Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dream World


Watched a very bizarre movie a couple of days ago. You see, a rogue assassin had turned on his own Fraternity and started to take out his buddies one by one. Baffled and frightened of course, they had to come up with a clever taqiya, yes, a deception to outsmart the jackal. They trained his own son to kill him. Being the son of a jackal, he inherited some of his father's traits, such as eyes that could catch the sight of a speeding bullet and bending bullets among other things. But far from being a superman, he's prone to lies and quite addicted to hate, totally consumed by it till it made him blind of the truth.

Well, in the end, the son discovered the truth, all that is too late of course and decided to take control back in his hands. It seems that the leader of the pack, Mr. Sloan I think, wished that he could be among the gods of men, choosing who gets to die n who gets to live and changing the lives and histories of man. Well, he believed he's some kind of god, endorsed by fate, if not faith. In reality, most men do, totally deluded of course, that made him what he's truly is actually, a devil! Proud and snobbish, too proud to admit his own mistakes and instead cooks up excuses for what he had done, as always.

You see, for me, there is a certain aspect of the truth and reality in movies, no matter how absurd or illogical the events or actions are. We have to hang out our logic and reason outside the cinema before entering it in order to enjoy the fantasy of escapism from our boring routine little lives that we are living day by day.

But somehow we can never escape our logic and reason. They still haunt us, even in movies. The good against evil. How overwhelming evil is, over the forces of good. Heroes always had hard times to get through the day and evil seems like winning, but somehow, the powerful villains, even though totally outgunned and outmanned the good, would lose. Now, this happy ending is totally accepted by all, since that is the nature of man, he wants the good to always win over evil. Good must be triumphant, in the end of all the sufferings and agonies.

But this of course, is not always how it seems in reality. So we better get back to the cinemas and find our escapism of the horrors and brutalities that haunt us in our real life and hope that somehow our logic and reason won't find their way back home, back inside our chaotic and confused little room that we called, the brain. Even though to say it is in a permanent state of chaos would be totally inaccurate, of course. Thanks to the gracious of God.

Some say that we think with our brains and feel with our hearts. That, I will try to comprehend before daring to write anything about it, so up close and personal of course. If U want 2 check out the movie yourself, type, Wanted. Angelina Jolie was a deadly, but an honest assassin that killed one or two, to save thousands.

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