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Answering Steve In Creating Another Holy Book For Everyone's Fancy

In completing the accusation, I can't sleep without addrressing them a little bit.

Al-Baqarah/The Cow

And if you are in doubt concerning what We have revealed to Our servant, then bring a sūra like it; and call your witnesses besides God if you are truthful.

And if you do not and you will not, then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men, and stones, prepared for disbelievers.


Say, “Is there any one from your associate-gods who guides to the truth?” Say, “Allah guides to the truth. Is, then, He who guides to the truth more worthy of being obeyed, or he who has no guidance at all unless he is guided (by someone else)? So, what has happened to you? How do you judge things?

Most of them follow nothing but conjectures. Surely, conjectures are of no avail in the matter of truth at all. Certainly, Allah is fully aware of what they do.

And this Qur’ān is not such as could have been made up by someone without (having been revealed by) Allah, but it is a confirmation of that (discourse) which had been (revealed) before it, and an elaboration of what is prescribed. There is no doubt in it. It is from the Lord of all the worlds.

Or, do they say that he has made it up? Say, “Then, bring a Sūrah like this, and call whomsoever you can beside Allah, if you are true.”

But they have rejected a thing they could not comprehend with knowledge, while its ultimate end has not appeared to them as yet. Similarly those who passed before them had rejected the truth. So, look how was the fate of the unjust.

And among them there are those who believe in it, and among them there are others who do not believe in it. And your Lord has the best knowledge about the mischief-makers.

And if they give the lie to you, say, “For me, my deed, and for you, your deed. You are not accountable for what I do, and I am not accountable for what you do.”

And among them there are those who listen to you. Would you, then, make the deaf hear, even though they lack understanding?

And among them there are those who look at you. Would you, then, guide the blind even when they have no insight?

Surely, Allah does not wrong people at all, but the people do wrong their own selves.

The Day when He will gather them (in the next life,) they will feel as if they had not stayed (in the world) any longer than a fraction of a day. They will recognize each other. Losers, indeed, are those who deny that they will ever face Allah; they are not on the right path.

No matter whether We show you (during your life) some of what We warn them of, or We take you back to Us (before it), in any case, they have to return to Us. Then, Allah is witness to what they do.

For every people there is a messenger. So, when their messenger comes, the matter is decided between them with justice, and they are not wronged.

They say, “When will this promise (of punishment to the disbelievers) be fulfilled if you are true?”

Say, “I have no power to bring a harm or a benefit to myself, except what Allah wills. For every people there is an appointed time. When their time comes, they are not able to put it off for a moment, nor are they able to go ahead of it.”

Say, “Just tell me, if His punishment befalls you at night or by day, what (desirable thing) will it have that the sinners are asking it so hurriedly?

Is it only when it befalls you that you will believe in it? (It will be said to you at that time, “Have you believed) now, while you used to demand (in mockery) that it should come sooner?”

Then it will be said to the unjust, “Taste the punishment lasting for ever. You shall not be punished except for what you have been earning.”

They ask you to tell them whether it is true. Say, “Yes, by my Lord, it is true. And you cannot frustrate (Allah’s plan).”

If anyone who did wrong possesses all that is on the earth, he would (agree to) ransom himself with it. And they will conceal their remorse when they will see the punishment. And the matter will be decided between them with justice and they will not be wronged.

Look! To Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Look! Allah’s promise is certainly true, but most of them do not know.


Alif , Lām , Rā . (This is) a book the verses of which have been made firm, and elaborated by the One who is All Wise, All Aware,

(directing the Prophet to say to the people,) “You must not worship anyone other than Allah; I am for you a warner from Him, and a bearer of glad tidings;

and you must seek forgiveness from your Lord, then, turn to Him in repentance, and He will provide you with good things to enjoy for a given time, and bestow His extra favor on everyone who has extra good deeds (in his account). And if you turn away, then, I fear for you the punishment of a terrible day.

To Allah is your return, and He is powerful over everything.”

Beware, they bend their chests to hide from Him. Beware, when they cover up themselves with their clothes, He knows what they hide and what they expose. Surely, He is All Aware of what lies in the hearts.

There is no creature on earth whose sustenance is not undertaken by Allah. He knows its permanent and its temporary place. Everything is in a clear book.

He is the One who created the heavens and the earth in six days, while His throne was on water, so that He might test you as to who among you is better in deed. And if you say, “You shall be raised after death,” the disbelievers will surely say, “This is nothing but sheer magic.”

And if We defer the punishment for them for a certain time, they will say, “What is holding it back?” Beware, the day it will visit them, it shall not be turned back from them, and they shall be besieged by what they used to ridicule.

If We give man a taste of Our mercy and then take it away from him, he becomes highly desperate, utterly ungrateful.

And if We give him a taste of comfort after a hardship has touched him, he will say, “Evils have gone away from me”, (and thus) He will become over-exulting, boastful,

except those who are patient and do good deeds. Such people will have Allah’s forgiveness and a great reward.

Is it then possible from you (O Prophet,) that you will abandon some of what is being revealed to you, and that your heart will be straitened thereby, because they say, “Why has a treasure not been sent down to him or an angel not come with him?” You are but a warner. And Allah takes care of everything.

Do they say that he has fabricated it? Say (to them), “Then bring ten Sūrahs like this, fabricated. And call whomsoever you can, other than Allah, if you are true.”

So, if they do not respond to your call, then be assured that it has been sent down with the knowledge of Allah and that there is no god but He. So, do you submit?

Those who seek (merely) the worldly life and its beauty, We will fully recompense them herein for their acts, and their right will not be curtailed in this world.

Those are the people for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter except fire. Nullified will be whatever they worked herein, and void will be what they have been doing.

Then, can such people be equal to the one who has a clear proof from his Lord, followed by an evidence from within, and before which there was the Book of Mūsā, a guide and a mercy? Such people believe in it; and whoever of the groups denies its veracity, his promised place is the Fire. So, do not be in doubt about it. Surely, it is the truth from your Lord, but most of people do not believe.

Who is more unjust than the one who forges a lie against Allah? Such people will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, “These are the ones who lied against their Lord. Lo! the curse of Allah lies on the unjust,

the ones who prevent (people) from the way of Allah and seek crookedness in it, and who are deniers of the Hereafter.”

They were unable to frustrate (Allah’s plan) on the earth, and they had no supporters besides Allah. Punishment will be doubled for them. They were not able to hear, nor would they see.

Those are the ones who brought loss to their own selves, and all that they used to fabricate vanished from them.

Essentially, they are the worst losers in the Hereafter.

Surely, those who believe and do good deeds and humble themselves before their Lord, those are the people of Paradise. There they shall live forever.

The example of the two groups is that of a blind and deaf person on the one hand, and a seeing and hearing one on the other. Are the two equal when compared? Would you still pay no heed?

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