Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unigirl : Dignity On Sale

It's funny how modernity as we call it, change the behaviour of the most intelligent life form on planet earth. During the spice trade, food was considered the most valuable thing can ever be possessed by man, so the substance that could help preserve it would be precious, like the ring in the Lord of the Ring. And with it, the Silk Road was established, the West met the East, and trade was made possible by honest merchants.

But then, someone started to get greedy and dominant. Sovereign nations were forced to trade or open up their market only to the monopoly of the uninvited guest. The Shoguns of Japan were forced at gun point to open up their port. Admiral Perry from the land of the free came with four warships and long before that, Melaka fell to the Portuguese in 1511.

Then they got even greedier. Spice was no longer considered as a valuable commodity. Opium started to take over as the most sought after. And China fell to her knees and the kingdom of the dragons for a thousand years crumbled and China was never to be the same ever again.

What can all the nations do at that time. Might is right. It always has been, it will continue to be so. But there is a hidden cost. A never ending fear and sleepless night, having to pay more and more just to make sure you live through the next day, unscratched and unabated, of course.

Well, welcome to the world of the borderless. It's a new dawn of a new day. With the same old lame exploits as ancient as sex itself. The most sought after in a world where free sex is available well, freely. As always, there is a hidden cost unknown to most of us. Explicit sexual transmitted diseases, that will haunt those who dared to indulge themselves in an act that even a serama chicken won't do. Sex for the sake of fun and porn. No humanity, dignity or whatever is holy is involved. Only the cold, empty and cruel lust fulfilling activities with no string attached. Don't worry, some part of the West is not naturally unknown to be available, if not crowded with smart doctors to take care of the by-products. In the lands of the Malay, inhumane beings just tossed the babies in streams or the lucky ones got hanged on gates like unwanted litter of kitten. Privatised doctors, being so intelligent, if not that demonic, can't help to intervene and follow the examples of the highly civilised North and South poles. Don't worry. The cows and the cockerel won't say anything. It's not in their nature to meddle in the sophisticated highly modernised way of life of a monkey that thinks he's human, in which, that even a pride of lions would not do to their cubs, except when another dominant male killed or defeated the standing champion, with a bite through the forehead, of course.

It is sad that people like to go against their nature. The way of the human being. The way of dignity and self respect. Like opium in China in the day of the Boxers, sex is very tempting. And like opium, they only had enough when their obsession would be the ultimate reason of their demise. Like always.

When would the West start their polling of outlawing such an act of humiliation? They seemed to have no problem in halting the force and inhumane Inquisition to spread obscurity, ops, Islam from Europe. Any idea Ali Sina? Geert Wilders? Daniel Pipes? Oh, I forgot to tell you the hidden cost of such an expensive free sex trade. Millions of babies would be another source of industry in some of the heavily industrialised country of the West. The abortion industry that started with, as always, the lie of the century. And that, God willing, I'll be publishing in my next posting.

Hmm. I don't think these girls ever watched Indecent Proposal.

Disclaimer: As we, Muslims, won't like it when people over generalise us with inhumanity act of stupidity and cruelty, it wouldn't be wise and rather immature to generalise the West for a few misfits of Science.

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