Friday, February 12, 2010

Wali Band: Tomat (Tobat Maksiat)

A translation from Bahasa Indonesia. One of my son's favourite. Sorry if I've mistranslate anything. To translate them word by word would be out of the question. So I include the original song for you guys to double check my understanding. A simple song with nothing fancy, but the message is deep and that what makes it great.

Wali Band: Repentance

Oh listen to me my dear friend, when you're thinking of a sin,
Can you imagine just how close you are to death?
What would you do then?
Surely you would not be safe,
For sure it'll be the end of you on this earth,

I'm not trying to teach you or anything,
Before it's too late, let us repent together,
The world passes us in seconds, be careful, don't take the wrong turn,
Remember that there is still the afterlife,
Astagfirullahalaziim (Forgive me my Lord)

Remember death, Remember when your health deteriorates,
Remember when you got yourself into trouble,
Remember, don't forget, you only get to live once

How many sins have you commit? Do you even keep count?
Don't forget oh my dear friend, the afterlife that awaits,
Come; let us repent as quickly as we can and say,
Astagfirullahalaziim (Forgive me my Lord)

Look past the horizon; look at those who lay lifeless on the earth,
They were alive then just like us, surely we are going to join them too one day,
Astagfirullahalaziim (Forgive me my Lord)


Dengarlah hai sobat
Saat kau maksiat
Dan kau bayangkan ajal mendekat
Apa kan kau buat
Kau takkan selamat
Pasti dirimu habis dan tamat

Bukan ku sok taat
Sebelum terlambat
Ayo sama-sama kita taubat
Dunia sesaat
Awas kau tersesat
Ingatlah masih ada akhirat

Ingat mati, ingat sakit
Ingatlah saat kau sulit
Ingat ingat hidup cuman satu kali

Berapa dosa kau buat
Berapa kali maksiat
Ingat ingat sobat ingatlah akhirat

Cepat ucap Astagfirullahalaziim

Pandanglah ke sana
Lihat yang di sana
Mereka yang terbaring di tanah
Bukankah mereka
Pernah hidup juga
Kita pun kan menyusul mereka


Cepat ucap Astagfirullahalaziim

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