Friday, April 9, 2010

Hutaree and McChrystal Balls

Is there a proper conduct in the battlefield? When you're in a war, it is either kill or be killed. You cannot expect the enemy to show any leniency to you nor can you afford to hesitate when facing them. If there are any guide lines provided for you in your religion or set of rules governing you, it is ok, but what if there is none? What would you do? Has God forgotten to include this important guide lines in dealing with your dreaded nemesis? Are you allowed to come up with your own conclusions since there are no examples to be followed nor any sample to be collected as evidence of circumstances? Has mother nature naturally forgets the dreaded killer instinct that outmatched the lions and hyenas? The beasts kill for survival, humans kill to make a point.

So you are left with only an option, kill and kill them all. It's their fault of having babies, children and loved ones around them at the battlefield (which is also their homes). Don't come near my loved ones, you evil terrorists! Don't bring your evil ways to my always peacefully deserving homeland or I'll turn yours to a living hell and kill all your loved ones! You baby killer!

Since you have the upper hand like the Pharaoh over the ancient Israelite, you get to be the modern day Pharaoh like the good old days, where the powerful and the mighty got to play god and do ungodly things to other humans, unequal of course to the divine likes of you. Everyone has to listen to you, like it or not. If they don't, something bad would happen to them, sometimes, something really, really bad would happen to everyone that is related to the person that dared to defy you.

You're god remember? You have created everything and gave everything their worth, so it is only appropriate that everyone subdued themselves to you, the all knowing and always on the right path. As a Pharaoh, a very proud one too, you are flawless and stainless of anything. If something bad happen, they deserved it for going against your will. Bear in mind, everything is from you, you only, that made them have whatever they have. So, it is entirely up to you to do whatever you wish upon your belongings without proper advise and guidance whatsoever. Defy you and everyone will pay dearly. Rain of destruction from the sky, if I'm not mistaken said by a powerful president to the would be vanquished Japan.

But wait, you're not a true God. Nothing belongs to you actually since when you ceased to breathe and move, nothing worth the same. You can't bring all your wealth and fancy things with you to your grave, only fancy decorations on decomposing body, unwanted by the living. The only place you belong to depends on your previous faith or unfaith if you like it. You would only be a name, which may be remembered, most likely be forgotten. But does it really matter? What good does it have on you when you are no longer you? What would you be leaving behind? The praise and curses on your children? What is our worth when we are dead? If we are a holy warrior fighting the evil ones that killed our helpless women and children, we may die with a firm heart believing that we were good and had suffered tremendous sufferings and persecution for a just cause. But, what if we are instead the actual killers of the helpless? Would we die knowing how bad we were actually are and not remembering all the pain that we have caused on others? Knowing that our families and countrymen would be reaping what we have so wrongly sowed?

They may deserve it, the dead ones I mean, most likely they do not. Since it is not they who started the fight nor the men that began all the hideous killings, a lawful terrorism if you like it, since it is a war right? You are in a state of war and fighting off aggressors in defiance of their tyranny, well, guess what? You are the proud tyrant in the eyes of so many.

Some worried about the growing Christian militants in the lands of the brave Red Indians. Most don't even remember the Ku Klux Klan and their burning cross, not the same with the swastika, of course. Many have died in Afghanistan in the hands of the kind and cautious Stanley McChrystal. I wonder what would happen when he had killed all the bad Taliban. Would he be facing the true hearts in the end like the dreaded Soviet once did? What if the Soviet returns the favour of American kindness when they were facing the outgunned Mujaheddin? How would they like it? Now, they are having a ball. Riding and flying their fancy terminator machines like heartless bullies they're actually are. You god damn terrorists attacked us first ok, (the planners are nowhere to be seen, so we're going to kill you guys instead since the perpetrators were all toasted in the attacks, so you deserve it ok? Why in the hell did you guys supply all the Willy Pete and depleted uranium bombs to Israel in the first place? Well now you're gonna get our aggression, get it?

The evil ones do have the same characteristics after all. They love to kill and plunder without any shame. They always laugh when they are doing the killing. They do belong in hell. The proud ones that thrive upon the misery of others. I won't compare them with the blood sucking leeches. Even leeches know when to stop draining blood of their victims. These cowards do not.

Oh, you can't compare the Hutaree, Stanley McChrystal, Some Whites that love to kill the Yellows or whatever colours there are throughout the ages with any religion but Islam. The Barnabas was a taqiyya so enemies of Islam came up with taqiyya after taqiyya to outshame non Muslims to even look at Islam and Muslims. They have been doing it since ages. Don't press your luck they would stop just after discovering the truth. It would embarrass them of course. It is better to burn in hell for eternity than to admit one's own fault and remedy it. Nobody is going to laugh at you in hell. Everyone is busy crying.

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