Monday, January 18, 2010

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Watched a much awaited movie yesterday. It is actually a remake of a movie in the 50s I think but the question is just about the same. The destructive nature of the supreme race on this planet earth, deadlier than the dinosaurs, more efficient in exterminating and less efficient in saving and solving famine and wanton killing all across the globe.

Now, Klaatu or Keanu Reeves came down to planet earth to do some last minute checking before unleashing a sinister force that would eradicate man and all his litters from polluting the dying planet that is destined to doom anyway, by erasing everything out of existance. But he's still in doubt. Somehow he got to try and convince the leaders of the human race at the UN to stop what they are doing and save every living thing that shared the planet with them.

As always, the US secretary, with her ladylike figure, much more like a queen control freak to me, was poking her nose to show who's in charge while the actual boss is somewhere, tuck in safely with his neat tuck in fancy white long sleeved shirt. Women! Once they got the boss position, you'll learn what is the definition of bossy really means. But little Napoleon kind of guy is still in the range of nuisance. Now, being so destructive, they can't help it but to destroy things they can't comprehend easily in order to investigate and to quench their thirst of knowing what would happen if a person actually got hit by Willy Pete or depleted uranium bombs. Curiosity kills the cat, remember?

Well, Klaatu didn't come alone of course. He got a super bionic terminator never seen before but interestingly only react in the face of violence and it would react viciously violent against the violent aggressors, as always, of course.

In the end, just in a nick of time, Klaatu saw what he needed to see in completing his hypothesis. He decided we should be given a second chance, (for the hundredth of time.) There is another side of us that might give us a second chance after all. The question is, do we deserve it?

Wow, glad it is just in the movie. If it is in the real world, I don't think that Klaatu alien guy would be so easily convinced, don't you think so?

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