forgot, I was born rich. Maybe they never knew Bob Proctor eh? Thanks 2 him. I realised my own potential. So U see. I will never support the terrorist. Why? Because they are terrorist and if I spot them here, in the lands of the Malay, trying to harm the guest of my lands or even trying to inflict pains n terror on the Chinese, whether I'm not sure he's Confucious or not, or on Hindus, whether they are my beloved gentle vegetarian friends or eaters of lies, I would still save them and of course, without any hesitations, would kill the terrorists with my bare hands if I have to in stopping them. I hope I don't have 2. But I will do what I must according to my faith in Allah. No, I'm not going to be like S.A.S or whatever special troops that the British have that machine gunned a poor chap from Latin America for just suspecting him as a terrorist. N he was not even a Muslim. He was their own Christian brethren. What a blunder eh? I wonder how that turned out.

Like I said. I'm a Malay. I'm an Asian. But foremost, I'm a warrior of Allah. I have sold my soul n blood to Allah. Not to PAS, not to Pok Nik that seems can't make up his mind to either, hug n work with UMNO, which is also Muslims or keeping hugging the eaters of eaters of vile. UMNO leaders are no better or worse than he is, if they are not the best. N he knew it.

Pok Nik is just being a political animal, of course. UMNO is still in the process of slowly introducing the Syariah so that it won't create havoc in the lands of the Malay. Wisdom! Remember?

Pok Nik n Pok Hadi didn't implement the Syariah, Hudud being the main tool of support from unIslamic Muslims or lower count percentages of Muslims, either when they are n were in power. Pok Hadi even proudly declared to the world that he would implement Hudud before the crow of the proud young Gallus gallus, if he was granted power by Allah n supported by the Muslims, n Allah was one of his witness of course. N then came up with lame excuses for not implementing the Hudud, both in Kelantan n Terengganu Darul Iman. As always. Typical characteristics of mere liars if U asked me. N it is no different in Kedah n Selangor.

What makes them, the holy PAS, to be so different from UMNO anyway. We have PAS members or their family members that involved in drugs, free sex before marriage, n all the flaws of the human being just like everyone else. I won't say names. They are my friends n of course, because of the code of the brotherhood of the Muslims, remember? It has been put as illegal by Allah for a Muslim to kill other Muslim without just cause, to dishonour him or badmouthing him or to say anything about him behind his back whether it is good or bad, and if it is a lie, the sin would be more grave, and lastly the security of his belongings, remember? The three basic principles! Or are U holier than me, like Cranmer, to remember even this basic rules of Muslim's brotherhood??

What really makes U, so special than other Muslims? Your big turbans? The Singhs wore turbans too U know? Except of course they covered their ears with it. Or your ingenuity in tying them firmly to your not so wise head? Your goat like beard? They more likely to resemble the beard of the pharaoh than the beard of the pious Muslims if U want to know what I think.

U are just like the other Muslims. Your percentage maybe different but U are no way higher or holier than them. N U know it. Well, for me, U are worse, if not the worst bunch of Muslims I ever know. Why? U hugged n kissed the unConfucious Chinese n the ever drunk Hindus n the Singhs that thought they are kings of wheelchair that openly n proudly declared that they were, sorry, they are against the laws of Allah, prohibiting it to be implemented on Muslims, to everyone in the lands of the Malay Muslims! Can U imagine that Johnny Rottenborough? Well, believe it 1bonnie, check it out yourself, if U don't believe me. I have no power over U. U got the net don't U. Use it 4 something else beside pun n porn n the everyday shades of grey. U'll end up wiser than before. Trust me. It would lower the alcohol n synthetic drugs level in your blood 2. U wanna die young? I'm approaching 40 n I still rock.

So guys, holy men, O wise Master teachers aka Tok Guru of PAS! U don't have my faith. I don't believe in U! Especially when U guys are so eagerly going after Kartika, for drinking beer but always bravely defending the Buttman! That seems can't cut out his habits of eh, being so interested in the truth, sorry, in buttocks of course! PKR, PKR. Hmm. One of them even considered sex with a Chinese prostitute, directly imported from China, as a charity from the ones that eh, seeking his help of something. N he dared to claim he's a true Malay Muslim fighter of the truth! What a shame.

Yes, PAS members! U are being just like the ancient unIslamic Israelite that punished only the weak, but let off the hook n even defended the ones with powerr n influence when it came to justice. Remember holy men??

N oh, for the rest of U, don't be so happily to judge the lower count percentage Muslims. Yes, the passing mark of a true Muslim is 75%. But eh, what's your percentage of a Muslim to be their wise judge?

Ali Sina is -100%, that's negative 100% or 100% negative, way below, get me. Have U check your percentages lately Daniel Pipes?

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