Friday, January 8, 2010

Skeptics Annotated X Bible Reader

Came across a very interesting atheist website. But be forewarned. Since it is by an ungodly humangod or humangods, it would of course attack Koran too. I will try from time to time to address the issues raised by this sceptic brain except of its own and would specifically dedicate a posting at least on it. So for your convenience, I would put it in my blog as a reference for all of you. My enemies, my friends, my reluctant allies and my neutral brothers and sisters of humanity. Hmm. Maybe the Antichrist isn’t a Christian after all. I wonder why he didn't complete his skills on the Torah, Talmud, The Hindu Buddhist philosophy, what went down in history and et cetera and et cetera.
rated PG13, 18SX, PL, 50SX and et cetera and et cetera.

Found the writer. Please do not attack him. If you are not a patient man, please keep your anger to yourself. I have to put it here in case I might loose everything again. Thank you for understanding.

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