Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There's Probably No God


Spotted a big red double decker bus,
Glaringly pronounced,
'There's Probably No God'.

Now probability isn't that solid nor that assuring,
It's just a theory waiting to be ditched.

It ended with,
'Now start enjoying life' if I recalled, have no worries and pills,
We have a lot of them, thanks to Science if you will,
You can't live without them, anti-depression pills.

I caught a blog talking about a fish,
Smelling something fishy, I had to investigate,
Now only recently, through a thoroughly research, not in a debate,
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Fish can actually feel pain like you and me,
Just like any baby or the innocent,
Vanquished by powerful armies and heartless mommies.

Now, if you have seen the suicide hamster,
The survival of the fittest is driven by pleasure and pain,
For God had created all things in pairs,
Doesn't make any sense that you have to tickle your nemesis to death.

No matter how painful a pain can be,
Nothing would stop an empty soul to drop by a suicide industry,
For no one can actually endured the pain and agony,
They just like to inflict them on others,
It's entertainment you see.

If one would care to think at least for just a moment,
Can anything make do without feeling a little scare?
Forget the short-lived pain; remember the countless pleasure and happiness,
Awaiting in the next life, not just what had come to pass.

Now, have no worries, no endless sleep and a splitting headache,
It's after all just ingrained in the eyes of the beholder,
Go ahead; enjoy life without any limits, laws and mercy,
We're here to have fun, for a hundred years, almost, if not eternity.

Why oh why, did pain exist in this life?
Why must an aborted baby feel less than a fish?
Is it just an excuse to be free of conscience?
That atheists can be like any Titans could ever be?

How unreasonable some reasons can be,
That everything happens for a reason, so now could you see?
Go check the figures, of killings, abortions and murders.
No fear of pain is going to hold them down, a big probably.

Now, don't worry about probabilities,
They're probably all wrong, might as well take a chance,
We won't probably know what is actually probably waiting,
Or how we would probably have felt knowing that we were wrong.

Here's a thought, before I depart,
The pain killers, they might help, most probably not,
See, no one can escape the ultimate end, the purest of pain,
Only the strong and patience, would survive all the pains,
For not that many can ever gain, being so afraid of a mere short-lived pain.

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