Monday, December 21, 2009

The Human gods.

Throughout the ages, man as the supreme being on this earth, being granted a gift of supremacy above the others that existed on this planet, from time to time got confused and think that they are gods or god among god.

Some of my readers would be confused when I'm using the term 'supreme being' to refer to the human race since if one would care to look up the meaning in the dictionary, one would be amazed that the definition would mean 'god'. If one would even care to read the rest of my postings, one would notice that I would not do such a thing. For me, comparing all the beings that existed in this universe, whether it can be seen by the naked eyes or not, are all beings, the created ones. God as the creator of everything that exist, all the good and the bad in this universe would of course can't be define as a supreme being as being define in such a way only disregard God's supreme magnitude above all that He had and going to create. The Creator is above all.

Some predict a final battle between God and satan, which is for me, is quite funny and a totally wrong and confusing concept. Can a created one that exists by the will of the Creator do any harm to its Creator? Can your chair harm you? Well, your nukes and bombs and bullets may harm you, but you get my point, you are by the way, just a created being. Meaning that sometimes we got to be on top, but when the wheel turns, we would be crushed by the turning wheel when someone decide to smack us with our own chair.

Each time a weakling like us is endowed with a few special gifts by the Creator, we would be so amused in discovering how special we actually are. The Pharaohs were said to be endowed with extreme wealth and health. Qarun with extreme wealth. Madoff with extreme ingenuity of making the smarts look like schmucks among other things. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Angkar, The Zionists, Ayah Pin were some of the human gods that come to my mind right now. When mere humans think that they have everything and can do just about anything that they please, actually they are being deceived by the cleverest deceiver of all, the satan.

You see, all beings, being the created ones are actually subject themselves to the will of the Creator. But our Creator had set a set of rules for Himself, which is not that applicable to the 'human gods' or 'earthly gods' that had to sleep and go to the loo from time to time and are so afraid that other sub creatures under him would eventually revolt and cut his throat.

Among other things, God's mercy would always overcome God's wrath and God had forbidden for Himself of tyranny.

Check out the characteristics of the 'created gods'. Do they have these Godly descriptions?

Like the created beings, even though as big and strong as the mountains or the stars, every one of them submits themselves to God willingly. Why would a puny created being like us be otherwise?

The final battle between the good and the bad would eventually happen. It is inevitable as death itself. It's the rule of this earth. The good cannot coexist with the bad. Whoever would be victorious would not affect God a little bit. Do you think that He got only us and this earth or our solar system? Whether we submit ourselves to God or not, it would not gain God anything or made Him less in any way. You see, God doesn't need us. We need Him. Remember when you got yourself into deep shit, who is the first one that come to your mind?

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