Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Moon Is Always In Front Of My House

Went outside to take a peek of the outside,
The moon is always in front of my house,
Shining so brightly, with a perfect circle,
Reflecting the sun, almost like a mirror,
And the night is getting clearer and clearer.

I shut my eyes and listen to the sound of the night,
The Malayan crickets say hi to each other, greeting one another,
What if they knew that after all they have been through,
After they had been something, they would end up being nothing, now won't that be something?

The Moon keeps on shining, with a light not of its own,
The night covers me, assuring the troubled me,
Don't worry about the Camel, you don't have no cancer to cure,
If there's alternative, an option is always at hand,
For a desperate time would always require a desperate measure,
It's the only logic of the always thinking mind.

Somebody in Switzerland discovered some jars in the sea,
Once full with dust, of British, seeking a death's mercy.
Now, suicide is unglamourous as it can be,
Only the privileged, had such an opportunity.

In China, the babies also waited quietly,
In the depth of the river, asking why it should be me,
Now, sex is alluring as any diamond can be,
Only the free, of guilt, had such a bounty.

Paedophilia, children and matrimony,
The skeleton in the closet, rustling, asking to be free,
For being in the dark, One should understand their hopes and fear,
Nobody likes to be ignored, while bleeding profusely.

Can we really ignore our own ignorance?
Do we really can ignore how ignorant we have become?
Forget the past, look at our own present of time.
That is why the panda's great sifu said it is named after a thing that made a man smile.

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