Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Comparison

Many had forged a lie about the Criterion,
The Criteria that differentiate between the false and the truth,
They say that it was only a devilish inspiration, a hallucination,
By the one with the eyebrows of the devil,
Sir Salman Rushdie, the expensively protected one.

They say it was only written by Usman, and he never even seen Muhammad,
Like the Bible, by Barnabas and Paul,
Which one do you think is the loyal companion
Of the living and breathing, their beloved truth?

Who actually had bled, fought, smiled, and cried?
Side by side with his beloved close friend?
Here's a trick question if you care to know,
Can you guess the number of the companions,
Of Jesus and Muhammad?

For the Medieval Christians, not many can read the bible nor possessed one,
Only the Cathars translated and distributed them for the mortal men,
But the Catholic condemned them as heretic for doing such heresy,
So they would all perished in an unglamorous crusade so few would have known.

The Criterion was written by Usman and the Companions of Muhammad,
Read on daily basis since the beginning by all to guard its right,
For many that have it in their hearts had returned to mercy,
In defending the truth against the rebellious treachery.

For only the false prophet would not be rejected by his people,
No persecutions, no rejections, embraced with a full protection,
Al Musailamah al Kazab would only be a prophet,
Of falsity and a made believe bed stories.

The Crusades were never about money and power,
That is why they were fought in a foreign land,
The Europeans that could not even distinguish the Muslims,
From their own wealthy and civilised Christian brothers.

Check your understanding, I'll check my understanding,
Let no one fooled us, not even by our own whim,
For all the sources, bias or not, are right there before our very eyes,
All there in the Worldwide Web for everyone to read.

So don't be afraid, let not a fool fools us,
The decision maker is still, just only you.

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