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There is no freedom for Muslims.

Pulau Batu Putih is above Pulau Bintang in this old map.Taken from

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Just in case if it is considered abusive or I failed to be erudite in the eyes of the mighty and highly intellectual moderators, as always.

Well, they got away by being stupid, narrow minded and by making simplistic generalisations but what the heck. They are blind, deaf and dumb moderators right? If not too arrogant to deal with a highly malnutrition Asian such as me. Well, most of my country's wealth were stolen when they were the master of the Malays. They destroyed everything. Our linkage with the outside world. Our connections with international traders. Our abilities in economy. Yes, yes, the divide and conquer ways of the Imperialist British back then. Well, by bringing their Chinese slaves from China not Xinjiang and the Indian Pariah slaves from the lands of Hindu Indians to outsmart and outwit the Malays of course. All Malays were not allowed to do business anymore and with taxes that strangled the Malays, much, much more hideous than what the westerners claimed as 'cruel' Jizyah, a form of Islamic taxing system for non Muslims living in Muslim Nations for their own good, of course. The taxes that we paid were for the good of the Britons in Britain, of course.

We, the Malays were systematically reduced to poor slaves in our own homeland with the Chinese dominating the economy and positioned economically in towns by the British, by rearing dogs n pigs to keep the Malays at bay. Yes, yes, just like the current situations in some places to displace the Malays, unintentionally I hope.

I hope the authority or some city councils could check it out because see, in some part of the highly civilised housing estates of the country, you are not allowed to rear village chickens because the cockerel would crow loudly in the morning and disturb the unConfuciuos Chinese and Deluded Hindus from their deep slumber.

So to be polite and good neighbours, the Malays are prohibited to rear animals that could cause disruption of the already haywire brainwaves of the Chauvinistic UnConfucious Chinese and the ungrateful untouchables Hindu Indians. Yes, yes, they were the pariah of the unique and wise Hindu order or Caste of society. Go ahead, ask the Hindus about their unique hierarchy or order of their highly civilised society before they were saved by the Muslims Sultanate that had brought prosperity to India and built an Indian civilisation which historical beautiful buildings still existed even until today, only to be demonized by Hindus nowadays.

They were the 'untouchables'. Go check it out. It were and still are now, the Malays that treat them with respect by sheltering them in the lands of the Malay when we 'got' our independence from our ex master, the Snobbish British!

I went back home recently to my old man's house and I was surprised and scared to see the Hindus and the Chinese there kept giant sized dogs that would barked so loud that they even scared to death my baby and toddler. Luckily they were kept safely behind the fence. If not, well U know the drill. And their houses are side by side with the Malays and Muslim Chinese and Indians. Talk about being a good neighbour. What the hell are they keeping dogs in a highly density of multi cultural n religion neighbourhood of terraced housing estate?

But as always, it were the Malays that have to show courtesy to their Chinese and Indians counterparts. The door only swings in one direction here in the lands of the Malay. We have to cater for the needs of the ever hungry, highly sensitive minorities unlike U guys, the 'Democracy of the Highly Civilised White West'. Yes, yes, we are being yellow of course. Cause see, some deluded Malays think we can't survive without them.

Being so mentally brainwashed by our former masters, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British, the Japanese and also yes, the Chinese! Well, Chinese Atheist to be precise. Yes, the Communist that tortured and went on a killing spree,luckily for the Malays, before we faced total annihilation by the heavily armed three stars cowardly Communist, so called soldiers that of course demonstrate their bravery by killing our women and babies.

How do we repay their 'kindness'? Well, in Perak Darul Ridzuan, the very Islamic PAS leaders that resemble more like 'toys on strings' granted the ex Communist supporters that were contained in specific areas by the British by taking Malays' lands to stop them from assisting the Communist guerrillas that were killing the helpless Malays, by granting lands of 999 years of ownership! Remarkable ain't it. Guess the Red Indians of the USA didn't even get this special treatment, being so hostile towards the invading whites of course. Not like the tamed aborigines of the Australian.

You know what? The 'untouchables' even demanded the government of Malaysia to consider them as Malays for being born in Malaysia. I guess this would even baffled U guys eh? I mean when the Asians and migrating Muslims in your country wanted to be recognised as White Caucasians eh? U for being so discriminative towards your minorities eh?

Well, they want it all and the Malays have to loose it all, as always. Just like when we lost Pulau Batu Putih or Pedra Branca to Singapura when we had won the same dispute with Indonesia, who had historical existence much, much longer than the 'Singapore' Island Government.

Well, by the looks of it, we going to loose more and more islands to Singapura especially Pulau Pisang where they got a light house to be operated there until doomsday for the survival of the 'ever thankful and grateful' Singaporeans that were granted independence from Malaya not like the Timorese of the Timor Timur. Not like the Palestinians of course. Not like the Sultanate of Pattani that got hacked brutally by invading imperialist Siamese Buddhist that even until today, still treat them like slaves that deserved to be stockpiled layers after layers of human being in hot trucks for hours of journey to their death and then stupidly claimed that they didn't know that they were killing the Muslim youths by asphyxia or killing them by drowning them on land! Being like sardines in a hot can of course.

Well, like always, the brutalities and horrors committed by non Muslims would go unnoticed by everyone unlike when some Muslims protested a Hindu shrine that is to be build in a heavily Malays populated area for 43 Hindus that don't even have any requirements to pray in a temple unlike the Jews, the Christians and of course the Muslims that had specific instructions in their religion for mass prayers. They already got one and now they wanted two, cause there are so many Hindus and the itsy bitsy existed shrines won't fit all the 43 of them.

And oh before I forgot, the numbers of the Hindu shrines in the lands of the Malay, greatly outnumbered the numbers of Hindu individuals and most of them are built illegally on the lands of the Malay and the Chinese. Can U imagine that? But of course, it is never enough for these guys. They are acting like Zionist of course. They wanted it all and the Malays must went back to the seas where they belong. Yes, yes just like Muslims wherever they are, that deserved to die, to be driven out of their homes, stolen all their wealth and natural resources so that 'the leech like creatures' can thrive on their miseries and when the Muslims started to fight back. SEE! What I've told U for a million times! They are mindless terrorist! Raving mad!

I truly hope the ones who carried the burden of being our leaders can ensure like the Malay saying, 'Hope that the banana plant won't bear fruit twice'. I'm referring to Pulau Pisang of course. The Malays who owned lands there claimed that the light house area conducted by Singaporeans is getting bigger n bigger than its original location for eh, safety reason or some sort. And my government seems to be well, I don't know. They are showing courtesy of course to the undeserved as always.

In 200, 500 years to come, in some Western Courtroom of International Justice would ruled out that Malaysia had waived its right by letting Singaporean to do whatever they pleased not on its island, yes, yes, just like Pedra Branca which is known as Pulau Batu Putih which also carried a cynical meaning to the Malays in one of the old Malay saying, 'Berputih Mata', which in English, would be 'to have white eyes', which literally means to have lost something that originally belongs to you, but somehow it slipped right there before your very eyes from your hands and landed on someone else's hands by hook or by crook!

Well, the same team of lawyers that fought another island dispute with Indonesia, won of course under Dr. M. Can't say the same during the era of another person that carried the heavy responsibility as the leader of the lands of the Malay, even though the same team won with a dispute with a country with deeper historical backgrounds compared with the newly born unMalay heritage in the Malay Archipelago, the Island Government of Singapura.

Well, The Communist Chinese and Chinese Taiwan even claimed Pulau Layang-Layang which is situated thousand kilometres away from their shores as theirs even though being so close with Sabah, a state within Malaysia. What do you expect? They are being unConfucious of course. Well, the Vietnamese and the Philippines also claimed their rights on the tiny islands. Check out the map of Pedra Branca Island and you will find it funny to understand the international borders that divide Malaysia and Singapura.

They won by claiming that an 'acting' state secretary of Johore, for non obvious reason (hopefully not like Eric Chia n Kasitah Gadam that were charged and finally acquitted after years of embarrassment of the so called corruption charges) had written a letter to the imperialist waiving the island to them.

And I thought only a Sultan or the Sovereign leader of a state or country is entitled to do such a land-marking decision, not before some referendum or polling for public opinions or something like that. Well, they said if we have new proof, we can begin the whole process of claiming our own pinky finger as our own and not mistakenly waived by an 'acting' nobody or someone 'acting' on someone else's behalf of course. Funny eh. I mean the Justice of the West!
Ok, back to my original post.
Some of my encounters said that we Muslims aren't willing to listen or debate properly with the Wise of the West and always like to be in the dark if you have been following all the hate blogs or so called 'truth n political blogs' of the West.

But I'm highly impressed with moderators compared to and of course, the snobbish British blog, the so called Archbishop Cranmer. My comments won't last for minutes in his/her blog for failing to demonstrate how erudite my comments unlike his/hers of course. But never mind. He has no power over me. If I feel like it, I would post my comments and he can keep deleting them of course.

Come gents, I won't be like Cranmer that like to boast this and that but in fact he is just as narrow minded Britons just like the majority of the white man of the West.

Remember Marwa Sharbini? If it had happened in the lands of the Malay, the reaction by the so called freedom watchers n fighters of the highly civilised White West would be horrific and the bashing would extended of course to Allah and His prophet, Islam and all Muslims would be labeled as mindless sick killers and the hideous act would be gladly associated with Islam.

But when it happened in Germany, in a courtroom to be precise, stabbed to death, many times, in front of her daughter and her husband who would be shot of course for not appearing white and decent like typical European, this sick joke would be quickly dealt with some stupid statement like 'a lone wolf attack' not some lone Christian attack or European White man stabbed a 3 month old pregnant lady to death by stabbing her in a supposed to be safe, where justice is served. Yeah, yeah the 'Pure, Beautiful Highly Civilised White Man Justice'.

Let see what's the cold blooded killer going to get for being so bold of killing mercilessly a pregnant woman in a courtroom of the highly civilised justice system of the world. Remember, their justice is always not for the victims but always to show how lenient and merciful they are towards the culprits, as always. Check it out yourself if you don't believe me.

Freedom is an illusion for bla, bla, Will Heaven

Guys, when the IRA blew U up, none branded them as Christian terrorist. When Tamil Tigers in Sri Langka started the trend of suicide bombers targeting Muslims n Sinhalese Buddhist, none branded them as Hindu terrorist. When the dreaded Irgun terrorised the British n clubbed unarmed British soldier detainees to death, none branded them as Jewish terrorist. Nazi is just an idea. The real culprits were the soldiers of Christ. Watch Swastika closely. What does it resemble?
A true Catholic would not have any problems with Islam. The non-practicing Christians would.
When baby killers aka abortionists are rampant in the civilised western countries, none branded u guys as sexual lunatic Christians or Westerners. Yes, the silent Holocaust. Check out all the hideous plague of sexual diseases n bizarre viruses. The origins I mean. Ignorance is bliss! You are living in a dream world 1bonnie. Come 2 me as I have come to U and I’ll show U how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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