Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Hectic Lively Life

My role as the candle that light up the darkness of others has just begun. Already new plans had been devised, new strategies being discussed and new targets are being set up. I have to come up with more victories, even greater than before, produce more A along with B and C, as if they were all came to me in a well tailored form from a highly efficient factory with low defect production system in a perfect controlled environment. With the strong wind blowing me right there in the face from time to time, almost blowing my will out of existence from my melting short candle stick kind of a body. What a life!

Sounds familiar? Yes, I'm not up to the challenge, but that's what challenge is. It puts your name to the test. Like the immortals in 300 that faced the brave Spartans that stood their ground in the face of gigantic mighty Persian armies, a dominating world super power at that time. Talk about heroism. That’s what dead heroes do. Inspire. The willingness to face the odds, bleed and the courage to do their best when all they got were not up to the standards of ensuring a sweeping success. What a fight would it be.

The Arabs after embracing Islam were facing a great powerful sinister force that is about to engulf them. A mighty world super power at that time. Well, actually they were two. The Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. Lucky for the Arabs, nuclear warheads and depleted uranium bombs weren't invented yet. But the odds were just as great. Nomadic tribes and Arab warlords that were loyal proxies of the Romans and Persians kept on threatening them and refused the light of Islam to shine peacefully across the lands. What would you do in facing two world super powers with seasoned armies and commanders and unlimited abilities of printing their own gold without the actual mining process? Confused? Maybe this link would help.

Now, logically, two world super powers would easily crush newly formed and unified tribesmen that are still inexperienced in waging a war against a highly modernised army, at that time, of course. But the Arabs, Muslim Arabs to be precise did the impossible. They defeated two world super powers when they themselves were not their equals in strength and military prowess.

At that time of course, the magic is still strong and true. Muslims were 101 to 109 percents of their Islamic values. The smell of paradise was so alluring and the refusal of being subdued by mere ungodly humans that fattened up themselves by the suffering of others, drove them forward against all odds.

Well, the rest is history. I would need all the help from my friends and my foes in executing my plans. Hope I would at least be able to give a good fight worthy of remembrance by my enemies, I mean in the competitions and the outputs of my product, the little brains that would prosper the lands and inherit these blessed lands of the Malays. It may not be perfect, with missing used fighter jet engines and greedy unislamic Malays and Non Malays, but comparing with the dream world that most people are living in now, it is a blessing in disguise. Thank you God for creating all Your creations in pairs. Without the other one, the other one existence would be meaningless. What is the truth without lies? What is a man without a woman. It would be totally boring to be forever young without the blessing of growing old. It would be a deadly dullness in not being able to progress to the next level after you have completed all the levels. Death as a pair of life, is not a dead end after all. I don't think I can survive the monotonous of humdrum in an irksome space. Alhamdulillah.

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